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How to Rotate an Image Online FREE?

by Christine Smith • 2024-01-11 10:29:07 • Proven solutions

"How to rotate image online? I cannot install high-end software, such as Photoshop, on my low-end PC, and I wish to do photo editing online. What is the best platform available to rotate photos online?"

People often take photos with their mobile or DSLR cameras in landscape mode, but this means they do not see the whole picture. To get a better perspective of what you‘ve captured and avoid any disappointments when looking back at your memories, later on, there are tools available that let users rotate images so as to give them an ideal viewing angle. This guide will share how to rotate an image using online and offline services.

Part 1. 5 Best online tools to rotate images free

The five online services to rotate photos mentioned in this section are the best in terms of providing high-quality features and intuitive UI.

1. Fotor

Offering to rotate images isn‘t the only utility offered by Fotor. The handy image editor lets you crop photos, add effects, and even create a collage of multiple pictures. Moreover, you can access the built-in templates to create a new image from scratch.


The steps on how to rotate a picture with Fotor are as follows:

Step 1: Access the Photo Editor, and click on Open Image to upload the content.

Step 2: Click on the Rotate tab, and set the angle of the image.

Step 3: Press Download to save the picture back to your device.


  • A comprehensive online photo editor
  • Free trial


  • A tad expensive for beginners
  • Too many ads

2. Raw Pics

Raw Pics is a dedicated tool to edit digital camera-based RAW images, including rotating them to a certain angle. The service also offers you to convert RAW files to another standard file format.


Here is how you can use this service to rotate images:

Step 1: Using Raw Pics, click on Open File from Computer to upload images.

Step 2: Rotate the picture, and download it.


  • Supports RAW file formats
  • Fast


  • Complicated interface

3. imgOnline

IMG Online is a website that lets you upload any image and rotate it in the direction needed. This site provides compelling features for users, such as changing aspects like widths and heights without making multiple adjustments on different layers.


Please follow the step to use the online editor efficiently:

Step 1: After opening the online platform, click on Choose File to upload the image for rotation.

Step 2: Set the Angle of Rotation, and adjust other settings.

Step 3: Click OK to finish the editing.

Step 4: Download the file.


  • Converts images to your preferred format
  • Comprehensive rotation functions


  • Outdated UI

4. img2go

img2go provides the means to upload content from cloud-based services other than your local computer. You can also resize, compress, and watermark the uploaded image with img2go.


The instructions to rotate using img2go are listed here:

Step 1: Open the online editor. From there, click on Choose File, and add the image for editing.

Step 2: Click on the clockwise or counterclockwise tab to rotate the picture.

Step 3: Select Apply, and click on Save As to download the edited photo.


  • Add on for Chrome and Firefox browser is available
  • Easy to navigate


  • The premium plan only offers to edit files worth 8GB at a time

5. Resize Pixel

For high-quality image editing, ResizePixel is a helpful solution. It provides free rotation of pictures in the browser and superior encryption methods to prevent data from falling into the wrong hands.


The step-by-step guide to rotating images using ResizePixel is mentioned below:

Step 1: Open ResizePixel on the browser, and upload the image file to the website.

Step 2: Use the clockwise or counterclockwise options to rotate the image, and click on Apply

Step 3: Download the rotated image.


  • Fast and clean UI
  • Multilingual


  • It only supports a few image file formats

Part 2. How to easily rotate image 90 degrees on computer without PhotoShop?

Online tools will always leave you wanting more. It is since these services offer limited editing features and do not support every available file format. Under such circumstances, we suggest opting for Wondershare UniConverter, which is a reliable alternative to Adobe Photoshop.

Besides, the program is fast, which offers a conversion speed 90 times faster than any other conventional photo editor. Moreover, it supports video editing and audio conversion. Not only that, it is compatible with both macOS and Windows.

  • Image Converter
  • Picture Cropping
  • Photo Rotation
  • Background Remover
  • Watermark Editor

Here is how to rotate a picture on computer using the UniConverter:

Step 1 Run the Wondershare UniConverter

Open the program, and click on the Toolbox tab before selecting the Image Converter option.


Step 2 Upload the Image

Add the file to the interface by clicking on the Add button in the middle.


Step 3 Rotate the Image

Select the image thumbnail, and click on the Crop tab. Once the new window opens, head over to the Rotation section and select the angle you want to rotate the image in. After that, choose OK, and click on Convert to start the processing.


Part 3. Bonus Tip: Is there an app that rotates a photo by a few degrees?

If you have some images on your phone that you wish to rotate by a few degrees, the next best option is to install an app from the App Store to implement the changes. Some handy apps for Android and iOS are as follows:

1. Rotate Photo

You can use this application to rotating an image to any degree you like. It offers a simplistic interface and runs on all active Android versions.


2. 360-degree image rotator

It is a helpful app to perform batch image rotation. Moreover, you can use it to flip images. Additionally, it offers 360-degree rotation with bulk compression for free.


3. PicGizmo

PicGizmo is a dedicated platform for iOS users to rotate the images to any angle of their choice. The app interface is fast and also offers the resizing feature. However, there are too many ads on the app interface that could ruin the editing process.


4. Photo Flip & Rotate

It is another handy application for iPhone owners to flip or rotate images in multiple formats easily. The user-friendly and multilingual app is lightweight and works on iOS 8.0 or later.


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