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How to Convert CR2 to JPG on Mac without Quality Loss? (One-Click in Batch)

by Christine Smith • 2024-01-11 10:29:05 • Proven solutions

Typically, a high-end file converter is required when you aim to convert RAW files in format, such as CR2. Still, so many programs are available on the internet that could confuse any standard user on picking the right choice. Fortunately, we have collected information on the best way to convert CR2 to JPG Mac.

Part 1. The best RAW Converter for Mac to batch convert CR2 to JPG without quality loss

Batch conversion is usually a challenging task, no matter the platform is Mac or Windows. When editing larger RAW files in the Canon CR2 format on Mac without compromising the quality, no software comes close to Wondershare UniConverter. The intuitive UI makes it incredibly straightforward for people with no technical know-how to navigate the application.

Check out some high-quality image-related features offered by Wondershare UniConverter:

  • You can add any type of image watermark to the photo.
  • It lets you remove watermark from the file as well
  • The background remover enables you to erase the entire background of a video or photo.
  • The software can convert the CR2 file to not just JPG but also various other formats.
  • The Compressor resizes the CR2 or JPG pictures without damaging the quality.

How to convert CR2 to JPG on Mac in batch?

Step 1 Access the UniConverter’s Image Converter Feature

Click on the UniConverter’s icon, and open the Toolbox section. Now, hit the Image Converter tab to access the tool.

Access the UniConverter’s Image Converter Feature

Step 2 Upload the CR2 Image to Interface on Mac

Drag/Drop the CR2 files or click on the Add Files button to upload them to the interface.

Upload the CR2 Image to Interface on Mac

Step 3 Customize the CR2 File Parameters and Batch Convert CR2 to JPG

After the software uploads the CR2 files, click on the Settings tab to adjust the quality and file size. Similarly, choose JPG as the new file format. Then, select a new File Location for the converter images. Finally, click on the Convert button.

Customize the CR2 File Parameters and Convert CR2 to JPG

Part 2. 5 FREE Canon CR2 Converter to convert CR2 to JPG on Mac

Following are the 5 best free CR2 to JPG converter software for Mac that is easy to use.

1. Preview

If you’re worried about your photos not converting correctly, the Preview can do the job for you in one fell swoop. For instance, if there are many CR2 files on Mac and they won’t work with other software solutions out there, this program will easily take care of all those worries!


You can follow the guide below to convert CR2 files to JPG using Preview:

Step 1: Run Preview on your Mac from the Finder Menu.

Step 2: Add the image(s) to the interface. If there are multiple photos, then select the added Thumbnails.

Step 3: Click on Edit and then Select All from the Menu Bar.

Step 4: Now, click on File, and select the Export Selected Images option.

Step 5: Pick the new file location from the dialogue box, and choose JPG as the other file format.

Step 6: Finally, hit Choose to complete the process.

2. Adobe Lightroom

Lightroom is perhaps the most robust photo editor offered by Adobe that top photography professionals recommend. The interface is smooth, and the program flawlessly works on older Macs.

Adobe Lightroom

Follow the steps listed below to learn how to use this CR2 to JPG converter on Mac:

Step 1: Open the CR2 file using Lightroom.

Step 2: Click on File, and then Export.

Step 3: From there, select JPEG as the output format, and hit Export again to perform file conversion.

3. Mac OS terminal

Terminal is the Mac equivalent of Windows’ Command Prompt utility. You can enter a specific command into the interface to convert all CR2 files to JPG in one go. We recommend adding all the CR2 photos you want to convert in one folder before performing this method. Moreover, install the Sips software on your system.

Mac OS terminal

The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Open Terminal, and enter the following command:

for i in *.CR2; do sips -s format jpeg $i --out "${i%.*}.jpg"; done

Step 2: That’s it! You can also convert the RAW images to formats other than JPG.

4. CloudConvert

If you do not wish to install any converter on your Mac, opting for an online tool is the best option. In that case, using CloudConvert is useful as it supports CR2 files and keeps your data secure. Moreover, you can access it from any device you want, including Mac systems.


Here is how you can online convert CR2 to JPG:

Step 1: Access CloudConvert using a browser.

Step 2: Click on Select File, and add the CR2 image to the web interface.

Step 3: Hit Convert to start the process.

Step 4: Finally, click on Download to save the photo.

5. Convertio

You can quickly convert the RAW/CR2 files to JPG without creating an account on Convertio. The file quality remains intact, and the overall conversion process is fast compared to standard online tools.


Read the guide below to understand how to use Convertio to change the CR2 files to JPG:

Step 1: Open Convertio, and click on Choose Files to upload CR2 photos. Besides, you can add the images from your Dropbox or Google Drive accounts.

Step 2: Click on Convert to continue with the processing. Finally, hit Download to save the JPG image.

Part 3. FAQs on how to convert CR2 to JPG on Mac

1. What is the fastest way to convert CR2 to JPG on Mac?

The fastest way is using the Wondershare UniConverter to convert CR2 to JPG on Mac, as the software offers 90x faster conversion speed.

2. Does converting RAW to JPEG lose quality?

There is a slight possibility that converting a RAW file to JPG could result in a loss in quality.

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