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Fix No Sound Video or No Sound on YouTube Easily

by Christine Smith • 2024-02-27 11:21:52 • Proven solutions

"Why is there no sound in my videos?"

You've finally made it! The MP4 file you wanted for so long is finally on your device; now, all it takes is opening it. But the MP4 file doesn't have any sound. Now what? Don't panic, as every problem has a root cause that you will be able to determine by using this handy checklist. Once you diagnose the issue, you can fix no sound video with relatively little effort and without having to rage against the machine. Sometimes, the MP4 file you've recorded with one device will refuse to play its sound on another. However, the MP4 file format is supposed to be universally compatible across all platforms and operating systems. It isn't a cause for alarm, as such things happen quite often without anyone being at fault.

The good news is that the problem is very rarely related to hardware. You will likely not have to fiddle with wiring or take your device to a licensed professional for a costly repair. The bad news is it could be any piece of software on your device causing the problem, or even the file itself could be corrupted beyond repair, and it's impossible to know the cause in advance. While it won't cost you anything to try fixing the problem of muted MP4 files by yourself, read the following top 3 causes, and work on the troubleshooting guide. So arm yourself with patience, and let's get an easy and fast way to fix the issue. After fixing the MP4 sound issue, you'll be able to play the MP4 videos on Windows Media Player easily.

Part 1. Top 3 Causes of MP4 No Sound

As mentioned above, these solutions do not consider the possibility of damaged hardware, causing your MP4 not to have any sound. While possible in theory, these cases are sporadic in practice, and you shouldn't be trying to fix them yourself anyway. If all solutions listed here fail, it's most likely a hardware error, and you ought to back up your data and take the computer to a licensed technician for repair.

Cause #1 – Faulty codecs

Codecs are little code in the operating system and are activated only when a particular multimedia file or a video game asks for them to be enabled. If a specific codec isn't present or isn't working correctly, the associated media file or function won't be able to activate. It can result in anything from video artifacts only in specific resolutions to sound distortions. Unfortunately, from time to time, the software fails, and there is nothing you can do to prevent it. Another problem is that codecs are considered non-essential and are generally up to the user to download and install.

The media player will almost always note missing codecs when you try to open the file that asks for them. The solution to this problem is relatively straightforward. It involves downloading and installing the K-Lite Codec Pack by going to this link ( and clicking either of the links shown below.

Why Does My MP4 File Have No Sound?

It is a comprehensive package containing all possible media codecs for accurately playing even the most obscure file formats. Once you download the K-Lite Codec Pack, please install it using the default installation options and restart your computer.

Cause #2 – Corrupted media player installation

Things used to be so simple when installing software ten years ago. Those were the naive times when the user had full control over his computer. Today, operating systems are locked down to barely functioning, which can even impair the media players' operation. In other cases, botched installations or unrelated updates can create a jumbled mess out of your trusty media player. In such cases, you can try reverting to a previous state using Windows System Restore. Otherwise, if one of the media mentioned above players seems to work much better than the one you've previously used, it's probably a good idea to switch to it.

Cause #3 – Corrupted MP4 file

"He's dead, Jim." The file has been corrupted beyond recovery, and there can be many reasons for this. As always, the best approach is prevention. Ideally, media files you don't want to have corrupted will be backed up immediately upon recording to a cloud-based storage service. Or you can also attach the data to an e-mail and send it back to yourself.

Alternatively, you can fix your file through conversion with Wondershare UniConverter (originally Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate); while the conversion, you can also change the video codec. Also, you can download or record the same MP4 file or other format videos from YouTube and other websites. All these tips help you fix your video without sound issues, including MP4 videos, MKV videos, and even iPhone videos.

Wondershare UniConverter

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How to fix no sound in an MP4 file with Wondershare UniConverter?

Step 1 Open Wondershare UniConverter and load the MP4 file.

After downloading and installing the software on your computer, launch it. Next, you need to add the MP4 file you want to fix using the drag-and-drop feature.

load mp4 file without sound

Step 2 Edit the MP4 video encoder and choose MP4 as the target format.

Once the video file is added to the software interface, open the drop-down menu next to the Output Format: option, click the Video > MP4 > the edit icon beside the resolution to enter the video editing window. After that, change the video encoder to /MPEG-4 or else. And click Create to make a customized format, and select the format to go ahead.

Edit the MP4 video encoder and choose MP4 as the target format


You can add a new audio track for your file as well. Just click the Audio track: tab and click the Add button to choose the audio file from the local file folder.

add sound track to the file

Step 3 Convert video files to MP4 to fix the problem.

Finally, click the Convert or Start All button to start the conversion process. You can find the fixed MP4 file in the File Location folder.

start to convert the file to MP4


Wondershare UniConverter supports file conversion between 1000 formats. So if you don't have sound in a video in other formats, Wondershare UniConverter can meet your needs.

Free Download Free Download

Part 2. Troubleshooting Guide for No Sound Video(Important)

Based on the top 3 causes in this article, each of the following sections will recommend a simple diagnostic action, and, based on the results you get, you can try to find out what the reason might be and scroll down to the end.

1. Can the file be played in other players correctly?

Try playing the MP4 in several media players on your computer and see if the problem is reproduced. If you don't already have an alternate media player, here are a few free recommendations.

Download VLC Player by going to this link and clicking the big orange button, as shown in the picture below.

VLC player for no sound video

GOM Player initiates its download by clicking the button shown below.

GOM Player for mp4 no sound

Finally, you can get the MPC-HC player and click the button below.

MPC-HC player for mp4 video no sound

Now, try playing the problematic MP4 file in any of the above players. If the file doesn't have any sound in other players, it's likely to Cause #1. If an error message is displayed when you try to play the file, it's Cause #2.

2. Is that MP4 file the only video without a sound?

Next, see if you have just a single MP4 file giving you problems or more than one. Make sure to check several MP4 files that you're certain played correctly in the past and check them all in a single media player. If just one file gives you a problem and the others work fine, it's likely to Cause #3. If all MP4 files suddenly refuse to play sound or function, it is likely to Cause #2.

Part 3. How to Fix YouTube No Sound Easily

Solution #1: Make Sure Volume is Not Muted:

Most of the time, when people face the issue on YouTube, the reason may be that your sound is muted for YouTube videos. You can easily verify this issue by visiting the videos on YouTube. To solve out a mute problem, you can follow the steps below.

Visit YouTube and play a video you want to view and where you are facing an MP4 video without sound, then look at the lower right side and move a cursor on the speaker icon. If the speaker icon comes with the crossed sign, click on it to unmute, and you will start listening to the sound. You can also unmute the volume by pressing M from your keyboard on YouTube.

no sound video

Solution #2: Using incognito / Private Tab

Sometimes you may face the issue because of the large cache of files stored on your computer. You can open an Incognito tab to solve it on Windows 10 or other operating-system devices. Please follow the below steps to solve the issue using the Incognito tab. We will use the Mozilla Firefox browser here as an example.

Step 1: Open the Mozilla Firefox browser and click on the Menu option, which is available at the top right side with three straight lines.

Step 2: Click New Private Window after opening the Menu.

no sound video

Step 3: In a separate window, now you can browse YouTube videos, and there are chances that you will not face this problem.

no sound video

Solution #3: Open Volume Mixer and Increase Volume

Sometimes you face the issue because of the lower system volume as well. To overcome this problem, you can increase the sound volume from the volume mixer. To overcome the issue on Windows 10, you can directly do it from your desktop. Just follow the below steps to increase volume.

Step 1: First, right-click on the volume icon at the lower right side of your desktop in windows 10. Now, a new popup will open on your screen. Click Open Volume Mixer in the popup window.

no sound video

Step 2: Now, you will see volume controls for different applications. Click on the volume slider and move it to the upper side to increase volume. Make sure to do this for all options available in this window. Now you will start listening to the sound in your YouTube videos.

no sound video

Solution #4: Updating the Drivers

Drivers play an essential part in windows and other operating systems. If you are still not getting sound in the YouTube videos, you can check for driver updates and update them to the latest version.

Step 1: In windows 10, click on the search bar and then type Device Manager. Now hit on the Device Manager to open it.

no sound video

Step 2: In the Device Manager tab, click on the Sound, Video, and Game Controller, then right-click on the audio device name and hit Update Driver.

no sound video

Step 3: Make sure that your computer has an internet connection. Now hit Search Automatically for Updated Driver Software. Now the window will automatically search for the latest drivers and install them on your computer. It is how to solve the issue on Windows 10.

no sound video

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