How to Compress Video for Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo

Q: I'm currently trying to upload an HD video to Instagram by converting the .mov to a .mp4 in order to upload from an apple device. The problem is that Instagram is lowering the quality of the video after I upload the clip. I see clear HD videos on Instagram all the time and I'm wondering how it was done! I've been working for hours and no luck. Does anyone know what the process is to getting clear video and avoiding Instagram's horrible compression? --- From Reddit Website

For uploading an HD video to any social network like Instagram, Facebook or Vimeo and not lose its quality, the first step is to compress and convert videos. It means that is necessary to have the proper video compressor to change the video file format to another one, for example, from MOV to MP4 (conversion) and then adjust its resolution, frame rate and bitrate (compression) to reduce the video size but always maintaining its quality. So it is necessary to convert video to Instagram format and then you can transfer it to your device.

No matter if you record in HD, Full HD or 4K, Instagram will do two things when you upload your video: it will reduce the size so that it enters a frame of 640 x 640 pixels and will apply a very high compression that will greatly reduce the quality of your work and Instagram compresses it so you do not have to wait for the video to load.

The mission is to adapt the video resolution and quality as close to what Instagram allows, so the application will reduce the quality the less possible in your video and maintain the visual aspect that you gave in the beginning. If you upload a file that takes up little space, Instagram will be more benevolent and compression will be minimal. This will save more quality in your video. The same happens with Facebook and Vimeo, it's also necessary to compress video for Facebook and use a program for Vimeo video compression.

So let's move on to learn how to compress video for Facebook and compress video for Vimeo without losing their quality. Do not miss it.

Part 1. Know the Video Upload Technical Requirements for Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo

There is no doubt that videos on social networks have become a key part of giving different messages. The different virtual platforms allow to make different videos like live videos, short videos that disappear soon, videos of 360 degrees, are some examples, but in order to upload a video, it is necessary to follow a technical requirement that includes following some specific dimensions to make the video have good quality and be easy to upload it to the social media. We are discussing how to convert video to Instagram format, compress video for Vimeo and do Facebook video compression with a program.

The video technical requirements for Facebook are:

  • File Size: maximum of 4 GB.
  • Duration: less than 120 minutes.
  • Video Formats: Facebook supports many different formats such as Mobile Videos like 3GP, 3GPP, and 3G2, Windows Media Video like WMV, AVI Video, MPEG Video like DAT, Flash Video like FLV, MPEG4 Videos like MP4, DVD Video like VOB and many more formats. The best video format for Facebook is MP4.

The video technical requirements for Instagram are:

  • File Size: maximum of 4 GB.
  • Duration: 60 seconds.
  • Video Formats: Instagram supports many different doormats such as Mobile Video like 3GP, 3G2, 3GPP; Windows Media Video like ASF, WMV; AVI Video; MPEG Video like DAT, MPG; Flash Video like FLV, F4V; MPEG4 Videos like MP4, M4V and much more. The best video format for Instagram is MP4 and MOV.

The video technical requirements for Vimeo are:

  • File Size: MOV; MPEG4; AVI; WMV, FLV, 3GPP and more.
  • Duration: basic members can upload up to 500 MB per week; Plus members can upload up to 5GB per week; PRO members can upload up to 20 GB per week.
  • Video Formats: Vimeo supports all major video formats such as 3GPP; AVI, FLV, WMV, MOV, MPEG4 and more.

Part 2. How to Compress Videos for Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo

The video goes through one of its best moments inside Instagram, Facebook, and Vimeo and increasingly there are platforms and social networks that are promoting the use of videos from different devices, what is necessary to understand is that we need to follow a specific parameters like resolution to maintain the video quality when we want to upload it and for this we require a good software to compress video for Vimeo, one that allows Instagram video compression and compresses video for Facebook. For this process, we recommend Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate.

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate features to compress videos:

  • You can adjust the video resolution, frame rate, and bitrate to reduce the video size without losing quality to compress video for Facebook.
  • You can use Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate editing tool to trim the video file and convert video to Instagram format reducing its size.
  • With Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate, you can choose different output file formats to proceed with Instagram video compression.
  • You can resize the video file by adjusting its pixel dimensions.

If you want to learn how to compress video file for Vimeo, Facebook, and Instagram with Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate, follow the next step by step:

Step by step tutorial to compress video for Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo:

Step 1 Open Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate and add video to it.

First download, install and register the Facebook video converter. Open it and click on the Convert option and then Converting tab. Click on Add Files and select the video you want to compress video for Facebook, then click on Open to load the video.

add video to the Facebook video converter

Step 2 Select the output format in terms of your social network.

Besides the video, you will see a drop-down icon, click here to choose the output format. Select the Video tab and choose the social media you want, for example select Vimeo, Facebook or for Instagram could be MP4 or AVI and then double click on a specific resolution for each social media and you will see the output format changed to compress video for Vimeo for example.

 Select the output format in terms of your social network

Step 3 Start the Instagram(Facebook/Vimeo) video compression.

Click Convert All if you want to convert all your videos together or select Convert to do it one by one. You can activate the High-Speed Conversion icon at the bottom left corner to accelerate the speed to compress video for Facebook. If you want to see your video converted, just click on a Converted tab or on the Output icon to find the compressed video.

Start the Instagram(Facebook/Vimeo) video compression

Part 3. More Tips

Do you want to learn more about video compression, quality retaining and how to compress video for Vimeo, or looking about how to convert video to Instagram format, further, more tips for best quality videos for Facebook, Instagram, and Vimeo. So, you just need to go through the following steps that will provide you with more tips for the better quality of compressed videos.

1. How to compress video for Facebook, Vimeo or Instagram that retains high quality?

If your concern is for high quality then you are required to concentrate on Video Codec: H.264 must be chosen as the codec, it is the most efficient and popular codec and it is twice good in video compression than MPEG-4, in addition to being widely compatible with almost all players and devices.

Further, for Audio settings, you should go for AAC codec.

2. What would be the ideal dimension for Facebook Video?

Proper video dimension plays an important role, so keeping that point in mind, the ideal dimension for videos should be 720p (ie. frame size of 1280px wide by 720px high).

3. What should be the optimized size for Instagram video?

Before you upload any video to Instagram, make sure that the video duration comes under 60 seconds. Otherwise, Instagram will trim the video that might affect the quality.

4. What would be the required as well as ideal file formats for compressing videos at Facebook, Vimeo, and Instagram?

The ideal file formats for compressing video for Vimeo, compress video for Facebook and Instagram video compression are MP4 and MOV.

Marketing teams are responding with their video strategies to the current multi-device audience with a shorter attention span. Hence, the explosion of audiovisual and interactive content that begins to bear fruit and users of different social networks also want to create and upload their own videos from compiling funny videos to making videos to show a social reality and many of these users sometimes have problems when it comes to posting because the video is not compatible with the social media or the video file it is too slow..

To compress video for Facebook is necessary to adjust some video parameters and the same happen with Instagram, we need to convert video to Instagram format for then do not have a problem with the format compatibility and quality video. For this, we can use a good software to change the file formats before to upload a video to any social media.

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