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A full review of Polarized 3D Glasses to show the details you want to know

3D is art in itself; while viewing 3D videos, we can feel the scene's depth, making the experience magical. 3D technology has been around for a long time, but the craze for it is increasing daily with the launch of movies and games in 3D. 3D technology is basically a trick played on your brain in making it believe that things are popping out of the screen or that you are immersed in the scene itself.

3D images and videos are very difficult to look at from the naked eye. 3D glasses are used to view 3D images and videos. There are many different technologies (polarized 3D, active 3D, etc.) for viewing 3D. Everyone is aware of what 3D is. If not, don't worry; just tag along, and You'll understand everything at the conclusion of this article about what polarized 3D is and what are polarized 3D glasses.

What are Polarized 3D Glasses

Polarized 3D is a type of 3D technology that is widely used in theaters and homes for enjoying the 3D experience. Polarized 3D can only be viewed from polarized 3D projectors, and they are a bit more costly than those regular red and cyan 3D glasses. Polarized 3D glasses are similar to sunglasses in shape and design, but the lenses are different.

The lenses are polarized and yellow-brownish in color. They are far better than those red and cyan glasses as they provide more depth and immerse the viewer in the scene. There are also other types of 3D technologies, but some are not that better for 3D viewing, and some are expensive.

Polarized 3D Glasses: They are advanced as they show a more in-depth view of the videos and images.

polarized 3d glasses

Anaglyph 3D Glasses: The usual red and cyan 3D glasses popular in cinemas.

anaglyph 3d glasses

Active Shutter 3D Glasses: They are battery-operated and provide the best 3D experience but are expensive.

active 3d glasses


Wondershare Ani3D - Convert from 2D to 3D videos, from good to great.

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How do Polarized 3D Glasses work

This section of the article will discuss the working of polarized 3D glasses. "passive 3D glasses," also known as "polarised 3D glasses," refer to glasses that enable users to watch 3D movies or television without actively modifying the image as it is seen through the lenses. They block light from reaching your eyes, but their yellowish-brown hue prevents red and blue colors from doing so.

As we have discussed, both our eyes see the images from different perspectives of how these glasses work. The main role is of the polarized screen; the images are superimposed on each other, the screen projects the image to the lenses, and the lenses ensure that the right eye sees the right image. The lenses allow images of certain intensity to pass through them. This is how we see the 3D effect through the glasses.

For human eyes to simultaneously perceive two different images shown on the screen, anaglyph glasses use two different colors, while polarised glasses use two different orientations of polarised light.

The Application of Polarized 3D Glasses in Daily Life

Polarized 3D glasses are widely used daily, but we never have a person walking wearing those glasses. That's because these glasses are only used when someone wants to view 3D images and videos.

  • In this era of technology, you may have heard of 3D rides in amusement parks and malls. They are given to the riders so they can experience the depth of the ride without sitting on it.
  • They are also used in cinema theaters because many 3D movies are now created for polarized screens, and only polarized 3D glasses are used for viewing these movies.
  • We can also view 3D movies at home, but for that purpose, you would need a polarized screen and image projector, as these glasses only view videos that are projected from the screen.
  • It is also used in surgery; we can mimic this by recording images from two cameras that are next to each other. A display device then ensures that one image is only visible to the left eye while the other image is visible only to the right. In this way, our brains are able to give us a stereoscopic sense of depth.
  • By merging two distinct, slightly changed images that it gets from our eyes, our brain produces the illusion of depth. The 3D glasses only ensure that our eyes perceive these two images differently than they would on a flat screen and deceive the brain into thinking that there is depth on the screen.

How to Watch Movies without 3D Glasses

You may be wondering if that 3D setup is costly to build just to watch movies or if one can simply go to the cinema a see the movie without buying the complete system. But don't worry; we are here to help you. This part of the article is specifically for people searching for a way to watch 3D movies at home without these glasses and a complete setup.

We have found a way to view 3D movies without buying the complete setup. Windows and mac application by the famous Wondershare company is sitting out in the market for people looking for a way to enjoy 3D movies at home. The name of the application is Wondershare's Ani3D.


A brief overview of the application is given for you to get a better understanding of the application.


  • Allows the user to view 3D without glasses at home.
  • You can trim the videos that you import for viewing.
  • You can also view 3D videos in VR using the built-in VR 3D Video option available.
  • You can also alter the frame rate and format of the video after conversion.

A step-to-step guide for you is given below so that you can easily enjoy your 3D movies at home without any issues.

Step 1. Open the application on your system.

Step 2. After the application has opened, you can see that interface is very easy to understand and simple. Everything on the home screen can easily be read and understood. The application 'Split Depth 3D video' option is used for viewing 3D movies without 3D glasses and projectors. First, we will see how the split-depth 3D video works. Click on the Split Depth 3D video option at the top.

ani 3d steps 1

Step 3. A button at the bottom left for adding files to the player. Click on Add File to import files to Wondershare Ani3D.

ani 3d steps 2

Step 4. Select the 3D video you want to view and import them to the application.

ani 3d steps 3

Step 5. After the import is completed, you can trim the video's length and click on the Preview button to start the process.

ani 3d steps 4

Step 6. A window will pop up so that you can change the directory for the file, format, and video resolution. After making changes, export the video and enjoy your 3D video.

ani 3d steps 5


Here we have included a summary of the article so that you can easily recall what this article was about. In this article, we have discussed polarized 3D technology and polarized 3D glasses and how they work. We have also discussed the daily life uses of polarized 3D glasses. Ultimately, we have also shown a way to watch 3D movies without glasses.

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