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How to Convert RAW to TIFF without Quality Loss?

by Christine Smith • 2024-01-11 10:29:07 • Proven solutions

"How to convert RAW to TIFF? Is there any reliable RAW to TIFF converter available online and offline?"

Understandably, you can not view RAW photos taken from a Nikon or Canon digital camera on a standard image viewer. One option is using high-end software, like Photoshop, to open RAW files. However, the best choice is to use a file converter to convert RAW to TIFF. This post will discuss the fundamental difference between RAW and TIFF files and how to do format conversion.

Part 1. What is the difference between RAW and TIFF image files?

TIFF is the uncompressed, high-quality digital equivalent of film. TIFF files lack compression algorithms like JPEG or GIF formats which results in more data and detail. However, they also take up a lot more storage space than their compressed counterparts. It means you can‘t store as many images on your recording media unless processed before uploading them.

On the other hand, RAW files are both unprocessed "digital negatives" with all possible metadata included for later editing at any time--in short: they have virtually unlimited potential! Still, you can not open RAW files on a standard Android or iOS device. It is why converting RAW to TIFF is a suitable option.

Part 2. The best way to convert RAW to TIFF in batch with lossless quality

The Wondershare UniConverter makes it easy for users to convert their RAW files with a concise interface. The program is ideal for those who do not want to download complicated software or have the technical skills to finish format conversions of RAW images.

Besides, the software lets you convert RAW to TIFF at a stunning 90x processing speed. Moreover, the tool performs fast batch conversion and that too without compromising the original quality of the RAW file.

Some key features of the reliable Wondershare UniConverter are mentioned below:

  • File conversion to 1000+ formats
  • Background Remover with a powerful AI
  • GIF maker
  • Watermark Editor to add images as a watermark
  • A dedicated feature to fix media metadata.

Follow the instructions below to convert RAW to TIFF with the UniConverter on Mac or Windows:

Step 1 Access the UniConverter on your PC

After installing the application, navigate to the Toolbox section, and click on Image Converter.

wondershare uniconverter open the toolbox image converter

Step 2 Upload the RAW Files to the Interface

Once the new window opens, click on the + Folder icon to add the RAW files to the UniConverter.

wondershare uniconverter add new raw files to uniconverter

Step 3 Customize Image Settings and Convert RAW to TIFF

First, go to Settings, and change the Aspect Ratio and File Quality of the uploaded RAW images. From there, head over to the bottom of the interface and select the new File Location. Next, choose TIFF from the drop-down menu, and tap on Convert.

The software will notify you of the successful conversion of RAW files to TIFF.

wondershare uniconverter convert raw to tiff

Part 3. 3 FREE RAW to TIFF Converter You Should Know

If you do not have the capacity to run a file converter on your desktop, resorting to online tools is the next best option. You can perform every file conversion activity, all without downloading any software.

1. CloudConvert

CloudConvert not only lets you convert RAW images to TIFF but also offers to change image resolution, size, and quality, all under one platform. You can use it on any device available.

convert raw to tiff 1

2. Online Convert

It is a useful online converter to change a file‘s format, whether it is a RAW file, PDF, Ebook, or video. The Settings menu lets you perform color correction and adjust the file quality instantly.

convert raw to tiff 2

  • Open the platform with your browser, and click on Choose Files to upload the files.
  • Select TIFF as the output format.
  • Press Start Conversion, and Download the TIFF files.

3. Zamzar

Zamzar is considered a pioneer in offering online file conversion. The tool lets you convert files up to 50MB at one time. Moreover, the quality remains intact throughout.

convert raw to tiff 3

Part 4. FAQs about changing RAW to TIFF

Here is some more information on the entire RAW to TIFF conversion process.

1. What is lost when RAW is exported to TIFF for editing?

TIFF images are of 16 bits so that you won‘t lose much editing leeway compared to the RAW images.

2. Why does file size increase so much when converting from RAW to TIFF?

TIFF files are much better for preserving image quality than other formats, such as JPEG. However, due to that reason, the file size of TIFF images is so significant.


Though TIFF files are uncompressed, you can easily open them on multiple platforms using standard image viewers. The Wondershare UniConverter is the best option, which guarantees to preserve file quality.

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