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Convert MOV to MP4 Online for Free

by Christine Smith • 2024-05-27 12:06:18 • Proven solutions

How do I convert MOV files to MP4? --- A question from Quora.

Sometimes you probably can't play MOV videos on Blackberry, PDA, smartphone, or PSP. Sometimes MOV files can't be played on your QuickTime, or there is only the sound without the picture. No worries! We've got you covered. As we all know, MP4 is the most popular video format for phones, tablets, and other devices. Hence, we'll introduce six easy ways to convert MOV to MP4 or convert Quicktime MOV files to mp4 so that you can play QuickTime videos anywhere and anytime. After saving, you'll also be able to play MP4 videos on Windows Media Player without the need for MOV transcoders.

Part 1. 4 Ways to Convert MOV to MP4 Online for Free

If you don't want to add any extra software, you can apply online video converters instead. Here, we have three recommended online converters to help you convert a file to MP4 free online.

4 Online FREE MOV to MP4 converters list below you can't miss:

1. MOV to MP4 Converter from Adobe Creative Cloud Express

Adobe Premiere offers an online free video converter tool that helps convert MOV to MP4 or other formats that are hard to compatible with professional editing tools. Using this video converter, you can fast upload your .mov files and transform MOV to a new MP4 video easily.

Steps to transform MOV to MP4 online for free:

Step 1: Open MOV to MP4 Converter from Adobe Creative Cloud Express on your PC/Mac browser.

Step 2: Drag or drop to upload your .mov file or Click Browse on your device to browse and add.

Step 3: Once the file is added, the conversion from MOV to MP4 will be finished. You can click the Download button to save the new MP4 file.

MOV to MP4 Converter from Adobe Creative Cloud Express

2. Cloudconvert MOV to MP4 Converter

It is an online program that is free to use and takes care of your conversion needs in a simple manner. The program allows adding MOV files from your PC, Google Drive, Dropbox, through URL, or by simply dragging and dropping. Once added, the MOV file is converted to MP4 format and can be downloaded from the program interface. But this converter will take a much longer time to load data.

Steps to convert MOV to MP4 online free:

Step 1: Launch Cloudconvert MOV to MP4 Converter on your PC/Mac browser.

Step 2: Click Select Files to browse and add the MOV file to be converted.

Step 3: Once the file is added, it will automatically start uploading and convert to MP4 format. After a successful conversion, the file can be downloaded from the link at the program interface.

cloudconvert convert mp4 to mov online

3. Zamzar MOV to MP4 Online tool

Zamzar is yet another online tool that is capable of converting not only the media files but also formats like Word to PDF, JPG to Word, ePub to Mobi, PDF to PPT, etc. Zamzar enables you to change MOV files to MP4 with an intuitive and straightforward interface in merely a couple of mouse clicks. However, the free limit of the file size is 150MB, and it usually takes a long time to process the video file.

Steps to change .mov files to .mp4 easily:

Step 1: Upload the MOV File. Use the link given above to get to the Zamzar's convert page, click Add Files, and use the box that comes up next to upload the target MOV file to Zamzar.

Step 2: Convert to MP4. Ensure that mp4 is selected in the Convert To drop-down list, and click Convert to convert files to MP4.

Step 3: Download the Converted File. On the All Done page that you are redirected to post successful conversion, click Download to download the converted MP4 file on your computer.

zamzar convert mp4 to mov online

Part 2. [Proven] Best QuickTime MOV to MP4 Video Converter for Windows and Mac

Wondershare UniConverter - MOV to MP4 Video Converter

Security Verified. 5,481,347 people have downloaded it.
  • Convert MOV to MP4, AVI, WMV, FLV, MKV, and other 1,000 formats with several simple steps.
  • Convert multiple MOV video files to MP4 in batch without any quality loss.
  • Convert MOV files to optimized preset for almost all devices, like iPhone, iPad, Huawei phone, etc.
  • Support 120X faster conversion speed than standard converters with unique APEXTRANS technology.
  • Powerful editing tools help customize your MOV videos, like trimming, cropping, adding subtitles, etc.
  • Download or record videos from 10,000+ video-sharing sites.
  • Supported OS: Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista, macOS 11 Big Sur, 10.15 (Catalina), 10.14, 10.13, 10.12, 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7.

How to Convert MOV Videos to MP4 on Mac and Windows 10:

Free Download Free Download

Step 1 Add MOV Files to the Best MOV Converter.

Launch Wondershare UniConverter and then click the Add Files button to add the files you want to convert. Alternatively, you can add these files by simply dragging and dropping them. Please note that you can add several files in one go as the converter supports batch conversion here.

Add MOV files to MP4 converter

Step 2 Select the Output Format and Compress MOV Videos.

Click the down-arrow icon beside the Output Format: and enter the output formats list, then select the Video tab to choose MP4 in the left sidebar and select the video resolution from the right section. You're optional to click the Create new format here to set a new format with customized frame rate, bitrate, encoder, and resolution, through which you can compress the MOV video per your needs.

Set the output format as MP4

Also, this application has an optimized preset for different devices or video editings tools like iMovie or Final Cut Pro. You can click the Device tab to choose your device as the output format. Besides, you can enable the Merge All Videos before the conversion if you want to merge these videos into one.

Step 3 Start Converting MOV Files to MP4 in Batch.

When everything is ready, hit the Start All button, and the conversions will be completed automatically. Now all you have to do is to wait to enjoy the videos!

Edit MOV videos before converting

Optional Edit MOV Videos Before Conversion.

Select the video you want to edit and hit one of the editing icons under the video thumbnail. This converter provides you with clipping, cropping, merging, adding subtitles, and other functions. After editing the video, you can have an instant preview of your edited video. Just play your talents to make a video masterpiece.

Edit MOV videos before converting

With the steps above, this MOV video converter for Windows can convert almost all popular multimedia formats. Feel free to download the software.

Free Download Free Download  

Part 3. 2 Fast Options to Convert MOV to MP4 Free on Desktop

1. How to Free Convert MOV to MP4 with VLC?

Do you wonder, "Can VLC convert MOV format to MP4 format"? The answer is yes. VLC Player, known as an open-source video player, can not only play videos in different formats but also convert videos between popular formats MP4 to MOV. VLC can meet the basic conversion needs if you don't use conversion features very often.

Steps on how to free convert MOV to MP4 using VLC:

Step 1: You can download and install VLC first and Open it on your computer.

open VLC for free MOV to MP4 conversion

Step 2: Add the MOV file by clicking the Add button or drag and drop. After that, you can click the Convert/Save button to enter the Convert window.

add MOV file to VLC Media Player

Step 3: Choose the target format Video - + (MP3) MP4, and you're optional to make the settings. Then, you can browse the target folder to save the converted formats. Finally, click the Start button to switch to MP4 with VLC.

how to convert .mov to mp4 with VLC

Pros and Cons of the free VLC:

Although the VLC player can convert video to MP4 easily, it has its disadvantages too. May occur some inexplicable errors when you're converting videos. Also, it can't customize your video before conversion. And the supported conversion formats are limited.

2. How to Convert MOV to MP4 for Free using Wondershare Free Video Converter?

Paying for software can sometimes be pinching, especially when you have basic conversion needs with a few files. In such situations, you can opt for free software like Wondershare Free Video Converter. This free-to-use MOV converter installed on your PC or Mac allows converting your files to various formats. The program works at a fast speed (thanks to the latest APEXTRANS technology), features in-program editing functions, and delivers quality output.

Steps to convert MOV to MP4 using Wondershare Free Video Converter:

Step 1: Launch Free Converter and add the MOV file to change MOV video files to MP4.

Download, install and open Wondershare software on your PC/Mac. Under the Convert tab on the primary software interface, click Add Files to browse and upload MOV files.

Launch Video Converter Free and load MOV file(s)

Step 2: Select MP4 as the output format.

Click the drop-down icon beside the Convert all files option. Select the Video > MP4 > the resolution.

Select MP4 as output format

Step 3: Convert the MOV Video File to MP4 free.

Hit Convert All to start the process of converting the video to MP4 format. You can select the destination on your PC where you wish to save the converted file at the Output option.

Pros and Cons of the free method:

Wondershare Free Video Converter is an excellent alternative to paid software as it supports an array of useful features. The program works well with Windows as well as the Mac system and supports conversion between all popular formats. With batch processing, multiple files can be converted at a time at a 30 times faster speed. Downloading and editing of files add to the pros associated with the software.

As compared to professional paid software, it will have a watermark for conversion files. If your files are small and don't have a high request about the conversion speed, it will be a better choice to use online converters.

Part 4. FAQs on How to Free convert .mov Files to .mp4

Question 1: I play violin and need to upload a chair test. How do I convert a MOV file from my iPhone to mp4? I don't trust any of the "free" converters online. --- A question from Apple Communities.

There are plenty of excellent online MOV to MP4 Converters, such as,, etc. Both of them are free in limits, but they do the best if you only need to convert single files or files in small sizes as they limit the number of conversions or the size of the converted files when you use the free plans.

The detailed limit of free plans for the above 3 online tools list here:

  1. Free CloudConvert: absolutely free for up to 25 conversions per day.
  2. Free up to 25 conversion minutes per day and 750 conversion minutes per month.
  3. Free 100 MB maximum file size.

Question 2: Is there a convenient way to convert a .mov movie to a .mp4 video? --- A question from Apple Communities.

Multiple online and offline MOV to MP4 converters on Market makes it easier to convert .mov files to .mp4. With different needs, you can choose different tools. Such as the easy-to-use online free MOV to MP4 Converter - CloudConvert, the best MOV to MP4 Converter for Windows and Mac in 90x faster without quality loss - Wondershare UniConverter.

Question 3: How do I convert .mov to .mp4 in QuickTime player? --- A question from Apple Communities.

You can only convert MOV to MP4 with QuickTime Pro rather than QuickTime Player. If you want to convert small-size .mov files, you can try the above online tools. Suppose you have a large-size .mov movie that needs to convert to MP4 quickly. You can consider a desktop tool, like Wondershare UniConverter.

Question 4: MOV to MP4: Which one is better?

File Extension MOV MP4
Video File Format
Video File Format
Description MOV is a filename extension for the QuickTime multimedia file format. It enables a combination of different types of multimedia data (video, audio, and text). MP4 is a container format used to store video, audio, and subtitles data. Since stores like iTunes use this container format, and it is used with iPod and PlayStation (PSP). It becomes an accessible format.
Associated Programs
Apple QuickTime Player
Apple iTunes
Windows Media Player
Developed by
Apple Inc
Moving Picture Experts Group
  • It offers a decent picture quality when opened in QuickTime Player.
  • The performance improves further when used on a Mac PC.
  • MOV files support multichannel audio.
  • It is widely used and is compatible with almost all media players across nearly all platforms.
  • It offers a decent compression ratio when created using the codec.
  • The ratio is even higher when is used.
Many players or post-production tools do not support MOV files, and therefore they must be converted to a different format to make them compatible.
Sometimes it is a bit challenging to edit MP4 files due to high compression.


With all the tutorials available today, it is easy to learn how to convert MOV videos to MP4. Several efficient online tools can help you with video conversions, although these web portals prove to be useful when you save media files occasionally. If you are in a profession where frequent conversions are needed, installing a dedicated program like Wondershare UniConverter would be a wise approach. The software is lightweight, and it works 90x faster than others. Still, it also has several post-production gears like video editor, video compressor, audio manager, etc., that make the app one-stop-shop for all media manipulation needs.

Free Download Free Download

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