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Best 9 TIFF to JPG Converter Online and Offline

by Christine Smith • 2024-01-11 10:29:07 • Proven solutions

"How to convert TIFF to JPG? What is the best service available that can do the job for me quickly without any quality issue?"

There are many ways in which one can convert TIFF to JPG format. It all depends on the purpose and preference. However, generally speaking, there is a lot of Software available for doing these conversions, as well as online platforms that will help you do it online with just some clicks. We will share information on 9 different TIFF to JPG converters in this post.

Part 1. Why are my TIFF files so large

The main advantage of TIFF over other formats is that it‘s uncompressed. This means there are no compression algorithms involved, which results in more data and better detail for your pictures.

However, this also comes at a price because files can get large very quickly when compared to JPEG or PNG textures (even though they take up less storage).

Still, you can only save one file per CD/DVD-ROM due to their size limitations before things start getting too bulky! For that purpose, it is better to convert TIFFs to JPG.

Part 2. How to batch convert TIFF to JPG with the best image converter

The Wondershare UniConvert is a vast and versatile program that can do anything from converting image/audio/video files to downloading videos off the web. It‘s easy enough for anyone, even a regular user who doesn‘t have any technical know-how but wants access to these features can navigate it with ease. You can easily convert multiple photos in TIFF format to JPG with this program at a 90x conversion speed.

Please view some vital image-related features offered by the UniConverter in the list below:

  • Image/Video/Audio compression.
  • Conversion to 1000+ different media file formats.
  • Background Remover
  • GIF Maker
  • Watermark Editor

Here is how you can convert TIFF to JPG with the robust UniConverter:

Step 1 Launch the Wondershare UniConverter

Run the toolkit on your Windows or Mac system, and click on Toolbox. Afterward, select the Image Converter option from the interface.

wondershare uniconverter open the image converter

Step 2 Insert the TIFF Images into the Interface

Add the files by clicking on the + Folder icon in the middle of the UniConverter. Move to the next step after that.

wondershare uniconverter add tiff images

Step 3 Convert TIFF to JPG

Click on the Settings Gear icon to adjust the File Quality and Size. Next, tap on the Convert all images to section to select JPG. Finally, press Convert to start the conversion procedure. You can also pick any folder on your computer to save the images.

wondershare uniconverter convert tiff to jpg

Part 3. 8 Helpful TIFF to JPG Converters for Windows/Mac/Online FREE

Other than the UniConverter, there are 8 more online and offline TIFF to JPG converters accessible on Mac and Windows, offering to do the job conveniently. Read through this section to know more.

Online tools:

First, we will talk about some online tools to perform TIFF to JPG conversion.


TIFF to JPG is a free online tool that lets you convert TIFF files into standard formats, such as JPGs. However, it only allows you to convert images up to 50MB at a time. Still, it offers batch processing, which is quite helpful.

tiff to jpg - TIFF2JPG


  • Easy to use
  • Accessible on smartphones as well


  • 50MB file conversion limit

2. Convertio

Convertio lets you convert TIFF to JPG in a sandboxed environment, where no one can access your data. The tool supports 200+ file formats and does the job quickly while maintaining high quality.

tiff to jpg - Convertio


  • Reliable
  • Secure


  • No customer support with the free version

3. CloudConvert

CloudConvert is another useful service to change TIFF files with large storage sizes to JPGs with smaller file sizes. The quality remains the same even after you alter the format.

tiff to jpg - CloudConvert


  • Ensures privacy and security
  • Fast conversions


  • A bit expensive

Offline tools:

Some desktop-based offline tools are mentioned here:

4. Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop is the most popular software to edit images. However, many people don‘t know that you can use it to convert images from one format, such as TIFF, to another, like JPG. The program is available on both Mac and Windows.

tiff to jpg - Adobe Photoshop


  • Extremely powerful


  • Expensive
  • Crashes on low-end PCs

5. PhotoBulk (Mac)

PhotoBulk is a fantastic program as it lets you edit and convert bulk images at the same time. The program‘s new features allow you to add text or graphic watermarks and resize pictures without losing their quality. You can convert hundreds of thousands at once!

tiff to jpg - PhotoBulk


  • Accessible settings to optimize images
  • Compatible with the latest macOS


  • Not available on Windows

6. XnConvert

XnConvert is the most potent yet free batch image converter used to convert TIFF to JPG. Besides, it can convert and compress your photos with ease. And it‘s so fast that you‘ll be able to do all these tasks in no time at all. Its handy features include rotating images, adjust their color balance or brightness levels, and reduce file sizes.

tiff to jpg - XnConvert


  • It offers over 80 editing features
  • Easy to manage


  • The company version is expensive.

7. Adapter's Image Converter

With the Adapter Image Converter, batch conversion of files is incredibly straightforward. You only have to add as many TIFF images you want, and the software will change them into JPEGs in no time.

tiff to jpg - Adapter's Image Converter


  • Simple UI
  • It supports editing videos in 4K.


  • Not for Mac systems

8. Easy2Convert TIFF to JPG

Though Easy2Convert is a lesser-known software, it can convert your TIFF files to JPGs instantly, all the while maintaining the original quality. During the conversion process, you can change the image quality, resolution and even correct the color.

tiff to jpg - Easy2Convert


  • Free
  • Takes minuscule space


  • Limited features for image editing


Now you the several platforms to access to convert files in TIFF to JPG. Online converters are only convenient for one-time use. Still, suppose you are a photography enthusiast or a professional. In that event, it is better to use a desktop-based program, such as the UniConverter, to convert files to your preferred format.

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