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Is JPG and JPEG the Same? Best JPEG File Converter You Should Know

by Christine Smith • 2024-01-11 10:29:05 • Proven solutions

There are two common file types for storing photographs, JPG and JPEG. You may have seen both extensions floating around when you’re browsing the internet or looking at images on social media - but do they actually mean anything?

Luckily we’ve got the answer! For today’s article, let us explain what these different formats mean in terms of image quality and how to convert JPEG to JPG.

Part 1. Is JPG the same as JPEG?

There is no practical difference between JPEG and JPG. The reason JPG has a shortened name is that the MS-DOS 8.3 and FAT-16 file systems didn’t allow four-letter extensions. However, the most modern-day versions of Windows support both these file types. JPEG and JPG both let you determine the balance between file quality and storage size due to compression ratio adjustment.

Still, you might have to compromise on the image quality as the compression adjustment damages it. Nevertheless, both these file types are excellent for photographs and colors. Moreover, the top-level photo editor, such as GIMP and Photoshop, uses the JPEG format.

Part 2. The best JPEG image converter to convert JPEG to JPG in one click

If you are a bit annoyed about storing your image files in the JPEG format and want to convert them to JPG, then we suggest using the Wondershare UniConverter. The handy conversion software for Mac and Windows prevents any sort of quality damage while changing the file type.

The best JPEG image converter to convert JPEG to JPG in one click

Not only that, but its interactive user interface enables you to edit the said image and use it for different means quickly. The processing speed is 90 times better than any standard image converter.

Here are a few handy features related to image conversion and editing offered by the Wondershare UniConverter:

  • Though JPG images are smaller in size, if you still have storage problems, use the Compressor tool of the UniConverter to resize the image.
  • Moreover, you can Convert the JPG or JPEG images to other file formats, such as PNG, WEBP, and TIFF.
  • You can also add an image as a watermark to your video file.
  • Besides, it lets you remove a specific image watermark from a media file.
  • The program lets you remove the background of the JPG/JPEG image.

Steps to Download the UniConverter now, and apply the following instructions to convert JPEG to JPG:

Step 1 Run the Image Converter

Access the UniConverter on your desktop, and click on Toolbox on the left. From the interface, click on Image Converter.

Run the Image Converter

Step 2 Add the JPEG Picture

Import the image file by clicking on the + or Add Files tab in the middle. You can also drag/drop the photo to the interface.

Add the JPEG Picture

Step 3 Convert to JPG

Go to the top-right corner, and select JPG as the new output format for the image. Secondly, select a new File Location for the converter file. Lastly, click Convert for the activity to begin.

Convert to JPG

Part 3. 3 FREE Online JPEG to JPG Converters You Should Know

 If you wish to do online JPEG to JPG conversion, follow this section to learn the highs and lows of the popular online converters.

1. Image Online Convert

Online-Convert is a unique tool to change the file format of JPEG files to JPG in no time. Once you upload the image file, you can quickly adjust its parameters and safely download it to your computer.

Image Online Convert


  • It offers an extension for Chrome and Firefox browsers.
  • You can upload content from cloud storage facilities like Google Drive and Dropbox.


  • The web interface is a little out of place.

2. Convertio

No matter which device you are using, you can convert your JPEG file to JPG or any other extension in no time. You only need access to a working browser to perform the activity. Besides image conversion, you can manage other files, such as videos, audio, and presentations. Moreover, it supports more than 200+ formats.



  • User-friendly.
  • Batch processing is fast.


  • The free version file limit is only up to 100 MB.

3. CloudConvert

It is one of the go-to online tools to convert image files as it doesn’t compromise on the file quality during conversion. Moreover, you can upload the content directly from the cloud storage services, saving valuable time. Furthermore, it supports other files, and it is compatible with more than 200 formats.



  • Highly secure.
  • It offers customer support.


  • Expensive subscription plan.

Part 4. FAQs about JPG and JPEG

This section contains additional information on JPG or JPEG image files.

1. How to save a photo sent by e-mail in .jpg format?

When you download the photo from your inbox, a dialogue box appears, asking you where to store the image. At that point, you can rename the image and change the file format to .jpg. If you are not using a Windows system, use the UniConverter to convert that image to the JPG extension.

2. Can I rename image files in a folder all to .jpg format?

You can use the Powershell utility on your Windows desktop to batch convert image files to the JPG format. Simply open Powershell as an administrator, and enter the following command to complete the process:

Dir *.png | rename-item -newname { [io.path]::ChangeExtension($, "jpg") }

However, if you are looking for a simpler solution, use the Wondershare UniConverter’s Image Converter tool to perform batch conversion.

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