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what is AVCHD

What is AVCHD Files and How to Playback Easily

by Christine Smith • 2024-07-03 14:42:11 • Proven solutions

0AVCHD stands for Advanced Video Coding High Definition. It is a format for digital recording and playback of High Definition Video. It records 1080i and 720p signals onto certain media using highly efficient codec technologies. It was jointly developed by Panasonic and Sony. In 2006, the companies developed AVCHD for use in high definition consumer camcorders. In 2007, both Panasonic and Sony released the first consumer AVCHD camcorders. In 2011, the AVCHD specification was amended to include two new modes – 1080-line 50-frames/s and 60-frames/s. The newly declared modes require double the data rate than previous modes.

By using AVCHD format, you can burn high definition video to a standard DVD disc. Later you can play that DVD disc in a Blu-ray disc player. Thus, you don't have to own a Blu-ray disc burner to enjoy high definition video on Blu-ray disc player. AVCHD video can also be outputted to the TV via an HDMI cable or components outputs. It can also be transferred and viewed to the computer.

In the following parts, you can learn more details about what is AVCHD format and AVCHD file structure, also the methods on how to convert AVCHD videos to any other common video formats easily on Windows/Mac.

Part 1. What's in the AVCHD File

AVCHD uses MPEG – 4 AVC/ standard for video compression, which supports a variety of standard, high definition, and stereoscopic video resolution. It supports both Dolby AC-3 and uncompressed linear PCM for audio compression.

An AVCHD file consists of recorded audio and video with subtitles and other ancillary streams. These are multiplexed into a MPEG transport stream and stored on media as binary files. For the file systems, memory cards and HDDs use FAT and optical discs to use UDF or ISO9660.

Apart from some differences, the file system of AVCHD is derived from the Blu-ray disc specification. For example, it utilizes a legacy 8.3 file naming system while Blu-ray disc uses long filenames.

1. Video format

AVCHD supports a variety of video resolution and scanning methods, but most of the camcorders support only a handful of the video and audio formats allowed in the AVCHD standard.

Interlaced Video: AVCHD supports both AVCHD-SD or Standard Definition and AVCHD 1080i or High Definition interlaced video while AVCHD 1080i is available with most AVCHD camcorders.

Progressive-scan video: AVCHD supports 720-line progressive recording mode at frame rates of 24 and 60 frames/s for 60 Hz models and 50 frames/s for 50 Hz models.

2. Audio Format

Most of the AVCHD camcorders use Dolby Digital (AC-3) compression scheme and stereo and multichannel both audio is supported. Audio data rate changes from 64Kbit/s to 640Kbit/s, but practically 256 Kbit/s and 384 Kbit/s are mostly used.

3. AVCHD Format Overview



Part 2. Available Codec for AVCHD

1. FFmpeg

It includes an AVCHD decoder in its libavcodec library that is used by ffdshow, a free and open-source collection of codecs for Windows.

2. CoreAVC

It is actually an decoder but can also decode AVCHD as well as some other formats.

3. Gstreamer

It uses libavcodec to decode AVCHD on Linux, BSD, OS X, Windows and Solaris.

Part 3. Explain the AVCHD File Structure With Images

The solid-state AVCHD camcorders of the file organization on Panasonic and Canon are presented as follows.


Important Notice

The related process also make sure that the user gets the best results and the state of the art technology is enjoyed in this regard as the AVCHD files have been developed to make sure that the mts and m2ts formats are fully utilized, and for the same reason, It is also to be noted that the user should make sure that the best format is chosen for the displaying the best results. It is also to be noted that the file structure can be complex if the user is not well aware of the overall appearance and the name of the AVCHD file as it will make sure that the file structure is never understood by the user in this regard.

Is it possible to re-construct the AVCHD card file structure in the absence of the card to fool Log & Transfer into reading it?

The .mts file structure has the AVCHD file above then, and it is the streaming part of the file where the actual AVCHD file is located. It is also to be noted that the user in this regard needs to make sure that the logs are tricked by placing and manipulating the .mts files as their placement will be changed without any issue and problem. But there lies an issue with this kind of doing due to which it is not possible. The rebuilding of the AVCHD file is not possible at all as the AVCHD file structure is not file or folder based. It is also to be noted that the user should make sure that the format having files and folder structures can be changed and rebuilt, and it is only possible in tapeless media. The AVCHD format is not the one to be touched.

AVCHD file structure missing files/folders

It is also one of the common errors in this regard, and the user should make sure that Recuva software is downloaded from the website to get the issue resolved as it is one of the best and state of the art programs which make sure that the user never faces any issue in this regard. It also makes sure that the best is always provided to the user in this regard. Once the program is downloaded and installed, it is advised to make sure that the AVCHD file of the memory containing all such files are scanned to get the results and the missing files.

How to view AVCHD folder structure on Mac

To view the files on Mac, it is advised to make sure that the option of the AVCHD to AIC converter is used, which is definitely available in all the importing software programs of Apple Inc. If Apple's converters are not trusted by the user, then it is advised to make sure that the third-party state of the art converters is used to view the AVCHD content onto the Mac without any issue and problem. There are two converters that are to be considered when it comes to a third party i.e., Voltaic HD for Mac and the Toast software program, which have been developed by the to get the work done for the users in this regard.

Conclusion of AVCHD file structure

The most important thing that is to be noted in this regard is that Sony and Panasonic are not the only ones that use this format, and now the Canon and JVC have also started using this format to make sure that the users are pacified, and the best file extension is used. It is the use of the program in the best manner, which makes sure that the user gets the best and state of the art results within no time at all, and the enjoyment is never-ending. It will also make sure that the user gets the best results as the videos and the audio files that have been embedded within the structure are the ones that are very large in size. The only disadvantage of using AVCHD is the fact that the file size is too large, and it makes sure that large disk space is occupied in this regard. It will also make sure that the content of the video files are not changed even if the extension is changed and for the same reason, it is also to be noted that the user should also get the knowledge about the different OS i.e., Windows and Mac as these are the ones that change the extension of .m2ts to mts and vice versa.

Part 4. How to Convert AVCHD Files on Windows/Mac

As you can't play AVCHD files on many devices, a professional video converter will help you. Wondershare UniConverter is the most recommended AVCHD converter for Windows/Mac as it supports 1000+ video and audio formats such as MP4, MOV, WMV, FLV, 3GP, etc. You can also edit AVCHD videos with trimming, cutting, merging, adding subtitles, and more others. Burning AVCHD files to DVD can also be done with free DVD menu templates.

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Solution 1: How to Convert AVCHD Files to Any Format and Playback Easily

Step 1 Add AVCHD files for conversion.

Download Wondershare UniConverter for free and install it. Click the Add Document icon to add AVCHD files you need to convert.

add avchd files for conversion

Step 2 Choose your desired output format for AVCHD files.

Choose your desired output video format from the Output Format option. You can find MP4, MOV, and other common video formats under the Video tab, and choose a resolution for the video.

choose output format for AVCHD

Step 3 Convert AVCHD files for easy playback.

You can also edit AVCHD files by clicking on the Edit icons under the video thumbnail and finally, click on the Start All button to start converting AVCHD files to any other format. Find the converted files under the Finished tab and transfer them to devices via a USB cable if needed.

convert avchd for playback

Solution 2: How to Play AVCHD Videos on Your Computer Directly

If your computer hardware and operating system support AVCHD video, then you will need a player to playback AVCHD video on your computer. There are a number of players available in the market for playing AVCHD video. Such a type is Wondershare Player. To play AVCHD video on Wondershare Player, follow the below steps:

Step 1 Download, install and launch Wondershare Player.

Download Wondershare Player from the official website of Wondershare and then follow the onscreen instruction to install it on your computer and Launch the player.

avchd playback

Step 2 Set the player settings.

Press F5 to change the default settings. Settings are categorized under the Head as General, Play, Associations, Hot Key, Snapshot, Updates.

avchd playback

Step 3 Add video files to play.

To add a video file, you can directly drag and drop that file onto the playlist or click Open File to navigate to the location where your video resides, then click the target file to open it.

avchd playback

Step 4 Control the Play.

While your video is being played, you can control the playback. Right-click on the pane, and a control panel will appear. From there, you can control the play, add subtitles, or open another video file. Hovering on the top will cause a control bar to pop up. From there you can choose a full screen, half screenplay and more.

avchd playback

Now, you have a clear idea about what is AVCHD files and how to playback on Windows/Mac or other devices. When you are having trouble with playing/converting AVCHD files, Wondershare UniConverter will be your best choice.

* Some of the above codec formats may need to be supported by system.
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