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10 Best NEF to JPG Converter Software [FREE & Paid]

by Christine Smith • 2024-01-11 10:29:05 • Proven solutions

Whether you’re a pro-photographer or a beginner, the quality of your work can be significantly impacted by what file format it’s saved in. JPG is one standard option that many devices understand and open with ease. However, there are other less-used options like NEF(Nikon D5x/D3s, for example).

In this article, we’ll explore what the NEF files are all about; how they differ from standard image file types such as JPG. Moreover, we will share which programs support converting NEF to JPG on your computer.

Watch Videos to Learn How to Convert NEF to JPG

Part 1. NEF Vs. JPG: Which one is better?

A NEF file is a Nikon Raw Image. It’s an abbreviation for Nikon Electronic Format. Moreover, it only exists on their cameras, unlike other raw image files, which retain all camera settings before any processing occurs, including model name or serial number.

The format itself relies heavily upon TIFFs (Tagged IV). There aren’t many other differences between them besides how often they update with new data like ISO sensitivities. etc. Usually, NEF files are larger in size

On the other hand, JPG files occupy less storage space and are compatible with all devices and programs. Still, the image quality of JPG photos isn’t that great.

Part 2. The best NEF to JPG Converter Software to batch convert NEF to JPG

The best video converter for converting NEF files to JPG is the Wondershare UniConverter. It can handle a variety of formats, including 1,000+ others! Not only does it do this, but with its multifunctional capabilities, there are many more things you could do with your image files to enhance their quality. The program works at a 90x conversion speed and runs flawlessly on all modern-day Windows/macOS versions.

Some image-related features of the UniConverter are listed here:

  • It fixes the metadata of all media files.
  • You can transfer NEF files to a mobile device with the UniConverter.
  • The software offers you to change images into GIFs.
  • It automatically removes the image background with a powerful AI.
  • The tool also compresses and converts images without quality loss.

Steps to Follow the steps mentioned in the list below to convert NEF to JPG with the UniConverter:

Step 1 Run the Wondershare UniConverter

Launch the software, and click the Toolbox section on the left. From there, click the Image Converter function.

Run the Wondershare UniConverter

Step 2 Insert NEF Files to the UniConverter’s Interface

Click +/Add to add the NEF files to the converter’s interface.

Insert NEF Files to the UniConverter’s Interface

Step 3 Convert NEF to JPG

Using the Settings menu, change the file quality and size. Afterward, select the new File Location, and pick JPG as the new format for the NEF files. In the end, click on Convert to trigger the conversion process.

Convert NEF to JPG

Part 3. 9 Other Recommended NEF to JPG Converter Download

Besides the UniConverter, there are other NEF to JPG converters available for download on your desktop. We will share their high and low points in this section.

1. SoftOrbits NEF to JPG Converter Software

The great thing about the SodtOrbits NEF to JPG Converter is that you can convert and edit your raw files all in one by following a few simple steps. This software has a friendly interface, making it easy for people with limited skill sets to complete the job!

SoftOrbits NEF to JPG Converter Software


  • Batch conversion is available
  • Simple UI


  • The file formats it supports are limited.

2. Free NEF to JPG Converter

Free NEF to JPG Converter is an open-source tool that lets you convert your raw NEF files into high-quality JPEGS. The program works conveniently on your PC and even compresses the images.

Free NEF to JPG Converter


  • Free
  • Easygoing UI


  • Not available on macOS.

3. Movavi NEF-to-JPG converter

The Movavi image converter is considered a powerful tool that offers lightning-fast conversions without quality loss. It is accessible for free on both macOS and Windows.

Movavi NEF-to-JPG converter


  • Reliable
  • Strong customer support


  • Expensive premium plan

4. NEF to JPG

The NEF to JPG conversion tool can be a free and easy way to get your images off of the camera, as well as convert them into other formats. Whether you’re using this program for personal or business use, it’s great that so many options are available. Besides JPG, it supports several formats, including BMP, TIPP, PNG, and GIF.



  • Freeware
  • A dedicated tool for NEF file conversion


  • No Mac version

5. Image Converter Plus

Image Converter plus supports over 800 variations of image files, including NEF. The software offers multiple tools to enhance the beauty of the original image. Moreover, you can share the edited/converted image to several online platforms using the program.

Image Converter Plus


  • Free customer support
  • Multiple editing features are available


  • Difficult UI

6. ViewNX

ViewNX is the ultimate conversion tool for Nikon cameras. With fast JPEG viewing and quick editing of NEF files, your workflow will speed up with this powerful tool. It also supports PNG and TIFF files.



  • Compatible with almost every Nikon digital camera
  • It offers to change the image’s white balance and compensation.


  • A bit challenging to comprehend for beginners.

7. Pixillion Image Converter Software

Pixillion is perfect for converting your image files and digital photos, making it easy to post any content on the web or emailing with friends. The software also supports popular formats, such as JPEG, GIF, PNG, PDF, and BMP.

Pixillion Image Converter Software


  • Batch conversions
  • It lets you resize images without quality damage


  • Not available for Mac

8. FastStone Image Viewer

FastStone Image Viewer is a powerful and versatile program that supports all major graphic formats, including BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG, and TIFF. With its variety of features, you can use it for image viewing as well as management tools like resizing, cropping, color adjustments, and converting NEF files to JPG.

FastStone Image Viewer


  • Excellent UI
  • Free


  • The premium package lets you operate the software on just one PC.

9. Raw Viewer

Raw Image Viewer is a solid yet lightweight image viewer that can easily convert NEF files to JPG. Moreover, it supports viewing almost all camera raw formats.

Raw Viewer


  • Free
  • It supports all RAW file formats


  • It is only compatible with PC.

Part 4. FAQs on how to convert NEF to JPG

Want to know more about NEF to JPG file conversion? If yes, go through this FAQ section.

1. Does converting RAW to JPEG lose quality?

Yes, there could be a slight loss in quality when converting RAW images to JPEG. Since the JPG format has multiple layers of compression, it could change the composition of the RAW file.

2. Can you convert multiple NEF files to JPEG without downloading external converter software?

Yes, you can use the following NEF to JPG Converter online without ever downloading any external software: NEF Converter, CloudConvert, iLoveimg.

3. How can I get Windows 10 to recognize NEF files taken by a Nikon Z6 II?

With ease, you can use third-party programs, such as the UniConverter, to preview NEF images on Windows 10.

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