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How to Batch Convert RAF to JPG FREE

by Christine Smith • 2024-01-11 10:29:05 • Proven solutions

It could be a daunting endeavor for a new photographer to manage RAW files in the RAF format that usually occupies ample storage space. Plus, such files require editing before you share them across multiple devices. If you wish to avoid such issues, then converting RAF to JPG is the next best thing. We will discuss what the RAF file is and how to use an RAF to JPG converter.

Part 1. What is an RAF file

RAF files are used in many different applications. However, they all have one thing in common: an image taken by a Fuji digital camera. In this format, there’s no processing necessary; it just comes out straight from the source with maximum detail and color accuracy guaranteed every time!

When browsing League of Legends videos online, there may be sightings alongside DAT (Data Archive Tape). This particular type stores data related directly to gameplay but does not contain any video clips themselves. However, one might find similar material stored within an RAF (“Riot Archived File”), which describes where this information should go once unpacked.

Part 2. How to Convert multiple RAF files to JPG in one click

Given how rare the RAF file format is, any average user would want to quickly convert the files to a more formidable format, like JPG. However, it is critical to use a reliable file converter, or the file quality will be compromised. It is where the Wondershare UniConverter comes in, as it can convert RAF files to JPG at a 90x faster conversion speed.

The software is compatible with Windows and Mac and supports all the popular image formats. The interface is simple to manage, and you can find all the required features on the left panel of the interface. Some features of the image converter are listed below:

  • It enables you to convert images to GIFs for social media.
  • You can convert the file format of any photo you want.
  • The Compressor quickly resizes the pictures in bulk, making them suitable for smaller devices.
  • With the UniConverter, you can insert images as Watermarks.
  • The tool offers to remove the background of an image with a powerful built-in AI.

Steps to Here is how you can navigate the Wondershare UniConverter to convert RAF to JPG:

Step 1 Open the UniConverter on your Desktop

Run the application, and click on Toolbox, available on the left side of the interface. From there, tap on Image Converter, and proceed to the next step.

Open the UniConverter on your Desktop

Step 2 Upload the RAF Images to the Interface

Click on the + button in the middle to insert the RAF images you wish to convert to JPG.

Upload the RAF Images to the Interface

Step 3 Convert RAF to JPG

Click on the Settings tab on the top-right corner to adjust the image quality and aspect ratio. Then, select JPG format as the new output format, and pick where you want to store the new files. Lastly, click on Convert. The tool will notify you upon the successful conversion of RAF files.

Convert RAF to JPG

Part 3. How to Bulk Convert RAF to JPG Online FREE

You can also access multiple platforms to convert RAF to JPG for free without installing software on your PC. Some useful services are as follows:

1. CloudConvert

CloudConvert delicately converts the uncompressed and raw RAF files to JPG. Moreover, there is no visible loss in quality after the process. The online converter supports more than 200+ formats. Besides, it keeps your data private, but you can not convert images past a specific size limit for free.


Steps to convert RAF to JPG using CloudConvert:

Step 1: Open CloudConvert on your browser, and upload the RAF files by clicking on Select File.

Step 2: Select the Convert tab to start the processing.

Step 3: Download the converted files.

2. iLoveimg

iLoveimg is an all-out platform to edit images or convert images in the RAF format. The interface is pretty straightforward, and it even lets you upload files from your Dropbox or Google Drive account.


Steps to convert RAF to JPG online free using iLoveimg:

Step 1: From the iLoveimg web interface, click on Select Images to insert the RAF files.

Step 2: Press the Convert to JPG tab, and download the images, once the process is complete.

3. Zamzar

Zamzar is perhaps the most renowned online converter that manages files, including images, videos, audio, ebook, and more. You can use it to convert every RAF file you have to JPG.


Steps on how to convert RAF to JPG online free using Zamzar:

Step 1: Open Zamzar, and click on Add files to insert RAF files up to 50MB.

Step 2: Select the output format, and click on Convert Now.

Step 3: Download the new JPG images.

Part 4. Online or offline: Which is the best RAF to JPG Converter

If you are still not convinced on which platform is the best to convert RAF to JPG, check out the table listed below.

Software Unlimited Upload File Format Support Available on Desktop
Wondershare UniConverter Yes 1000+ file formats Yes
CloudConvert No Limited(200 file formats) No
iLoveimg No Limited(200 file formats) No
Zamzar No Limited(200 file formats) No


Online conversion platforms offer a more instant solution, they are not as secure as an offline file converter, like the UniConverter. Moreover, such online converters do not provide an option to convert files with more extensive storage. For that reason, we recommend using Wondershare UniConverter to fulfill all of your RAF to JPG conversion needs.

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