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Your Best Choice of Skype Voice Changer Useful and Convenient

In this current era of social media, many people around the world use Skype as their communication medium. Skype is one of the most used telecommunication platforms that allows you to have calls and text chats with your available contacts and person. While having live calls on the Skype, many users may want to do pranks and have fun by changing their voice.

This article enclosed some of the best Skype voice changers that are useful and convenient for their users. In addition, a user guide is also provided on the best voice changer for Skype.

The Best and Undeniable Skype Voice Changer

In this section, you will learn about the most useful and best voice changers that will eventually solve your query about how to change your voice on Skype.

Fake Voice

screen view of fake voice changer software

Impressive Features:

With a few clicks, Fake Voice enables you to modify the tone of your voice. Using the software, you may change your voice's gender, depth, and tone.

What we like:

It requires very limited system resources

What we don't like:

The user interface is not as good and provides a low user experience

Voice Candy (Mac)

screen view of voice candy software

Impressive Features:

Mac users can alter the voice's tone and timbre by using Voice Candy. Eight fun samples are provided for you to test the software. Change the voice from the application to resemble the character's or the object's voice.

What we like:

It is an easy-to-use software due to its creative user interface.

What we don't like:

The quality of provided effects is not up to the mark, which may disappoint users.

Voxal Voice Changer

screen view of voxal voice software

Impressive Features:

The Voxal Voice changer is a significant Skype voice changer for Mac and Windows provided by NCH software. Your voice may be changed, morphed, and hidden in any tool, movie, or game that employs a microphone using the greatest voice changer for real-time and recorded audio/video content.

What we like:

It contains a clear editing tool board and also provides a range of voice effects.

What we don't like:

There is no doubt that Voxal Voice is a good medium for voice conversion, but some of its features require restarting the software, which isn't fascinating to the users.

Voice Meeter

screen view of voice meeter software

Impressive Features:

Voice Meeter is undoubtedly the most widely used voice changer on Discord, both broadcasters, and gamers. It instantly transforms your speech into any available filter.

What we like:

Advanced users can also employ audio mixing to oddly change their voice's tone. Voice Meeter comes with other versions like Banana and Potato, providing users additional features.

What we don't like:

The audio editing dashboard isn't easily understandable for a new user hence some prior knowledge is required.

All in One Voice Changer

screen view of all in one voice changer software

Impressive Features:

The sole purpose of the All-in-One Voice Changer is to alter the voice. You may alter the pitch to sound different using this simple-to-use application. It enables you to practice your voice before a call to hear how you sound.

What we like:

One may also import a sound or voice to change the pitch, and the audio file can be stored in the .wav format.

What we don't like:

The provided sound effects are very limited, which may cause boredom to the users.

Skype Voice Changer Pro

screen view of skype voice changer pro software

Impressive Features:

Using Skype Voice Changer Pro, you may instantly alter the sound of your voice or speak anything in a computer-generated voice. Additionally, you may record your chats and playback previously captured audio to the person you're speaking to.

What we like:

You may use it straight away, and it is simple to use.

What we don't like:

Although the app is really good, but users need to get a license subscription for advanced facilities.

AthTek Voice Changer

screen view of athTek skype voice changer software

Impressive Features:

Users of Skype may find the fascinating Windows software AthTek Skype Voice Changer useful. It may adjust the pitch of your voice to a flexible male or female voice and sync the altered sound in Skype calls.

What we like:

It allows you to send your connections amusing sound feelings.

What we don't like:

The software is cool, but users must pay to get and enjoy additional features.


logo view of voicemaster software

Impressive Features:

Computer users can benefit from the ability to alter their voices in various ways with VoiceMaster. The voice sounds provided by this software bring back memories of when we were kids and used to prank phone several unsuspecting strangers and even neighbors.

What we like:

Furthermore, it is quite simple to use. When you make Skype calls, it will alter your voice and create some amusing situations.

What we don't like:

The user interface is not impressive, which somehow can affect the user experience.

Comparison Table of Skype Voice Changer

Software Cost Ease of Use and Compatibility Ratings Interface Quality Supported System(s)
Fake Voice Free Low 2.8 / 5 Low Windows
Voice Candy Mac Free Medium 2.7 / 5 Medium Mac
Voxal Voice $39.99 and $48.99 Medium 3.3 / 5 Medium Windows and Mac
Voice Meeter Free Medium 3.2 / 5 High Windows
All in One Voice Changer $15

(Full Version - Lifetime)

Medium 2.6 / 5 Medium Windows
Skype Voice Changer $29.95
(Full Version - Lifetime)
High 4 / 5 High Windows
AthTek Voice Changer $29.95 (Full Version - Lifetime) Medium 3.7 / 5 High Windows
Voice Master Free Medium 3.4 / 5 Medium Windows

How To Use the Best Skype Voice Changer?

If we analyze the comparison made above, it is obvious that Skype Voice Changer has won against the other voice changer applications because it has a better user interface. The ratings are also quite impressive compared to other applications. However, it is paid, but the paid version allows you to record your Skype calls.

Now let us investigate how we can use the Skype voice changer in our Skype application.

After downloading the Skype voice changer application from its website, install it.

  1. Open the Skype application as well as the Skype voice changer application.
  2. Click on Connect, and you will see that the voice changer application authenticates with the Skype platform.
  3. After the connection, the voice changer application will ask permission to use Skype software on the PC. Approve the request.
  4. Now select the Effects option from the menu.
  5. Here you can find eight different voice changers. You can select any of them and change the pitch if you want.
  6. After selecting your desired voice effect, make a call on your Skype application, and the person on the second end will hear your changed voice.


This article enclosed eight most useful voice changer applications for the Skype platform. The article has also made a comprehensive comparison of these voice changer applications, and on analysis, Skype Voice Changer Pro software stood up best against the others. Finally, a step-by-step user guide has been provided to tell users how to use the Skye Voice Changer Pro application.

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