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10 amazing lesson planner apps for teachers

Teachers and professors are the foundation of our generation, creating a change for new learners and young minds. The lesson planners are an effective way of setting a plan for a day-to-day schedule followed by periods. It not only saves time but limits the confusion factor among both teachers and students. The teacher lesson planner guides what the students need to learn and how it will be taught.

Luckily, the article presents an outlook on ten lesson planner apps with their workability and features they bring to the house. So, without delaying this any further, let us get right into it!

Part 1. 10 best teacher lesson planner apps recommended

Productivity is the ultimate need these days, no matter what profession is at hand. The teachers require a teacher planner app that helps create lecture plans and save time on the manual distribution of lecture slides. For this very reason, the section has taken the liberty to do the heavy work for all the teachers and created a list of the ten best lesson planner tools. So, let us dive right in!

1. Planbook - Free lesson planner for teachers(Online/Android/iOS)

lesson planner

Planbook is considered the most influential teacher lesson planner globally. There are multiple features associated with Planbook. For starters, the tool lets the professors and teachers schedule classes and work on lesson development management. Essentially, the application features teacher collaboration, administrator options, and student views. As the best teacher planner app, Planbook offers an unbeatable price. It creates status tags that aids in tracking the lesson plan if it has been planned or taught. The flexible lesson templates make it even more effortless to insert outlines and contents.

2. Common Curriculum - Workable lesson planner for teachers(Online)

teacher lesson planner

The following teacher planner app has changed the narrative of lesson planners completely. The tool helps the teachers align their plans according to standards. Cutting hours off from the manual lecture planning, Common Curriculum lets you develop short agendas, script the lesson plans, and print the lessons with one click. The organization of lectures and plans has become extremely workable with Common Curriculum. The students and their families are kept in the loop through Google Classroom assignments and class websites. One can join thousands of teachers to hack their lesson plans using Cc.

3. Planboard - Lesson planner app on the go(Online)

lesson planner app

Planboard is yet another lesson plan app for teachers which is free for millions of teachers around the globe. The tool allows the teachers to streamline the classroom using a digital planbook. Presenting a classic and intuitive interface, you can add files, videos, photos, and tutorials to bring lectures to life.

With that, Planboard provides US state standards, international standards, Canadian provincial standards, and more. It means that one can apprehend how the curriculum progresses for each class and what covered standards. The schedules and timetables are aligned with school rotations effectively.

4. Nearpod - Best teacher planner app(iOS/Android/Microsoft Store/Chrome Extension)

teacher planner app

Nearpod has made the teaching experience a treat by bringing interactive tools and resources to the table. Through visual guides and tutorials, this lesson planner app supports student understanding extensively. Regardless of online classes and physical education, one can count on Nearpod to offer compatibility based on device type and availability. The lesson can be shifted according to the situation at hand.

Nearpod can be added to PowerPoint, Google Slides, videos, and worksheets in the run of lesson planner tools. The management of lessons is made workable through Learning Management Systems and other multiple platforms.

5. Teacherly - Effective lesson planner app for teachers(Online)

best teacher planner app

The next on the list is Teacherly, known as the effective lesson planner app for teachers worldwide. Supporting live and asynchronous instruction, Teacherly provides an easy way to collaborate with a team to design a curriculum and syllabus. Along with this, the basic toolbar aids the teachers in inserting text, images, videos, multiple-choice quizzes, and attachments.

Teacherly has also got you covered when it comes to editing and assigning the lessons. There is an extensive lesson template library that can be modified according to your need.

6. Evernote - Productive teacher lesson planner(Windows/Mac/iOS/Android/Online)

lesson plan app for teachers

Allow me to introduce you to the best teacher planner app globally; Evernote handles all the work and tackles deadlines under one platform. The tool provides templates that come in handy for teachers who need to plan their lectures accordingly. The essential documents such as lectures can be scanned, thus reducing clutter.

Essentially, Evernote connects to Google Calendar so that the schedule and timelines are set. It ensures that the teachers are always up to date. The workplace productivity in school is enhanced using Evernote multifold.

7. Tailor-ED - Best teacher planner app(Online)

best lesson planner

Making the teaching journey effective and viable, Tailor-ED has covered its basis. Multiple actionable insights from this lesson planner app help to understand the students' needs. The SEL needs of students are navigated by including built-in questions related to focus, motivation, confidence, discipline, etc.

Acting as a time-saver application and bringing all resources under one platform, Tailor-ED has to be your first choice. It makes planning and learning easy. Moreover, it is free for teachers to offer limitless exit tickets.

8. Class Planner for teachers - Practical lesson planner app for teachers (Mac/iPhone/iPad)

lesson planner tool

Class Planner for teachers ensures its compatibility with iPhone, iPad, and Mac. This lesson planner has a wide range of features working in favor of teachers. For once, teachers can easily record their lesson plans that include homework, standards, and online reference link. The schedule can be accommodated easily by moving lessons backward and forwards. Teachers can activate an auto-renewable monthly subscription that effectively supports up to 20 classes. Moreover, one week trial is available for free to test out the features.

9. BetterLesson - Viable lesson planner for teachers (Online)

lesson planner software

BetterLesson is the most viable lesson plan app for teachers that empowers educators and teachers to prepare students for success in the present world. Professional learning solutions are presented effortlessly by offering coaching, design workshops, learning series, and technical workshops.

Furthermore, the instructional resource library has comprehensive lesson plans with day-to-day strategies that make the teaching process viable multifold. The unique virtual events are free of cost that creating learning an ideal experience.

10. Wondershare UniConverter - Useful lesson planner app for teachers(Windows/Mac)

lesson planner app for teacher

Presenting an innovative way of improving lectures, Wondershare UniConverter has set the bar a little too high. The teachers are free to customize, edit, and compress videos; thus, making the teaching experience worthwhile. It offers a complete video toolbox keeping in view the needs of educators in schools. As the best teacher planner app, UniConverter records video lectures that can be sent to students and other relevant groups to enhance the accessibility and viewability of content. Additionally, the smart trimmer and subtitle editor has brought ease to the table extensively.

wondershare uniconverter 13

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Part 2. Conclusion

The market teams up with different lesson planner tools that save teachers' time magically. The teachers can focus on the things that matter. The usage of planner apps does planning and scheduling easy and workable.

The article discussed ten teacher planner apps for teachers around the globe. Choose the one that favors your lecture sessions, timelines, and working status.

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