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JPEG to PNG Converter: How to Convert JPEG/JPG to PNG Quickly?

by Christine Smith • 2024-01-11 10:29:05 • Proven solutions

“How to convert JPG to PNG? I know that PNG images are of higher quality, so I want to convert my photos to the PNG format. What is the best JPEG to PNG converter available on the market?”

Though JPG images save your computer storage space, it compromises the overall quality. If you do not have storage issues, the best option is to keep the files in PNG or change the file type using a JPEG to PNG converter.

However, the whole conversion process is a bit grueling, especially if you don’t have a reliable converter at your disposal. This guide will share the best JPEG to PNG converters.

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Part 1. The best JPG to PNG file converter to convert JPG to PNG quickly

Do you need to convert a JPG photo to another file format, such as JPG? Don’t get stuck with a low-quality JPG image. Simply get Wondershare UniConverter and change it to PNG file type! With this easy-to-use program, just add the image, select the output format and click “Convert.” Moreover, you can tweak your photos using the powerful editing tools available with the UniConverter.

The UniConverter is easily accessible on both Windows and macOS systems. Before jumping into the process of using the software to convert JPG to PNG, it is key to understand the various features.

  • It allows you to convert JPG files to several other file formats, such as WebP, BMP, and TIFF.
  • You can also compress or resize the PNG image.
  • The software offers you to add image files as a watermark.
  • You can also remove the existing image watermark using the tool.
  • The Background Remover lets you change the entire background of the image with powerful AI.

Steps to The step-by-step guide on how to batch convert photos in JPG to PNG using Wondershare UniConverter is as follows:

Step 1 Open the Image Converter on UniConverter

After installing the program, head over to Tools and click on the Image Converter function to start the process.

Open the Image Converter on UniConverter

Step 2 Upload the JPG Image

From the interface, click on Add Files or + button to upload as many JPG photos as you want for conversion.

Upload the JPG Image

Step 3 Customize the Settings and Convert to PNG

Once you add all the JPG images, go to the top-right corner of the interface, and click on the Convert all images to tab. From there, select PNG file type. Next, click on File Location to select the preferred destination for the PNG images. Lastly, click on Convert to start the process.

Customize the Settings and Convert to PNG

Part 2. 6 FREE JPG to PNG converters: How to convert JPG to PNG easily

This article will share information on the best free JPG to PNG converters, offering a user-friendly interface to complete the job quickly.


Ratings: 3.7

It is among the leading providers of file conversion services. This free online tool converts your JPG images to PNG format using the trusted compression methods. Moreover, it doesn’t ask for your email address to complete the task at hand. Additionally, you can convert files up to 50 MB in size, and you can bulk convert as many as 20 images at a time.


2. Convertio

Ratings: 5.0

Convertio is a highly intuitive online conversion platform that lets you convert 100MB files in one go. Moreover, it offers a Chrome Extension and enables you to upload files from cloud storage services, like Dropbox.


3. Cloud Convert

Ratings: 4.4

If you’re looking for a top-rated free image converter, look no further than CloudConvert. This site offers easy-to-use functionality and doesn’t clutter your browser with ads or spam. Moreover, you can upload the JPG file from a computer onto their servers for conversion—all without costing anything extra.

Cloud Convert

4. FreeConvert

Ratings: 2.9

FreeConvert is a relatively newer JPG to PNG converter in the market. However, it lets you manage a file worth 1GB at a time, making it a unique online tool. The interface is straightforward, and the service works on every popular web browser.


5. Online PNG Tools

Ratings: 3.7

Suppose you are looking for a fast and efficient image conversion tool dedicated to the PNG format. In that case, Online PNG Tools is the one for you. Though it is a newer online tool on the block, it offers several unique image customization tools, such as adjusting image transparency that many services fail to provide.

Online PNG Tools

Part 3. FAQs about JPG and PNG

Check out this FAQ section to clear any confusion you have left on the JPG to PNG file conversion or converters.

1. Can I just rename PNG to JPG?

Yes, you can rename the JPG file extension to PNG from the Windows explorer to perform the file conversion. However, this method is unreliable and causes quality damage to the image.

2. Is PNG or JPEG better for social media?

Though PNG file format offers the best quality, they come in significantly larger sizes, which is not ideal for social media. For that reason, JPEG is better for pictures you wish to post online.

3. Can I use PNG in email signature?

Yes, you can use a PNG image as your email signature without any worry.


This concludes our discussion on how to convert JPG to PNG. It is straightforward when you use one of the tools mentioned above. However, the Wondershare UniConverter stands out due to its simple UI and variety of image-related features.

Free Download Free Download

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