Top MP4 Converters Online: Convert MOV/WMV to MP4 and Vice Versa

A large number of video and multimedia formats have been introduced over the years, but MP4 still remains the favorite owing to its compressed size, easy sharing, and good quality. Though MP4 is compatible with a large number of players, there are situations when you would need to convert MP4 to other formats. Similarly, need for converting MOV and other videos to MP4 also arises from time to time. In all above situations, MP4 converters are the tools that come to your rescue, no matter whether you want to convert MP4 to other formats or vice versa. So no matter whether you want to convert MKV to MP4 online or look for MPG to MP4 converter, you will be spoilt for choice.

Reasons to convert MOV or other formats to MP4:

  • MP4 being compressed and small in size facilitates easy sharing and uploading of videos over Internet.
  • MP4 files occupy less space on your PC and thus a preferred choice over large size formats.
  • MP4 is considered to be a universal format and thus compatible with almost all types of devices and players.

Reasons to convert MP4 to other formats:

  • Though MP4 is a reliable format its quality is not as good as MKV or other high definition videos. So if you want to play your videos in high quality, you need to convert it from MP4 to other formats.
  • If your player does not play MP4 videos, you would need to a converter to play it in a compatible format.
  • If you need to edit a video using software or an app that does not support MP4 format, its conversion is needed.
  • If you need to work only on the audio part of the MP4 file, you would need to convert it to an audio format.

Part 1. Best Desktop MP4 Converter

There is a long list of MP4 converters available and if you want to enjoy quick conversion without any quality loss and additional features, Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is the best choice. This professional program is a complete video toolbox that allows file conversion, download, recording, transferring along with a host of other features. To facilitate conversion or all types, more than 1000 formats are supported by the software. So if you want your MKV/MOV or any other file in MP4 format, or want MP4 to be converted to other audio or video formats, Video Converter Ultimate is at your service.

Key features:

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate - Best MP4 Converter

  • Support over 1000 formats for MP4 conversion.
  • Video Conversion speed is 30X faster than its competitors.
  • Facilitates lossless quality video conversion.
  • Allows downloading videos from more than 10,000 sites and then convert them to the desired format. So using the program, you can convert YouTube video to MP4.
  • Support batch processing of multiple MP4 files at a time.
  • Features in-program editing tools to customize videos before converting.
  • Supported OS: Windows NT4/2000/2003/XP/Vista/7/8, and Windows 10 (32 bit & 64 bit), Mac OS 10.14 (Mojave), 10.13, 10.12, 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7, 10.6
Security Verified. 5,481,347 people have downloaded it.

Steps to convert to/from MP4 using Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate:

Step 1 Run Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate and load file.

Open Wondershare MP4 converter on your PC/Mac. On the main interface of the program under Convert tab, click +Add Files to browse and add files from your computer.

Note: Select MP4 or other format files, depending upon the type of conversion (to/from MP4) needed.

Run Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate and load file

Step 2 Select Output format.

Open drop-down menu from Convert all files to: option. Select the desired Output file format and its resolution from the Video tab.

Select Output format

Step 3 Start MP4 conversion.

Hit Convert All to start the conversion process. At the “Output:” folder, the location on PC where you want to save the converted file can be selected.

Start MP4 conversion

Benefits of using Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate over Online converters:

Online converters are free and simple to use but have limited functions and other limitations. So if you are looking for a complete professional solution, software like Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate must be used. Listed below are some of the benefits which will let you know why Wondershare Software is better than Online Converters.

  1. Online converters support a limited number of format whereas Video Converter Ultimate supports more than 1000 popular formats.
  2. The conversion speed of Video Converter Ultimate is 30X faster as compared to other converters.
  3. Video Converter Ultimate support editing features like cropping, trimming, and others which are not supported by majority of the online converters.
  4. Video Converter Ultimate allows converting a number of files in batches whereas this feature is not offered by the majority of the online converters.
  5. Once downloaded and installed on your PC, Video Converter Ultimate is not dependent on availability and speed of Internet connection. Online converters, on the other hand, are totally dependent on Internet.
  6. Wondershare software supports an array of additional features like video download, recording, transferring, burning DVD and others. Online converters hardly offer any additional functionalities.

Part 2. Top 10 MP4 Converters Online

1. Free Online Video Converter

This free tool from Wondershare supports all popular file formats for conversion. So if you want to convert MP4 to other popular formats or vice versa, the tool will be a good choice. With simple to use interface, the program supports a few additional features and sends the converted file to the mentioned email address. The program proves to be a good free mp4 converter.

Key Features:

• Support maximum of up to 100MB file upload.

• Allows editing file with respect to its resolution, bit rate, frame rate and audio channel.

Free Online Video Converter

2. Online Video Converter

This online video converter is free to use and compatible with all browsers. There is no restriction on the type and number of conversion supported by the program. The converter supports popular audio and video formats for conversion. The video quality of the file can also be optimized using the program.

Key features:

• Compatible with all browsers.

• Allows optimizing video quality.

• Decent conversion speed.

Online Video Converter

3. Zamzar

This is another popular online MP4 converter that is free to use and works decently well. More than 1200  image, video, audio, and other file formats are supported by the converter for conversion purpose. While using the program you simply need to add the desired file, enter output format and enter your email id. The converted file download link is sent to the mentioned email address.

Key features:

• Support more than 1200 formats in an array of file types.

• Allows adding local file as well as its URL to the software interface.

• Decent conversion speed.


4. Convert Files

This free online converter allows adding local files download them for conversion purpose. All popular formats of video, image, audio, archive and other file types are supported by the program. So you can convert MKV to MP4 online or other formats as needed. The converted video can be downloaded from the program interface or its link can also be sent through an email id.

Key Features:

• Simple interface.

• Option to send converted file link to email id.

• Support popular formats for conversion.

Convert Files

5. Cloud Convert

This free online MP4 converter supports more than 200 video, audio, document, and other file types for conversion. The conversion process using the tool is quick and safe and need no software download or installation. The conversion process takes place in the cloud to ensure that your files are safe and secure. After conversion, the uploaded files are deleted.

Key Features:

• Allows setting the video and audio codec of the file.

• Batch file conversion is supported by the converter.

• Folder monitoring is supported by the converter.

Cloud Convert

6. Clip Champ

This online converter allows to either add the desired file or record them for conversion purpose. The added videos can be customized for different devices and use like web, windows, mobile, and animation. Added videos can also be edited with respect to their resolution, format, and quality.

Key Features:

• Allows adding local files and also recording for conversion.

• Facilitates customizing files through options of cropping, trimming, rotating, and flipping.

• Allows customizing video resolution, quality, and its format.

Clip Champ

7. Convertio

This is another popularly used MP4 online converter that allows adding files from a number of sources including local files, Dropbox, Google Drive, and URL. Commonly used Image, audio, and video formats are supported by the program for conversion. The converter allows adding multiple files at a time and the process is simple.

Key Features:

• In addition to local files, the converter allows adding files from cloud for conversion.

• Support adding multiple files at a time.

• Converted files can also be saved to Google Drive and Dropbox in addition to computer.


8. FileZigZag

This online MP4 converter is free to use and need no download or installation. The converter allows converting an array of audio, video, document, archive, and other file formats.  With just a few simple steps you can convert to/from MP4 format as needed. So no matter whether you want to convert WMV to mp4 or other formats, the converter is a good choice. The download link for the converted file is sent to email id.

Key Features:

• Support variety of file formats for conversion.

• Free and simple conversion process.

• Converted file link is sent to email address.


9. Free File Convert

This free online converter tool supports a wide range of file types and formats for conversion. Maximum of up to 5 files with total 100MB file size can be uploaded to the program. The software interface is simple to use and sends converted file link through email. If you have a MOV file, the program allows converting MOV to mp4 and other formats.

Key Features:

• Supports all popular file types and formats.

• Maximum of up to 100MB file can be uploaded to the software.

• Download link for converted file is sent through email.

Free File Convert

10. Files Conversion

This free mp4 converter online is simple to use and allows converting a number of file types and formats including video, audio, archive, and others.The program also allows changing the file size and quality as per your requirements. While working with the converter you simply need to add the file, select output format, and its size and quality.

Key features:

• Support wide range of format types and formats.

• Allows editing file resolution and quality.

• The mp4 converter download or installation is not needed.

Files Conversion

So install and download Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate on your PC/Mac and enjoy high quality MP4 video conversion.

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