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1. MOV Video Tool+
  1. 1.1 Best MOV Converter
  2. 1.2 Free MOV Converter
  3. 1.3 MOV to MP4 Converter Online
  4. 1.4 MOV to AVI Converter
  5. 1.5 MOV to WMV Converter
  6. 1.6 MP4 to MOV Converter Online
  7. 1.7 AVI to MOV Converter
  8. 1.8 AVI to MOV Converter Online
  9. 1.9 MKV to MOV Converter Online
  10. 1.10 MTS to MOV Converter
  11. 1.11 Free MOV to AVI Converter
  12. 1.12 Convert MOV to MP4 Android
2. Convert MOV to Other Format+
  1. 2.1 Convert MOV to MP4
  2. 2.2 Convert MOV to MP4 Free
  3. 2.3 Convert MOV to MP4 Mac
  4. 2.4 Convert MOV to MP3
  5. 2.5 Convert MOV to WMV
  6. 2.6 Convert MOV to DVD
  7. 2.7 Convert MOV to FLV
  8. 2.8 Convert MOV to AVI Mac
  9. 2.9 Convert MOV to MKV
  10. 2.10 Convert MOV to WMA
  11. 2.11 import MOV to iMovie
  12. 2.12 Convert MOV to Adobe
  13. 2.13 Convert MOV to WMV Mac
  14. 2.14 Convert MOV to MPG
  15. 2.15 Convert MOV to MPEG
  16. 2.16 Convert MOV to WAV
  17. 2.17 Convert MOV to 3GP
  18. 2.18 Convert MOV to WebM
  19. 2.19 Convert MOV to VOB
  20. 2.20 Convert MOV to M4V
  21. 2.21 Convert MOV to SWF
  22. 2.22 Convert MOV to HTML5
  23. 2.24 QuickTime to Media Player
  24. 2.25 Convert MOV to iTunes
  25. 2.26 Convert MOV to QuickTime
  26. 2.27 Convert MOV to JPG
  27. 2.28 Convert MOV to GIF
  28. 2.29 Convert MOV to MP4 FFmpeg
3. Convert Other Format to MOV+
  1. 3.1 Convert MP4 to MOV
  2. 3.2 Convert MP4 to MOV Mac
  3. 3.3 Convert MKV to MOV
  4. 3.4 Convert WMV to MOV
  5. 3.5 Convert WMV to MOV Online
  6. 3.6 Convert WMV to MOV on Mac
  7. 3.7 Convert FLV to MOV Online
  8. 3.8 Convert MPG to MOV
  9. 3.9 Convert M4V to MOV
  10. 3.11 Convert 3GP to MOV Online
  11. 3.12 Convert WebM to MOV
  12. 3.13 Convert AVCHD to MOV
  13. 3.14 Convert MOD to MOV
  14. 3.15 Convert MXF to MOV
  15. 3.16 Convert WLMP to MOV
  16. 3.17 Convert VOB to MOV
  17. 3.18 Convert DAT to MOV
  18. 3.19 Convert MTS to MOV Mac
  19. 3.20 Convert MTS to MOV Online
  20. 3.21 Convert M2TS to MOV
  21. 3.22 Convert DV to MOV
  22. 3.23 Convert SWF to MOV
  23. 3.24 Convert Windows DVD Maker to MOV
  24. 3.25 Convert FLV to MOV
  25. 3.26 Convert GIF to MOV
4. Play & Edit MOV Tips+
  1. 4.1 How to Play MOV
  2. 4.2 Play MOV on TV
  3. 4.3 MOV Player
  4. 4.4 MOV Player for Android
  5. 4.5 Reduce Size of MOV
  6. 4.6 Make MOV smaller
  7. 4.7 Compress MOV
  8. 4.8 Add metadata to MOV
  9. 4.9 VLC Not Play MOV
  10. 4.10 Play MOV on iPhone/iPad
  11. 4.11 Top 8 MOV Editor
  12. 4.12 How to Rotate MOV Files
  13. 4.13 What is an MOV Files

Top 8 Best Video Converters for Android to Convert MOV to MP4

by Kayla Morrison • 2024-01-11 10:28:06 • Proven solutions

Android smartphones have taken over other phone markets due to their flexibility, a wide range of high-end features, customization, and affordability. Apps of all types and categories are available for Android, and video conversion is no exception to the same. So if you have a collection of videos in MOV or other different formats that you want to enjoy watching on your Android phone, convert it to MP4. There are several video converter for Android apps available. Read below to know how to convert MOV to MP4 for Android in detail.

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Part 1. The best 8 video converters for Android in 2022.

You can find that you can't play MOV files on Android phones; in this situation, Android apps for MOV files are needed. With these apps listed below, you can convert MOV to MP4 on Android and watch MOV videos without any limitation. Also, you will find it easy to send large videos on Android.

1. Video Converter Android

Download URL:

It is one of the most popularly used video conversion app owing to its simple usage and array of features. The app works as an excellent MOV to the MP4 Android converter as it allows converting all standard video formats to MP4 or MPG. Original video quality is retained even conversion, and there is also an option to set bit rate, codec, resolution, and other parameters. Additionally, the app also allows extracting MP3 or AAC files from the videos. The Reduce size profile feature of the app facilitates reducing the file size for easy sharing.

Steps on how to convert MOV to MP4 on Android using Video Converter Android:

Step 1: Open the converter app on your home screen. To browse and add MOV present on your device, touch the refresh icon on the top.

Step 2: Move to the Convert tab and select MP4 from the codec list. If needed, choose other file parameters.

Step 3: Click on the start button to proceed with MOV to the MP4 conversion process.

Video Converter Android

2. Video Converter Video Compressor Video to MP3

Download URL:

This MOV to MP4 converter for Android works as a forceful video conversion as well as a compression tool. Using the app, you can convert an array of formats like AVI, MOV, MKV, FLV, and others to MP4 in good quality. Extracting videos to audio files (MP3) is also supported. You can edit the resolution as well as the start and the start time of the output video. Additionally, this free-to-use app also supports video compression of files up to 2GB in size. You can convert your videos and share their compressed version over social media and with your loved ones using the app.

Steps for Android MOV to MP4 conversion:

Step 1: Download and open the app on your Android phone. Choose the MOV files that you want to convert from the device.

Step 2: Select MP4 as the desired output format. Here you can also choose the resolution, start and end time, and other parameters.

Step 3: Hit Convert to start the process.

Video Compressor Video to MP3

3. VidCompact

Download URL:

Developed by EnjoyMobi Video Editor & Video Maker Studio, VidCompact is a free and powerful MOV to MP4 Android app that also works as a high compressor, trimmer, and video size reducer. A wide array of formats, including HD and HTML5, are supported by the app for conversion to MP4 format. The app supports functions like trimming, cutting, reversing, rotating, and others to personalize and customize the videos before conversion. Additionally, the app allows you to play the video, rename them, reduce the size, and also change the audio frequency. The app has a simple interface, results in good quality output files, and supports over 30 languages on over 200 Android devices.

Steps on how to convert MOV to MP4 Android:

Step 1: Open the MOV file that you want to convert on your VidCompact app. Next, click the "Convert to MP4" option on the home screen to move to the converter screen.

Step 2: If needed, trim the video or change its resolution from the window

Step 3. Click the Start button to proceed with the conversion process.


4. VidConvert

Download URL:

Developed by Acro Media Studio, this is a free and easy-to-use app that allows converting all commonly used formats like MOV, FLV, AVI, WMV, and others to MP4 format. Using the app, you can either retain the quality of the original file or can also reduce it for easy sharing. Videos can also be trimmed before conversion if needed. Additional features include extracting MP3 audio files from video format, support for background task mode, easy sharing and managing of videos, and others. The app features a simple and user-friendly interface.

Steps to convert MOV to MP4 on Android:

Step 1: Open the app on your device and click the Convert Video button from the main interface. Choose the MOV files from a device that you want to convert.

Step 2: From the conversion screen, choose MP4 as the desired output format. Export the result to complete the process.


5. VidSoftLab Video Converter

Download URL:

It is a top-rated app for Android devices that facilitates the conversion of MOV, MKV, WMV, 3GP, VOB, and others to MP4 format in decent quality. Using the app, you can apply effects like slow motion, crop, reverse video, and others for customization. In addition to Android, the app converts and saves files for iPad, iPhone, Samsung, and other devices. The conversion speed is fast, and multiple files can be processed at a time. The app also works as an MP3 converter and has preset for specific device models. Multiple language support is also there, including English, Russian, Spanish, German, and others.

Steps for Android convert MOV to MP4:

Step 1: Open the app on your phone and select Video Converter from the main interface.

Step 2: On the video list screen, select the MOV video and move to the next screen. Select the needed file parameters and configurations and click Next to proceed.

Step 3: On the Format screen, choose MP4 from the list and click the Next icon. Select options from the screen and click Next and finally touch the Done icon to complete the conversion process.

VidSoftLab Video Converter

6. Video Converter

Download URL:

Developed by KKAPS Video Converter is a decent conversion app that allows converting files in a few simple steps. Using the app, you can convert your videos to MP4, MKV, MPEG, MPG, MOV, and others. Video Converter is a lightweight app that processes the conversion at a fast speed and saves them to your phone.

Steps to convert MOV to MP4 Android app:

Step 1: Launch the app on your phone, open the Video Convert tab, and add MOV videos that you want to convert.

Step 2: Select MP4 as the desired output format from the drop-down menu. Trim and cut the video if needed by selecting start and end times.

Step 3: Click Create on the top-right corner to start the MOV to the MP4 conversion process.

Video Converter Video Converter Android

8. Online Converter

Download URL:

It is another free-to-use online tool that allows converting videos to Android compatible formats, including MP4. Using the program, you can upload the file from your PC or the URL for conversion. A maximum of up to 200MB files can be uploaded to the program for conversion. A wide array of formats is supported by the program, including m4p, WMV, FLV, WMV, MOV, and others. The program also has an option to cut the video.

Steps to convert MOV to MP4 Android:

Step 1: Open on your PC browser. Click Choose File to upload the MOV file from its URL or your PC.

Step 2: To cut or trim the video, click the Options tab, and select the start and end times.

Step 3: Click Convert to start the MOV to the MP4 conversion process.

The converted file can be downloaded from the program interface and can then be transferred to the desired Android device.

Online Converter

Part 2. Limitations to convert MOV to MP4 for Android.

You can convert MOV to MP4 Android app in an easy manner, but there are a number of limitations using the app method. Similarly, even online conversion tools are simple in usage but have their share of drawbacks.

1. Apps are dependent on the handset.

The method of converting MOV to MP4 using the Android app is dependent on the availability of an Android smartphone. Since these apps work only on smartphones, you need to have a compatible device.

2. Slow conversion speed

Mobile apps have their limitation concerning the size as they need to be installed on the phone. Thus, the conversion speed of MOV to MP4 through an app is slow. So if you have a large number of files to be converted, the process will be time-consuming.

3. Limited functions

The mobile apps have limited features and functions as compared to the professional tool. So if you are looking for advanced options and features, these apps are not very apt.

Similarly, if you are using online tools, there are several associated issues. Online tools are dependent on online connectivity, the speed of conversion is slow, the number of formats supported is limited, and they lack additional features as well.

Part 3. The best alternative to convert MOV to MP4 for Android.

Considering the limitations of Android apps and online apps, the best way to convert MOV to MP4 is to use professional software. We recommend an expert conversion program called Wondershare UniConverter (originally Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate). This complete video toolbox works as an excellent conversion tool with support of over 1000 formats, including MOV to MP4. Using the program, you can convert MOV to Android MP4 videos at a super-fast speed (90X faster) with lossless quality. Videos can also be converted to device-specific formats to avoid any compatibility issues. There is also an option to add and transfer files directly from devices like a camcorder, iPhone, and others. Batch processing is also supported.

The built-in video editor allows to trim, crop, cut, add subtitles, and add watermark to videos before converting them. Additional features of UniConverter include downloading from over 10,000 sites, DVD burning, and others. The Windows and Mac version of the software is available.

Wondershare UniConverter - All-in-One Video Converter

Free Download Free Download app store btn

Security Verified. 5,481,347 people have downloaded it.
  • Convert MOV to MP4 Android format without any quality loss.
  • Edit MOV videos more attractive with trimming, cropping, rotating, adding watermarks, applying effects, etc.
  • Best YouTube to MP3 converter for Windows/Mac to convert YouTube to MP3 with 90X faster conversion speed than any conventional converters.
  • Toolbox with additional functions like Screen Recorder, VR Converter, GIF Maker, Fixing Media Metadata, and more.
  • Supported OS: Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista, macOS 11 Big Sur, 10.15 (Catalina), 10.14, 10.13, 10.12, 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7.

Steps to Convert MOV to MP4 for Android using Wondershare UniConverter:

Step 1 Launch Wondershare MOV to MP4 converter and import files.

Open Wondershare UniConverter on your PC/Mac. On the Converter tab, click the Add Files to browse and add MOV files. The drag and drop function also works here. To add MOV files directly from a device, connect the device to your PC, open the drop-down menu next to Add Files, and choose the Add from Device option. Multiple files can also be added for batch processing.

Import files to Wondershare MOV to MP4 converter

Step 2 Edit files before MOV to MP4 conversion (Optional).

The added MOV files will appear as thumbnails on the interface with all details. Under the thumbnail image, there are icons for Trim, Crop, and Effects. Click the desired icon to open its window and make needed changes. Click OK to confirm the changes.

edit MOV files for Android

Step 3 Choose Android/MP4 as an output format.

On the bottom-left corner, open the drop-down list next to the Output Format option. From the Device tab, select Android format and desired resolution as the output file. You can also choose the Video > MP4 option to convert MOV videos for your Android devices.

Choose Android or MP4 as output format

Step 4 Convert MOV to MP4 for Android.

You can compress the video size without quality loss by clicking on the Compression icon on the Target bar. Choose the file destination location where you want to save the converted MOV files at the File Location tab. Finally, click the Convert button to start the process of converting MOV to MP4 for Android phones without any quality loss.

Convert MOV to MP4

Step 4 Access the converted MP4 videos.

Find your converted videos from the Finished tab, and click on the Open File Location icon to get the saved files.

get the converted MP4 videos

With the simple steps above, you can convert your MOV videos to MP4 and view MOV files on Android now. For the limitations of Android MOV to MP4 apps, Wondershare Video Converter will be a better choice as it can provide you the batch conversion, super fast speed, full quality output, and more functions. Free download and follow the steps above to have a try!

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Part 4. People Frequently Asked about MOV to MP4.

1. Is there a free way to convert MOV to MP4?

Yes, there are free ways to convert MOV to MP4. The best freeware program for the conversion is Wondershare Free Video Converter that facilitates quick, easy, and lossless conversion. Online tools can also be used, though they have drawbacks like limited file size, internet dependency, limited features, and more. Some browser-based tools that can be used for MOV to MP4 conversion are Zamzar, Video Online Convert, and Online Video Converter.

2. How do I convert MOV to MP4 with VLC?

VLC can convert MOV files to MP4 quickly, and the steps for the process are below.

  1. Open VLC and select Media > Convert/Save
  2. Click on the Add button at the Open Media tab to import the MOV file.
  3. Click on Convert/Save at the bottom-right corner.
  4. At the Profile section, choose Video-+MP3(MP4).
  5. Select the destination folder and tap on the Start button.

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