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How to Convert Image to Base64 Online Easily

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Over 3,591,664 people have downloaded it to try the advanced features.

Looking for tools that can convert image to Base64? No worries as we will help you to know the best online tools that can get the task done easily. Also, the article will throw light on the programs that can batch convert your images to an array of formats. Keep reading!!!

Part 1. What is Base64 and the need for converting image to Base64?

Base64 can be termed as the process in which the binary data is converted into an ASCII string format and the binary data is converted into a 6-bit representation. The need for the conversion arises when binary data like an image or a video is to be transferred over a system that only allows data transmission in ASCII (plain-text) format.

When using a text-based system like an email, the binary data is read as a range of characters that can be misinterpreted during the transfer and can also be lost. Thus, to avoid any misinterpretation or data loss while transferring an image over the text-based system, conversion to Base64 is done.

Part 2. Convert Image to Base64 Online Easily

Images can be converted to Base64 using online tools that are simple to use, free most of the time, and do not require any software download and installation Two popular programs in the category are listed below.

1. Base64 Encoder

This is a simple to use online tool that supports converting your images in all popular formats like JPG, PNG, GIF, and BMP to Base64. The interface is simple to use, where the image is added and the conversion is done by the tool.


Steps to use Base64 image online tool

Step 1. Run and click on the Upload Image button.

Step 2. Browse and add the desired image from your system.

Step 3. The image will be uploaded and converted. The converted string can now be copied from the tool interface.

Using the tool, you can convert PNG to Base64 as well as other formats quickly and easily.

Try Wondershare UniConverter Image Converter for free now!

Over 3,591,664 people have downloaded it to try the advanced features.

2. OnlineImageTools

This is a free and simple to use online tool that allows converting all popular image formats to Base64. In addition to the local files, you can also add an image from the clipboard or use any of the examples listed at the site. The tool gives you an option where you can select to split the lines of the string and also choose to make the converted Base64 data URI compatible.

online image tools

Steps to convert image to Base64 online

Step 1. Launch and add the image from the system or use the clipboard.

Step 2. After the image is uploaded, the program will automatically convert it to Base64.

Step 3. You can choose to split the string lines if needed. Next, choose to save the converted Base64 string to the system or save it to the clipboard.

Try Wondershare UniConverter Image Converter for free now!

Over 3,591,664 people have downloaded it to try the advanced features.

Part 3. How to convert an image into Base64 string [using JavaScript]

Another method to convert an image into a Base64 string is using JavaScript. Several approaches can be considered while using JavaScript for the conversion.

Method 1. Using FileReader

While using this method, you need to add the image as a blob using XMLHttpRequest, and then for the conversion using the FileReader API. This method of conversion works for almost all file types and also offers better compression. To convert the images, present on your local system, you need to use the FileReader API.

file reader

Method 2. Using the Canvas

In this method, you first need to create a canvas and then add the image to it. Next use toDataURL () that will show the Base64 representation. For the data URL, there will be an image of the Base64 encoded file. This method can be considered if the original Base64 string or the image type is not needed. Based on the browser and the OS you are using, the results for the same image will come different.

using canvas

Part 4. How to batch convert images into Base64 string [using Desktop Tool]

The best tool to batch convert images - Wondershare UniConverter

When you need to convert multiple images from one format to the other, a good professional tool is needed that can help you get the task done not only quickly but also without any quality loss. Here Wondershare UniConverter fits in perfectly as this versatile tool support image conversion in a wide range of formats like BMP, JPG, WebP, PCX, RAW, and many Web more.

The intuitive interface of the software makes the task hassle-free and additionally, the software support file customization options where you can crop the images, add effects, add watermark, and even choose a customized size and quality. Batch processing of images using the software saves time as well as effort.

Steps to batch convert images using Wondershare UniConverter

Step 1 Launch UniConverter batch image converter.

Launch the software on your system and from the Toolbox section on the main interface choose Image Converter.

batch image conversion wondershare uniconverter 1

Step 2 Batch import images.

Click on the +Add Files or the + button to add multiple image files from your system to be converted.

batch image conversion wondershare uniconverter 2

Step 3 Edit the image.

The added files with details and a thumbnail image will appear on the interface. You can choose to crop, add effects and customize the images using the icons under the image.

batch image conversion wondershare uniconverter 3

Step 4 Set the output image format.

At the top-right corner, choose the desired image format from the drop-down list at Convert all images to tab.

batch image conversion wondershare uniconverter 4

Step 5 Save the image.

At the File Location tab on the bottom, select the desktop folder to save the converted files. Finally, click on the Convert button to start with the file processing.

batch image conversion wondershare uniconverter 5
Try Wondershare UniConverter Image Converter for free now!

Over 3,591,664 people have downloaded it to try the advanced features.


Convert your images to Base64 using one of the above listed online tools or through Javascript. When it comes to batch conversion of images Wondershare UniConverter is an excellent tool. Not only image conversion, but the software also supports a long list of functions like video conversion, video download, editing, background removal, and much more.

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