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What is Metadata and How to Edit Video/Audio Metadata

by Christine Smith • 2024-01-11 10:26:26 • Proven solutions

Metadata is a very important part of the digital files, including images, audio, and videos. All types of media files come with the metadata information, which defines the content's usability and defines the type of content. For example, online websites also come with Meta information, including website title, description, and keywords. Metadata information can be accessed from the properties or songs and videos; you can also update the Meta information using the Meta updater programs. Let’s see what metadata is and how to edit it on your computer.

Part 1. What is Metadata Meaning

Metadata meaning is simply the information about the music, audio, video, or files, which is the shortest metadata definition. Metadata information defines the details about the content. First, Meta word of the metadata defines the description or definition of the audio or video content. Few best metadata examples are release date, author, writer, description, actor, director for a multimedia video file. This is what metadata means.

Video Metadata:

Video Metadata is defined as the information in text format that comes along with a video file. The need for video metadata becomes even more important as the video file does not contain any textual keywords like a document. A video metadata can be attached to a file and include information like the file size, the file format, subtitle information, copyright information, and others. Video metadata can be collected automatically or can also be written manually. Video metadata offers a better understanding of the file content to the search engines, making it easy for the users to look out for the desired videos. For instance, a video on YouTube with proper information about the artists, genre, format, and others will help the search engine and users to locate it.

video metadata

Music metadata:

Music metadata is also known as ID3 metadata, and it contains all the information present in the audio file. The metadata in a music file facilitates identifying the content in a better manner. For instance, if your device displays the music file's details when it is being played, it becomes easier to identify the track. Some information included in music metadata is the title of the track, album name, name of the artists or the band, music genre, track number on the album, released date of the song, etc. The two common metadata systems used for tagging MP3 files are ID3v1 and ID3v2.

music metadata

Image Metadata:

An image or photo metadata is defined as the information that comes along with the image file. This information can either be embedded into the file itself or come along with a separate file. This metadata information is transported in a manner so that it can be easily understood by the end-users, software, and hardware. The capturing device can automatically create the image metadata, or it can also be entered manually. There are two major places where the metadata is stored- internally in the formats like TIFF and JPEG and externally in a digital asset management system, or by XMP, or as XML based news exchange format file. In order to catalog and contextualize the visual content, image metadata proves to be very useful. The protection of the intellectual property is another area where image metadata proves helpful.

image metadata

Part 2. What are Types of Metadata

There are several types of metadata available according to the different types of files and their formats, but these are mainly divided into 4 categories, which define metadata types.

Statistical Metadata:

These types of metadata are used to collect process and give final output for any information. For example, we enter data on the computer, then the computer process, and finally, it gives us results.

Descriptive Metadata:

These types of metadata are used to provide detailed information about any file or source. These files include keywords, titles, and descriptions. These are mainly used on websites.

Structural Metadata:

This type of metadata clears up the details of how files or objects are managed. This metadata example is the table of contents on the book. The first page of a book defines the details about content, chapter pages.

Administrative Metadata:

Administrative Metadata is the information about the types of resources, permission for other users, etc. These metadata also help users to identify how the data was created.

Part 3. Why is Metadata Important

Metadata have different importance according to the type of business and use of metadata. If we talk about SEO, then the metadata of the song, website, YouTube channel, or videos is very important. Without the metadata about the songs on YouTube, this is impossible to get a higher rank, and your targeted viewers can’t reach your channel or videos. Without metadata information about the songs and videos, your videos can go to the lower ranking on YouTube.

If you are running a website and not using any Metadata information, it is very hard for the users and search engine to understand your website. When a person types any keyword related to your website in the Google search engine, the search engines match those keywords with the available metadata. So, if you have not added Meta on the website, then it becomes hard to show your website in the top search engine results.

If your music and video file metadata are not available, it is hard to understand the content of multimedia files without playing them. A music file comes with the actor, director, writer, screenwriter, genre, type, rating, and several other metadata information types.

Part 4. How to Edit Video/Audio Metadata in an Easy Way

After having a look on what is metadata, why is metadata important, and what is metadata used for, if you are looking away to add custom metadata or automatic metadata to your files, then we are going to share the best custom metadata editing and automatic metadata editing tool here with you. Let’s start how to add metadata to the audio, video,  Exif files with just a few clicks.

Wondershare UniConverter (originally Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate) is the best file metadata updater software for you. This is windows and Mac operating based software, which can be used for editing the Meta information manually and automatically. Besides adding or editing the metadata information, it also supports converting, download and recording, transferring, and burning the audio and video files. The software is fully compatible with near about all new and old versions of the Mac and Windows computers. Wondershare UniConverter works by searching the Meta information from the internet directly and editing the manually by entering words using your keyboard.

Wondershare UniConverter icon Wondershare UniConverter (originally Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate)

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How to add Metadata with Wondershare UniConverter?

Step 1 Run the file metadata updater software on the windows or Mac computer, then click the Toolbox > Fix Media Metadata icon.

fix media metadata

Step 2 Now, move the cursor on the top right corner or pop-up windows and click the File flag. Select the audio and video files from the system now and hit the Open button. This will add the file for updating metadata information.

add audio and video files

Step 3 Once the file is added in the interface, click the purple color Search icon. That’s it.

search metadata

Step 4 Now, the Wondershare UniConverter will automatically add the new Meta information to the blank Meta fields. Now, if you are happy with the new Meta information, then click on the Save button.

save metadata

Part 5. How to Edit Exif Metadata with Simple Method

Exif Pilot is a very simple and powerful file metadata updater program that allows you to update the multimedia files' Meta with ease. It allows you to view, edit, remove and add new tags to your files. It can import or export the IPTC or Exif files from the XML file and the XML files. The issue is that this program is only capable of adding the tags for the images, so you can’t update tags for the audio and video files.

How to edit tags with Exif Pilot?

Step 1 Run the software and then click on File Open and select the computer's image. Now on the image to select it and then click on edit Exif> IPTC at the lower right side.

run exif pilot

Step 2 Now, click on the inverted triangle and select Exif and then select Exif> Photo.

select exif

Step 3 Now hit Exif> Gain control option, and after that, click on the Add New Tag option. Now the program will add tags for your images. Like that, you can also add other tags. After adding tags simply, click on the Ok button.

add exif metadata


This is the information about what metadata is and why metadata is important for multimedia files. Well, you can use these above programs for updating the meta-information for the audio, video, and images. Before using any program, make sure Wondershare UniConverter can update the Meta for audio and video files, whereas Exif pilot works with the images only.

Christine Smith

Christine Smith

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