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10 best apps for online classes you need to know

With the pandemic at hand, online education has become a thing. Most educational institutes have invested in laptops, and good internet connections as COVID is not going anywhere soon. As online classes are cost-effective and productive, the article introduces ten online classes apps. After that, you can choose the best app for online classes based on your need.

Part 1. What is an online class? What are the benefits of online classes?

Before getting into the best online classes app, let us first know what an online class is. An online class is a course conducted through the internet. The students can easily access the course outline, syllabus, and paper pattern while knowing their semester work. An online class is a combination of video recordings and live lectures that occur via a virtual portal.

Students can easily communicate with teachers and vice versa. There is a diverse range of benefits associated with online classes. Let us have a look!

  • Convenience and flexibility: Online classes are convenient to attend, and they offer flexible timings for the students and teachers.
  • Financial benefits: Online classes are cost-effective. You do not have to live in a room, buy massive books, and other activity fees.
  • Less intensity and pressure: The students have minimal intensity with little pressure to be present at specific locations and times. Both parties easily take attendance.

Part 2. Top 10 online classes app recommended

The market teams up with apps for online classes that offer basic and advanced features favoring online education. The section has taken the responsibility to introduce an online classes app that is workable in the long run. Let us begin, shall we?

1. ZoomAndroid& iOS

online classes app

The first app for online classes is Zoom which works in Android and iOS effectively. The co-annotation can be performed over the shared content, and productive collaboration is offered. The making and receiving of audio and video calls have become effortless. Zoom also lets the users work in safe driving mode with Apple CarPlay.

Siri shortcuts can be used to customize the voice commands to start or join the upcoming Zoom meetings. The calls management has become flawless with this online classes app.

2. MyHomewor (Android & iOS)

app for online classes

The next on the list is MyHomework equally supports Android and Apple users. It is considered the best online classes app due to the interactive interface and impeccable planner application. One can count on this tool to track your classes, homework, assignments, and tests. The beautiful calendar display makes the whole process productive.

Additionally, the app reduces stress by supporting time, block, and period-based schedules. MyHomework has continuously enhanced and improved the user experience multifold.

3. BuddyBoss (Android and iOS)

best app for online classes

Another app for online classes is BuddyBoss that has offered students and teachers nothing but the best. The application presents an excessive range of discussion forums that students can participate in to discuss educational and other relevant subjects. Moreover, there are multiple courses that students can download and work on their careers.

The students can use the "Messages" feature to be in contact with their mentors. You can also search blogs and review them effortlessly.

4. NotionAndroid & iOS

best online classes app

The documents organization has become a treat with Notion's best online classes app. The students can add documents as much as they want without worrying about the storage problem. The content can be shared without any trouble in real-time. Whatever the user creates can be easily dragged and dropped to the dashboard or app's system.

Notion can be counted on for better collaboration among peers and task members. The content display is beautiful and flawless.

5. Dropbox (Android & iOS)

online classes app Dropbox

Taking the lead in document and folder organization, Dropbox is equally workable for Android and Apple users. The real-time sharing of content is perfected by different team members making changes to the folder. Each peer gets the updated document in seconds thus, improving productivity in the classroom.

As the best app for online classes, Dropbox provides students and teachers with the ability to scan documents, receipts, IDs, photos, and files. The link can also be shared for large files, viewed by people who do not own a Dropbox account.

6. Todai (Android & iOS)

online classes app Todai

Acting as the brilliant study planner and an online classes app, Todait lets students and teachers utilize 100% of their time. The app handles the planning niche where students can focus on studying and working. The presence of a Student Diary helps reflect upon the student's performance. It also gives feedback on weekly and monthly progress.

The timeline planned by Todait also helps get limited distractions to perform better and study more perfectly. Todait can be relied upon for efficiency and acing the papers.

7. Remin (Android & iOS)

online classes app Remin

Remind app for online classes has made online communication flawless and friction-free. The students and teachers can contact millions of people around the globe to talk with them in real-time. The messages can also be communicated in more than 90 languages, making education more accessible and practical.

The sharing of files and documents occurs without any complication all around the world. The private information is kept safe at all times.

8. Quizlet (Android & iOS)

online classes app Quizlet

Bringing a revolution in online education, Quizlet has changed the narrative for all online classes' app in the market. Used and supported by Android and iOS devices, Quizlet helps the students learn with flashcards and access solutions for the most challenging problems.

Moreover, the "Write" mode helps put your memory to the test while learning about Science, Mathematics, History, and Coding. Quizlet saves time and tailors its usage if you are an all-nighter or an early riser. The free study tests and quiz games empower the teachers in creating an engaged classroom.

9. Flipgri (Android & iOS)

online classes app Flipgri

Flipgrid acts as the most accessible and exceptional video discussion app. Apart from being free to use, the tool plays a significant role in educating students from PreK to Ph.D. It is important to note that the students can use this app to access the best online education system. The tool amplifies the student's voice and empowers the student.

Along with this, Flipgrid engages a wide range of audiences worldwide using the power of a video. The videos from different mentors can be recorded from the app to share on multiple social networking sites.

10. Wondershare UniConverter (Windows & Mac)

best online classes app

Wondershare UniConverter has come into the market to stay and strengthen its features. Compatible with Windows and Mac, UniConverter serves as an all-in-one video editor and helps download online university courses in seconds. The tool is excessively used as an online classes app where students can compress the class lectures, insert subtitles, and record themselves.

Additionally, video editing has become almost effortless with advanced features, thus improving the educational experience by making online lecture videos. UniConverter is best for educators to record online lectures and design an online course.

wondershare uniconverter 13

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Part 3. Bottom Line

Online education has become part and parcel of lives because of the ongoing pandemic. For the same reason, the article discussed ten online classes app that can be used by students, educators, teachers, and scholars, around the world. Use the tool as you deem necessary based on the workability.

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