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(Added) The 15 top-level voice changers of people's preference

Voice changer applications are quite common in the digital market. With such common tools in function, it gets really difficult for the basic user to buy and choose a voice changer for their operations. To cater to this, they look towards different written guidelines available across the internet. This article is all about featuring the top-notch voice changers that have taken the place of the people's choice, such as GLaDOS Voice Changer and MorphVox Voice Changer.

Part 1: The best 15 voice changer software in 2022

To provide tabulated details of the renowned voice changers in the market, we will be going through a table containing the necessary information that would help readers understand the leading services in the market.

Tool name
Number of supported voice effects
Real-time support
Batch conversion
Game Turbo Android Free 5
GLaDOS Voice Changer Online Free -
UniConverter Voice Changer Windows, Mac Free (For Limited Time) 5
MagicCall Voice Changer Android, iOS Free (In-app purchases) 10+
MorphVOX Voice Changer Windows, Mac $39.99 89
RoboVox Voice Changer Android, iOS

Free - $0

Pro – $1.49

Super Voice Changer Android Free 19
VoiceFX Voice Changer Android, iOS Free (In-app purchases) 17+
VoiceMeeter Windows Free 8+
Murf Online

Free - $0

Basic - $19/Month

Pro - $39/Month

Enterprise - $249/Month

iMyFone MagicMic Windows, Mac, Android, iOS

Quarterly - $12.95

Yearly - $19.95

Lifetime - $39.95

AthTek Voice Changer Windows

Free Voice Changer – Free

Skype Voice Changer - $29.95

All-in-one Voice Changer - $15

Audio4Fun Windows

Basic - $29.95

Gold - $39.95

Diamond - $99.95

Voicemod Windows

Quarterly Plan - $3.99/Month

Annual Plan - $1.99/Month

Lifetime License - $43.99

Voice Changer with Effects Android Free (In-app purchases) 40+

As you are done covering the table of the best voice changer software in 2022, we are now transitioning into the analysis of these tools under a set of aspects. This would guide users in understanding which tool focuses on their respective niche.

1.  Game Turbo

What is new: Exceptionally simple feature to search through voice effects

Best scenario for use: Provides the perfect scenario for changing voice during mobile gaming seamlessly.

Best for: Smartphone gamers

game turbo voice changer

2.  GLaDOS Voice Changer

What is new: Improved voice generation process through better API design.

Best scenario for use: User wishes to embed voice-changing effects across their computer to feature special effects within their character.

Best for: Professional gamers and editors

3.  UniConverter Voice Changer

What is new: Features batch conversion of multiple audios and videos across the platform.

Best scenario for use: Caters to the need of users who do not want to get entangled in the complexities of video editors and want perfect results.

Best for: Easy and simple voice changing procedures.

wondershare uniconverter 13

Wondershare UniConverter — All-in-one Video Toolbox for Windows and Mac.

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4.  MagicCall Voice Changer

What is new: Includes new voice-changing effects across its package.

Best scenario for use: Perfect application for users who have no specific motive, except a fun one, in voice changing.

Best for: Basic smartphone users.

magiccall voice changer

5.  MorphVOX Voice Changer

What is new: Provides the option of background cancellation to perfection.

Best scenario for use: Allows gamers to induce fun and intuitiveness into their gaming experience with the extensive voice-changing features.

Best for: Users in search of a powerful voice-changing application.

6.  RoboVox Voice Changer

What is new: Real-time voice changing effects and presets for users.

Best scenario for use: Requires changing the voice of the user with a qualitative result as it can be used on multiple platforms.

Best for: Smartphone users with a specified motive.

robovox voice changer

7.  Super Voice Changer

What is new: Cut your audios and edit them.

Best scenario for use: Allows the perfect conversion of voice for chat applications.

Best for: Users with the need for consistent voice change across chat apps.

super voice changer

8.  VoiceFX Voice Changer

What is new: Live playback of the microphone voice and change its voice with effects.

Best scenario for use: Gives mobile gamers a space to change their voice in real-time during the game.

Best for: Mobile gamers who live stream.

voicefx voice changer

9.  VoiceMeeter

What is new: Supports ASIO, MME, DX, and WDM interfaces.

Best scenario for use: Gives autonomy to professional users in changing the voice during audio editing.

Best for: Audio editors who seek to mix audio with sources.

voicemeeter voice changer

10.  Murf

What is new: Versatile voice customization across the interface.

Best scenario for use: Allows the creation of professional and realistic recordings with the right voice effects.

Best for: Professional content creators.

murf voice changer

11.  iMyFone MagicMic

What is new: Embeds a sound emulator directly across the computer games.

Best scenario for use: Helps users change their voice with a diverse voice effect list in real-time.

Best for: Online content creators and gamers.

imyfone magicmic voice changer

12.  AthTek Voice Changer

What is new: Diverse set of voice changers to choose from.

Best scenario for use: Select any respective voice changer from the available list to use them according to your requirements.

Best for: Professionals looking for easy setup.

athtek voice changer

13.  Audio4Fun

What is new: Provides a voice and file morpher.

Best scenario for use: Features services that make voice unrecognizable across any desktop service.

Best for: Users with diverse voice-changing roles across multiple platforms.

audio4fun voice changer

14.  Voicemod

What is new: Embeds microphone setting across Discord on installation.

Best scenario for use: Changes voices for users in diverse scenarios, from fun to serious levels.

Best for: Users who want voice effects for Windows.

voicemod voice changer

15.  Voice Changer with Effects

What is new: Helps create speech from inputting text.

Best scenario for use: Helps Android users communicate in different voices with control through text and voice simultaneously.

Best for: Users who want voice modulation on Android.

voice changer with effects

Part 2: 3 top picks

For this part, we will discuss the three best picks for the voice changers you may select for yourselves. Following this, we have outlined them in the form of one-liners for you:

  • Best easy-to-use voice changer: UniConverter voice changer
  • Best professional integrated voice changer: Voicemod
  • Best online chat and gaming voice changer: MorphVOX voice changer

Why to pick them?

Having these three top-level picks in the voice changer market is quite definitive to what one should look for regarding their utility in the professional space. These three pillars provide a complete essence of ease-of-use, professional, and online provisions, which are needed for any voice changer in the market. With the respective pick in mind, you can easily cater to any specific requirement.

Last words

The article has provided a comprehensive overview of the best voice changers available in the market. Although the list is quite long to cover, this article discusses every key point briefly yet completely. This helps users make a proper decision according to their conditions and requirements. Go through the available details to know exactly what you are looking for in your choice of voice changer.

People may also ask

1. Can I change my voice during a call?

It is entirely possible to change your voice during a call by including sound effects across it. This can be done with the help of a voice changer application available across your phone or any other device used to make the call. The use of embedded effects makes it quite easier for the user to change their voices during the call.

2. Can I edit the file after adding sound effects to a video?

You can surely edit your file after including sound effects across a video. If by any chance, you have changed the voice of your pre-recorded video with Wondershare UniConverter, you can also edit the video after getting it edited. UniConverter provides a complete set of editing tools to ensure that anyone can edit the file easily.

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