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Best 128x128 Image Converter: How to Resize Images to Icon 128x128?

by Christine Smith • 2024-01-11 10:29:07 • Proven solutions

"What is the best 128x128 image converter? I want to resize a few pictures into a shape of an icon and have made several unsuccessful attempts at it. "

Whenever you resize an image, the possibility of quality being compromised automatically rises. The picture or logo could get pixelated or blurry, preventing you from using it. However, if you use a dedicated 128x128 and 256x256 image converter, all the issues will disappear. Follow this post to know which platform is the best at resizing images.

Part 1. How to batch convert images to 128x128 or any other pixels quickly?

Whether you want to convert image to 500x500, 256x256, or 128x128, the Wondershare UniConverter will assist you in every way. The software is accessible on your standard Mac and Windows system. Moreover, it lets you convert images to any format you prefer. Additionally, the whole conversion process is fast as the UniConverter provides a 90x conversion speed.

These features mentioned below will come in handy when you try to resize the icon 128x128 size image:

  • Compression without loss in quality
  • Conversion any preferred format
  • AI-based Background Remover
  • GIF Maker
  • Watermark Editor(Add/Remove)

Please review the steps below to convert images to 128x128 or any other dimension effortlessly:

Step 1 Run the Wondershare UniConverter

Launch the image converter on your desktop. Click the Toolbox option, and choose the Image Converter option from the list of options on the interface.

wondershare uniconverter open the image converter

Step 2 Insert the JPG Image for Resizing

Click Add icon to insert the images into the software. Once the tool completes the upload, proceed further.

wondershare uniconverter add jpg images

Step 3 Resize the JPG Image

On the top-left, click on the Settings icon, and uncheck the Keep Original Size option. Uncheck the Keep Aspect Ratio tab, and under the Custom Size button, state 128 as Width and 128 as height. Select the new File Location, and hit Convert to start processing.

wondershare uniconverter resize jpg

Part 2. How to Resize Images to 128x128 / 500x500 / 256x256 Online FREE?

You don‘t want to download any converter on your PC for whatever reason and still wish to resize images to 128x128, 256x156, or 500x500; no need to worry. You can efficiently perform the whole activity using an online tool for free. The top three online image resizing tools are as follows:

1. Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is a renowned tool to resize images for every social media or online forum. Moreover, you can custom set the dimensions of the uploaded image with the converter. Besides, it is readily available on all working web browsers.

resize jpg images online 1

Step 1: Open the platform, and upload the JPG image by clicking Browse on your device.

Step 2: Under the "Resize For" tab, select the Custom option, and set the new dimensions for the image.

Step 3: Click Download to save the resized image.

2. Click Funnels

Click Funnels is another fast, easy, and high-quality platform to resize images to your preferred size. The quality remains the size even after you compress the image to 128x128.

resize jpg images online 2

Step 1: Click Choose File to insert the JPGs after opening Click Funnels.

Step 2: Set the Max Width and Max Height, and click on Resize Now.

Step 3: After the processing, Download the images.

3. iLoveimg

iLoveimg‘s name will always come out in the name of the users as it is a popular platform to not only convert the file format of images but also resize them. It has a smooth UI and is accessible on every modern web browser.

resize jpg images online 3

Step 1: After opening the service, click on Select Images to upload the JPG for resizing.

Step 2: Uncheck Maintain Aspect Ratio option, and set any dimensions for the picture.

Step 3: Click on the Resize Images option, and download them after the processing is done.

Part 3. Bonus tip: How to convert and crop images

You can use the Wondershare UniConverter‘s Image Converter option to crop the images. This way, you will be able to remove unnecessary aspects of an image without damaging its quality. If you wish to crop pictures to 128x128 and convert to any image format you like, then check out the guide mentioned below:

Step 1 Run the Software

After opening the program, click Image Converter from the Toolbox.

crop with uniconverter 1

Step 2 Upload the Pictures

Click Add to upload the images for cropping and converting.

wondershare uniconverter add jpg images

Step 3 Crop and Convert the Images

Click on the Thumbnail of the added image, and select the Crop option. Crop the image, and click on OK. Now, select the new Output Format from the list and press Convert to start the processing.

crop with uniconverter 3

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