MPEG Compressor:How to Compress MPEG/MPEG 4/3GP Videos Easily

The most common reason of file compressor for MPEG, MPEG4, 3GP, or for any other format is the storage issue on a PC. Majority of the times, the number of files to be stored on a device is more than the available hard disk space. There are 2 solutions, either you can delete the files or can downsize them to create extra space. Additionally, when you reduce MPEG 4 file size it becomes easy to share them over email or online sites. The speed of transfer and bandwidth also improves considerably through file size optimization. Let’s know a little more about the mentioned formats. MPEG which stands for Motion Pictures Expert Group is a working group of ISO that set standards for the video and audio compression. The MPEG video compression standard algorithms are designed in a manner so that they compress the data in small bits which is easy to transmit and then decompress. MPEG 1/2/3/4/7/21 are the different parts of the set standards. The standard formats for lossy video and audio compression are MPEG-1 and MPEG-2. 3GP, on the other hand, is a multimedia container format that is designed for videos on mobile phones.

So if you want to compress MPEG video, read further to know the best solutions.

Part 1. The Easiest Way to Compress MPEG/MPEG 4/3GP Videos

One of the most simple, quick, and convenient ways to compress mpeg4, is using feature-rich software like Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate. This professional tool is available for Windows as well as Mac system and works brilliantly when it comes to your compressing and converting needs. Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate supports compressing MPEG4, 3GP, and a list of other popular formats. With just a few steps you can reduce MPEG 4 file size without affecting its quality. Batch processing of multiple files can also be done. In addition to file compression, this amazing software also works as an excellent file converter, downloader, video editor and a DVD toolbox. So if you are looking for lossless quality to reduce MPEG file size at a very fast speed, Video Converter Ultimate for Mac is the answer.

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate

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Steps to Compress MPEG File Using Video Converter Ultimate for Mac

Step 1 Launch Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate and add MPEG file(s).

Download, install and launch the software on your Mac. From primary software interface click + Add Files and add MPEG file from PC that you want to compress. You can also drag and drop the desired files.

add mpeg files mac

Step 2 Select desired format and edit file parameters.

Once MPEG file is added, click drop-down menu beside Convert all files to:. From the video tab select a format like MP4 that will downsize the video file and the resolution.

choose output format mac

Alternatively, videos can also be optimized by changing its parameters like frame rate, bitrate, resolution, and others. To open settings window for changing file parameters click the edit icon next to resolution. You can also click + Create Custom. After editing parameters click Create.

open setting window mac

Step 3 Start compressing MPEG files.

Preview file size on the main interface. Click Convert All to start the compression process.

start compression mac

Once the process is successful compressed video can be managed from Converted tab.

fetch compressed video

Part 2. Extended Knowledge about Compressing MPEG/MPEG4/3GP Videos

1. Key Points to Compress MPEG/MPEG4/3GP Videos

There are various factors that affect compressing MPEG/MPEG4/3GP videos.

  • Format: Format of the video is one of the basic factors to be considered while compressing videos. Codec like H.264 which is used for high definition videos takes more space as compared to others. Thus h.264 and MPEG-4 video compression to a format like MP4 which is small as well as compatible seem to be a good practical solution.
  • Resolution: Size of the video is greatly affected by its resolution. Quality though is affected but not to that great extent. Going by the very basic rule, select one resolution below the original level to downsize your video. Generally, 720p is an ideal choice for sharing and transferring videos.
  • Bitrate: The most important aspect of video compression is its bit rate which controls the quality. Bit rate can be defined as the amount of data that is shown in one second of time. Thus more the data that is allowed, more details can be shown and thus better will be the quality as well as size. Depending upon the type of videos, bit rate value can be selected.
  • Frame Rate: Frame rate is defined as a number of frames per second and to see a decent picture, only 24-30 fps is needed by a human eye. Thus you can go down to lower the frame rate by this range for reducing file size.

2. How to Transfer Compressed MPEG/MPEG4/3GP Videos to Your Device?

If you want to transfer your optimized videos to other devices like mobile phones, hard drives, and others, smart software like Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate do the task efficiently. This complete video toolbox from Wondershare allows transferring media files to an array of devices including USB flash drive, external hard disk, Apple devices, Android devices, and others.

3. What Happens When A Video Is Compressed and Retaining Its Quality?

The most basic change that a file undergoes after compression is the reduction in its size. As the file gets smaller, its capability to retain the quality reduces. Generally, the video quality is compromised when the size of the file is reduced. There are some tools that allow lossless video compression and additionally when advanced codec like H264 is used or when bitrate is kept high, quality can be retained to a great extent.

Have queries on how to compress mpeg video files? Worry no more as Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is there to take care of all your compression, conversion and other video related needed.

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