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6 Easy and Useful Ways to Convert MKV to MP4

Takashi Originally published Mar 01, 24, updated May 06, 24

When dealing with video files, the conversion from MKV (Matroska Multimedia Container) to MP4 (MPEG-4 Part 14) is a frequent task. To accomplish this, there are two primary ways: online tools and desktop converters.

Online tools provide the convenience of accessibility from any device with an internet connection. They typically have a user-friendly interface, making them suitable for quick conversions without the need to download or install software. On the other hand, desktop MKV to MP4 converters are standalone applications installed on your computer.

In this article
  1. How to convert MKV to MP4 on Windows\Mac?
  2. How to convert MKV to MP4 online?
  3. Conclusion
  4. Frequently Asked Questions

Part 1: How to convert MKV to MP4 on Windows\Mac?

In this part
  1. Step-by-step guide on converting MKV to MP4 with UniConverter
  2. How to convert MKV file to MP4 using EaseUS Video Converter
  3. How to convert MKV to MP4 with Movavi

Method 1: UniConverter - The most efficient and reliable MKV to MP4 converter

UniConverter has emerged as the go-to MKV to MP4 converter for Mac and Windows users. Its exceptional feature lies in its ability to deliver high-quality conversions while maintaining the integrity of the original file. What sets UniConverter apart is its lightning-fast conversion speed, ensuring that even large batches of MKV files are transformed into MP4 format swiftly. This tool supports an extensive range of formats, making it versatile for all media conversion needs.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to convert MKV to MP4 with UniConverter:

Step1Sign up and import MKV files

After downloading the software downloading the software downloading the software and installing on your device, it is recommended that you sign up first. This will give you full access to an extensive range of functionality. Now, run the Wondershare UniConverter and click on the “+” icon shown in the middle. A pop-up window will be appeared, letting you select the desired MKV file from your device. Moreover, if you are in a hurry, simply drag and drop the files to the editor.

Step2Customize the setting and output format

Once the video is imported, select the arrow beside "Output Format" to open another menu. Now, go to the “Video” and choose MP4. Select the same resource to ensure that the video is converted to MP4 without any quality loss.

You can also choose different resolutions from the menu, but that will slow down the conversion process. If you want to convert at an ultra-high speed, you need to unlock the premium version. It comes with many useful tools, providing an all-in-one solution.

Customize the setting and output format

Step3Edit and convert MKV to MP4 fast

Before you convert, you can edit the video as per your needs. There are many editing options from subtitle addition, and changing speed to manipulating the audio setting. However, this step can be skipped and moved on to conversion.

To convert your file to MP4, simply click the "Convert" button. Once the conversion is complete, you can find your new MP4 video in its original resolution under the "Finished" tab. You also have the flexibility to store your video in the cloud space (OneDrive, DropBox, Google Drive, and others) directly from the editor.

Edit and convert MKV to MP4 fast

Tips to convert MKV to MP4 efficiently with UniConverter

  • UniConverter provides various output presets for MP4 itself. These presets balance video quality with file size. If you need a smaller file for sharing online, choose a lower quality preset. If maintaining high video quality is crucial, select a higher-quality preset.
  • UniConverter lets you add multiple MKV files at once. Simply drag and drop multiple files to convert them in one go, saving you time.
  • If your original video is already in a high-quality format like H.264, converting it to MP4 with the same codec will minimize quality loss. UniConverter usually displays the codec information of the source file.
  • Bitrate determines video quality and file size. Experiment with slightly higher bitrates in the MP4 output settings if you're concerned about quality loss during conversion.

Go beyond MKV to MP4 conversion: More creativity with UniConverter

UniConverter can extract the audio track from a video file. This is useful for creating ringtones, and soundtracks, or for using the audio in other projects.

UniConverter allows you to download videos from various online platforms directly to your computer. This is a convenient way to save your favorite online videos for watching offline.

UniConverter can analyze your video content using AI and automatically adjust brightness, contrast, and color saturation for a more visually appealing outcome. No more spending time manually tweaking settings - AI takes care of it!

Method 2: Using EaseUS Video Converter

EaseUS Video Converter is another MKV to MP4 converter for Windows that helps you to convert video and audio files between various formats. This means you can convert your videos to a format that works on your smartphone, tablet, gaming console, or social media platform.

Using EaseUS Video Converter

Here's how to convert MKV file to MP4 using EaseUS Video Converter:

  1. To convert your MKV video, start by launching the application and selecting "Video Converter." Then, either click "Choose Files" to import the video, or simply drag and drop it into the program.
  2. Click on "Settings" and choose MP4 as the target format. You can also adjust video resolution and bitrate here to control the final file size and quality.
  3. Choose the storage folder to save the converted MP4 video. Click "Convert" to start the conversion process.

Method 3: Using Movavi

Movavi is another free MKV to MP4 converter that works as a format fixer. It acts as a translator for your videos, supporting over 180 formats, for smooth playback on various devices.

Using Movavi

Here's how to convert MKV to MP4 with Movavi:

  1. You have two options, either drag and drop the files into the editor or click on the "Add Media" button and pick up the files from the PC. Then, choose MP4 in the output format from the options at the bottom of the screen.
  2. To adjust the video quality or size, you can click on the "Settings" gear icon. You may tweak the resolution or bitrate as needed.
  3. Pick the destination folder to save your MP4s. Click "Convert" and Movavi will handle the rest.

Part 2: How to convert MKV to MP4 online?

In this part
  1. How to convert MKV to MP4 online with
  2. Convert MKV to MP4 online free using Restream
  3. How to use Kapwing to transfer MKV to MP4 format

Method 1: - The ultimate MKV to MP4 converter online

If you want to convert MKV to MP4 online free, without paying anything, you can try using It functions on any operating system and can be accessed through any web browser. Additionally, it can handle many types of formats, compress huge files, or edit on the fly – all from your web browser. No software to install, just instant fixes and creative magic at your fingertips.

Here’s how to convert MKV to MP4 online with

Step 1. In order to convert videos, you can easily sign up and upload them to this online MKV converter. To get started, simply click on "Choose Files" and pick up the files from your device. Alternatively, you can go for dragging and drop files onto the converter or upload them directly from your Google Drive or Dropbox account. It's that simple!


Step 2. Now, you can choose the MP4 option as the output format. In addition, you can also set the file's resolution, frame rate, and other parameters to meet your specific needs. Once you have made the necessary selections, simply click on the "Convert" button to begin the conversion process and change the format of the file.

add video file

Step 3. The converted files are now ready to be downloaded or saved to the cloud space.

convert video with

Method 2: Using Restream

Restream isn't just about live streaming—it's a toolbox for managing your video content as well. One handy feature it offers is video file conversion. If you have a video in MKV format, a versatile but sometimes incompatible format, and need it in the widely accepted MP4 format, Restream can help. 

using restream

Here's a quick and easy way to convert MKV to MP4 online free using Restream:

  1. Head over to Restream's MKV to MP4 converter and upload your MKV video from your computer.
  2. Restream offers basic conversion, but you can skip this step for a quick conversion. If you want to customize the output file size or quality, you can explore the settings available.
  3. Once you're happy with the options, click "Convert" to begin the process. Once finished, you'll be able to download the converted MP4 file.

Method 3: Using Kapwing

Kapwing is a web-based platform that goes beyond simple video editing. It helps you to edit, add text, and animations, and even convert video formats. One of its many functionalities is video conversion.

using kapwing

Here's how to use Kapwing to transfer MKV to MP4 format:

  1. Head over to Kapwing's website, and upload the MKV file. You can also conveniently drag and drop the file directly into the Kapwing interface.
  2. You can make some basic edits but if you just need the format change, you can skip this step entirely.
  3. To export your project, go to the top right corner of the screen and click on the "Export Project" button. A new menu will be opened where you can select MP4 as the output format. Once you confirm, Kapwing will process and convert your video. Finally, you'll be able to download the finished MP4 file.

Part 3: Conclusion

In closing, having a grip on how to convert MKV to MP4 should not be a hassle with the right tools. For a simple and fast conversion, online tools might suffice. However, if you prioritize features like batch conversion, and advanced editing options, and retain the video quality, consider exploring UniConverter for desktop.

This software provides you with more control over the conversion process and ensures your final MP4 files are compatible with almost every device and platform.

Part 4: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I convert MKV files to MP4?

Converting MKV files to MP4 is easy with UniConverter. Open the app, import your MKV files, choose MP4 from the output options, set your required parameters, and start the conversion. UniConverter's user-friendly interface makes the process quick and efficient.

How to convert MKV to MP4 on Mac?

UniConverter can help you convert MKV to MP4 on Mac without quality compromise. After launching the software, drag and drop your MKV files into the interface, select MP4 as the output format, adjust any necessary settings, and here you go. UniConverter's compatibility with macOS ensures a smooth and stress-free conversion process every time.

Which is the best MKV to MP4 converter?

UniConverter stands out as one of the best MKV to MP4 converters available. Its comprehensive features, including batch conversion, high-speed processing, customization options, and support for various platforms, make it a foremost choice for users seeking reliable and efficient file conversion.

Takashi May 06, 24
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