10 Best WhatsApp Call Recorder Apps for iOS & Android [Free Download]

The need for recording WhatsApp call arises in several situations like when you need to record the meetings, sessions, lectures, and others for future reference. Whatever may be the reason, WhatsApp call recording on your iOS and Android devices can be done using an app. Several apps with different features are available for recording WhatsApp calls on your smartphone. Learn in detail about these WhatsApp call recorder app download options apps in the following parts.

Part 1. Top 10 Apps to record WhatsApp call

There is no dearth of apps for iOS and Android devices when it comes to WhatsApp call recording. Choosing one app from this wide range can be a daunting task and to help you with the same, we have shortlisted the top 10 apps in the category as below.

1. App Call recorder

Supported System: Android and iOS

Price: Free with IAP

app call recorder

Key Features:

  • Automatically detects WhatsApp call and start recording
  • High recording quality
  • User-friendly interface
  • Start and stop the recording automatically

2. Call recorder- Cube ACR

Supported System: Android

Price: Free

call recorder cube acr

Key Features:

  • Record Phone calls and VoIP calls including WhatsApp
  • Clear sound quality
  • Choose to record every call, selected calls or do manual recording
  • Option for in-app playback
  • Starred recordings
  • Smart speaker switching
  • Cloud back-up

3. Video Call Screen recorder for WhatsApp FB

Supported System: Android

Price: Free

video call screen recorder for whatsapp fb

Key Features:

  • Allows recording video calls with anyone stored on an SD card
  • HD quality recording with internal audio
  • This WhatsApp video call recorder apphas video cutter to trim the video
  • Record live streaming of games

4. AZ Screen Recorder

Supported System: Android

Price: Free with IAP

az screen recorder

Key features:

  • Supports screen recording with internal sound
  • Screen recording with Facecam.
  • Game recording in full HD
  • Built-in editor supporting multiple features like trimming, converting, rotating, and more
  • Option for screenshot and image editing
  • This app to record WhatsApp callhas livestreaming option

5. Video Call Recorder for WhatsApp

Supported Platform: Android

Price: Free

video call recorder

Key Features:

  • Allows recording any video on your mobile phone
  • This WhatsApp call recorder Androidcan also trim the recorded videos
  • Play as well as share the recorded videos
  • Capture and record the screen instantly
  • Option to adjust the resolution and quality as needed
  • Option for setting the pin to the hidden recorded videos

6. Mobizen Screen Recorder

mobizen screen recorder

Supported Platform:

Price: Free

Key Features:

  • Selected as the Best of 2016 Apps by Google
  • Clean screen recording with Hide Air Circle mode
  • Support recording in full HD and QHD recording
  • Facecam feature for recording reactions
  • This screen recorder WhatsAppsupport to multiple editing functions
  • Option to remove the watermark, create own watermark, and also use the drawing function

7. REC Screen Recorder

Supported Platform: Android

Price: Free with IAP

Key Features:

  • Intuitive interface with support to flexible recording features
  • Long recordings up to 1 hour can be done
  • Audio recording through mic supported
  • Option to save the required configurations as Presets
  • The countdown timer can be customized as needed
rec screen recorder

8. Messenger Call Recorder

Supported Platform: Android

Price: Free

messenager call recorder

Key Features:

  • Automatic WhatsApp call recording
  • High-quality recording with low batter use
  • Voice call recordings can be checked day wise
  • Minimum duration for incoming and outgoing WhatsApp recording can be selected
  • Option to enable the prompt before you save the calls

9. Call recorder for WhatsApp

Supported Platform: Android

Price: Free

call recorder for whatsapp

Key Features:

  • Incoming and outgoing calls can be recorded
  • Automatic WhatsApp call recording with auto settings option
  • Recordings can be shared and played
  • Notification after recording is done
  • Call record can be added to the favorites

10. All Call recorder

Supported Platform: Android

Price: Free with IAP

all call recorder

Key Features:

  • Simple call recorder for recording all incoming and outgoing calls
  • Settings are minimum with automatic detection of the best method for recording
  • Recordings can be shared over emails, messenger, and cloud storage
  • Recordings are saved in 3GP files

Part 2. Comparison chart for a smart choice

Below we have made a comparison chart for the above listed apps so that you can make the choice depending on the features, pros, and cons.

App Call Recorder 4.3 - Automatically record and stop call
- Simple UI
- Store conversation and replay when needed
- Limited additional functions
- No option for selecting preferences
Call Recorder-Cube ACR 4.2 - Cloud backup
- Multiple options for recording
- In-app playback
- Connecting issues
- Issues with recording both the sides of the call
Video Call Screen Recorder for WhatsApp FB 3.7 - Record video calls for all on your SD card
- Internal audio voice recording
- Trim the recording
- Comes with ads
- Lots of users have experienced audio recording issues
AZ Screen recorder 4.5 - Screen recording in HD quality
- Built-in editor to trim, rotate, crop, extract, and perform other functions
- Livestreaming option
- Support multiple other functions
- No recording limit
- Contains ads
- Lag issues
- The paid features of the apps are generally available for free in other similar apps
Video Call recorder for WhatsApp 4 - High-quality screen recording
- Trimming option
- Resolution and video quality can be adjusted
- The design is not very friendly
- Comes with ads
- Has issues with audio recording and long recordings
Mobizen screen recorder 4.3 - Record in full HD and QHD quality
- Multiple editing features
- Facecam recording supported
- No option to hide the screen recording button
- Ads after each recording are annoying
REC Screen Recorder 3.4 - User-friendly interface
- Countdown timer can be customized
- Automatic show screen touches while recording
- Root required for Android devices running on 4.4
- Contains ads
Messenger Call Recorder 3.5 - Automatic WhatsApp call recording
- Set minimum time of recording
- WhatsApp call recordings can be marked as favorites
- Limited features in comparison to other apps
Call recorder for WhatsApp 3.8 - Option to automatically record the calls
- Set recordings as favorites
- Play and share the recorded calls
- Recording is done only in MP3, MP4, and FLV format
- Limited features
All Call Recorder 3.9 - Record all incoming and outgoing calls
- Simple interface
- Setting options are limited
- Recordings are done only in 3GP format

Part 3. Extra tips for WhatsApp call recorder

Above we have listed some of the best apps for your smartphone that will help you record your WhatsApp calls as needed. Still, a lot of users face issues with these apps like limited functions, annoying ads, poor interface, complicated recording procedures, and more. So, if you too have faced some of these issues with the recording apps, we suggest using a professional tool like Wondershare UniConverter. The software works as a great alternative to the apps as it supports call recording with additional functions in a hassle-free manner. The recording function of the program allows recording the video as well as audio in high quality. The recordings can be further edited as needed and can also be transferred to an array of devices.

wondershare uniconverter 13

Wondershare UniConverter - Best Olympics Video Highlight Maker for Mac/Windows

safe mov video converter free download Security Verified. 3,591,664 people have downloaded it.

WhatsApp call recording in high quality.

Choose the audio sources.

Choose recording shortcuts.

Choose the recording area.

Support for Windows and Mac systems.

Steps to record WhatsApp calls using Wondershare UniConverter:

Before proceeding with the below steps, connect to your WhatsApp web browser.

Step 1 Launch Wondershare Screen Recorder

Open the installed Wondershare UniConverter software on your system and choose the Screen Recorder function from the left side of the pane. Next, click on the camera icon at the left side of the interface or on the top-left side.

Step 2 Choose the recording area

A recording window will now open from where you need to select the area to be recorded. Move the edges and the center + sign to select the recording area. Alternatively, you can also enter the exact height and width of the area or also choose the Full-Screen option.

select screen recording area

Step 3 Select recording preferences

Next, select the audio and microphone options as required. Click on the gear icon and the options list will expand. Select the desktop location to save the recording, quality, frame, rate, and format. You can also set a recording timer and shortcuts if needed.

custom whatsapp call recording parameters

Step 4 Start and Stop recording

Clicking on the red REC button will start the recording with 3 seconds of countdown. The recording timing can be checked from the taskbar appearing on the screen. To stop the recording, click on the red Stop button.

start and stop whatsapp call recording

Step 5 Check the recording

Close the recording window and the video will appear on the interface. Click on the Open button next to the recording to start playing the video.

check whatsapp recorded video call


WhatsApp call recording can be done on your smartphone using one of the above-listed apps. These apps are good for the basic recording of your call. If you are looking for high-quality, hassle-free recording with editing, conversion, and other functions, Wondershare UniConverter is the best choice. The software once installed on your Windows or Mac system is ready to get multiple tasks done in addition to screen recording.

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