How to Convert IFO to MP4 with Zero Quality Loss on Windows and Mac

Generally, each video DVD contains three types of files, VOB, IFO and BUP, which are all stored in “VIDEO_TS” directory at the root of a DVD. IFO (Information) is the counter part of a VOB file containing the information for chapters, subtitles and audio tracks of the video, such as information about menu functions and navigation, i.e. where a chapter starts, where a certain audio or subtitle stream is located. For any DVD device, a VIDEO_TS.IFO file compulsory to be present on a DVD.

Did you ever wish that you can transfer your favourite DVDs movie to you media device like iPhone, PS3 or PSP? The best option for that convert your DVD video files into MP4 format. There are various way to convert your DVDs to MP4 but using IFO file is one of the easiest way for conversion video.

Part 1. Best IFO to MP4 Video Converter

There are various video converter software packages and online web portal that allow you to upload your video and convert it into other format. There are some limitations, like you cannot upload more than 100MB file or losing video quality.

If the quality matters, we recommend to use Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate.

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate allows you to convert your media file almost to any format with zero quality lose. By using advance “Head-to-Head” comparisons technique, it’s 30 times faster than other converter. Supported 159 formats include latest 4K video format and portable devices. Including video converting, following are the main key features of this software.

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate - Best Video Converter for Windows / Mac (Mojave Included)

  • Directly convert IFO to MP4, AVI, MKV, MOV and 1000+ other formats.
  • Industry-leading APEXTRANS technology converts videos with zero quality loss or video compression
  • Burn IFO to DVD disk to play with your DVD player at 30X fastest speed.
  • Edit videos with the advanced video editing functions including trimming, cropping, adding watermark and more.
  • Download videos from YouTube and other 10000+ video sharing sites.
  • Versatile toolbox combines fix video metadata, GIF maker, cast video to TV, VR converter and screen recorder
  • Supported OS: Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista, Mac OS 10.14 (Mojave), 10.13, 10.12, 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7, 10.6
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How to Convert IFO to MP4 Using Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate with Zero Quality Loss on Windows

Following the video tutorial or the step-by-step guide help to show you how to convert DVD’s IFO file into MP4.

Video Tutorial: Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate - Convert IFO to MP4

Step 1 Run the IFO to MP4 converter

Launch Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate on your desktop after installation.

Convert IFO to MP4 - install VCU

Step 2 Add files

Click on Add Files button or Drag and Drop files from you file browser.

Convert IFO to MP4 - Add files

The alternative method: Click the Load DVD button and select Load IFO Files afterwards.

Convert IFO to MP4 - add ifo files

Step 3 Select MP4 as Your Output Video Format.

After selecting IFO file, you have to select MP4 as your required output format: click the Inverted triangle icon beside Convert all files to: > Video > MP4.

Convert IFO to MP4 - select mp4 as output format

Step 4 Start Convert Process

Once you finish this you may start convert now by simple click on Convert button. You may find your converted file by switching to Converted tab.

Convert IFO to MP4 - Start Convert Process

Step 5 Edit and Customize Your Video (Optional)

Make your videos little exciting by editing with Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate. You can perform various editing task on your video just before converting it.

Convert IFO to MP4 - edit videos

  1. Before you start the conversion, click the editing icons under the added video thumbnail.
  2. Then select Trim, Crop, Effect, Watermark, Subtitle, etc. from the editing window.

After make your desired changing you may require, choose your target output format as I mentioned in Step 2, then click Convert button to start converting video.

Part 2. Free IFO to MP4 Converter

Wondershare also introduces Wondershare Video Converter Free with mostly common audio / video supported files, supporting you 10 watermark free video conversions with its beautiful editable free features. It also include:

  • Convert almost all famous formats.
  • Edit, Enhance, and Personalize Media.
  • Burn CD and DVD.
  • One click download Video from YouTube.
  • Easy to use with User friendly interaction.
  • Wondershare Player for all media.


Step By Step Guide for IFO to MP4 Converter Using Wondershare Video Converter Free

Step 1 Add IFO File

How to Convert IFO to MP4 with Zero Quality Loss on Windows and Mac

  • Click Add File.
  • Select All files (*.*) from drop down menu from Files type:.

How to Convert IFO to MP4 with Zero Quality Loss on Windows and Mac

  • Select VTS_01_0.IFO file .
  • Click Open.

Step 2 Select MP4 as Your Output Video Format

After Select your targeted file you have to select MP4 as your required output format.

  • For that purpose you have to click under “Output Format”.
  • Select Format tab from drop down menu.
  • Under Format select “Video”.
  • Select “MP4 Video”.
  • You can also search by using search option.

Step 3 Edit and Customised Your Video (Optional)

Wondershare Video Converter Free also offers you to customise your videos just before you convert IFO to MP4 rather than you have to convert MP4 first. For giving your video some editing touch, follow the following steps.

How to Convert IFO to MP4 with Zero Quality Loss on Windows and Mac

  • Click on Edit button.
  • An editing window will appear, which allows you to perform following editing task:
    1. Trim: cut the video to any length.
    2. Crop: Crop, rotate frame and resolution setting.
    3. Effect: Various colour and effect can add into video.
    4. Watermark: add text / Image on video for copy right etc.
    5. Subtitle: add subtitle on screen.
  • Once you made your desired changing, click on OK.

Step 4 Start Convert Process.

How to Convert IFO to MP4 with Zero Quality Loss on Windows and Mac

Once you done with your all required changing just click on “Convert” button and your file conversion will start. The output file will be stored on the mention folder or you can directly access the file just click on “Open folder”.

Part 3. Extended Knowledge of IFO

1. What is IFO?

As described above, “IFO” is a DVD Information File which is also counter part of .VOB or .VRO file that contains headers, that tell the DVD players what screen to show at start-up, where each chapter starts, where audio tracks are located on DVD, etc. IFO File works in conjunction with VOB or VRO files, which contain the actual audio and video data. The “Video_TS.ifo” (also known as Video Manager Information file) file contains all the control and playback information for the DVD. The “Video_TS.ifo” file is needed to be present on a DVD-compliant disc.

2. How to play IFO on Windows and Mac?

IFO files are nothing but DVD video file format so you can play IFO files using any DVD player. The most common DVD players include VLC player for Windows and VLC player for Mac. Moreover, you can also play these IFO files using Windows Media Player on Windows. There are also many external media players which have support for IFO video files as below

You can use any of the following software to open an IFO file on Windows:

  • CyberLink PowerDVD 10.
  • Nero ShowTime.
  • WinDVD.
  • Roxio Creator 2010.

On Mac, you can use any of the following applications to open an IFO file:

  • Roxio Toast 10 Titanium.
  • Wired WiredStream.
  • Apple DVD Player.
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