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Instruction for FunCall- How to use FunCall to call your friends with a different voice?

Who doesn't love having some fun with friends? How about changing the voice during the call and playing the recorded sounds? The FunCall voice changer is the leading tool that can change voice and record the calls. Just like you love to call your friends, family, etc., it is no harm in playing some enjoyable pranks by changing your voice during a call. FunCall is an amazing application that can modify the voice during the call. Further, it is easy to record the sound beforehand and play it in between the call. Let us know more about this fun and entertaining app.

funcall app

Part 1: Basic information on the FunCall app

Funcall app is a two-in-one app that can change the voice in a real-time call and can even record it. It has five different voices and ten different sound effects. After knowing about the amazing FunCall app, it is crucial to go through its basic details. Let us start with the key specifications first:

1. Prominent features: Any mobile application is incomplete without impeccable features. Let us have a quick look at the top specifications of FunCall:

  • Funny voice: It is easy to change your voice during a phone call. You can use different background sounds, effects, etc.
  • Free promotions: The app allows promotions from time to time which give users a chance to use it for free also.
  • Cross-mobile support: It is available on different operating systems like iPhone, Android, etc.FunCall will be soon launched for WinPhone.
  • International calls: This app uses the phone's internet connection to drop calls to different international locations. Hence, it is easy to stay connected with friends all over the world by using.
  • Creative design: It uses Google's Material Design technique to offer a clean and minimalist user interface. While the app and designs are constantly upgraded, it comes down to the ease to use and user-intuitive design of FunCall, which score high.
  • Rewards: The company offers a range of rewards like Daily rewards, cool Promotions, etc. Users can collect the awards through the app or Facebook.
  • Dedicated support: It comes with around-the-clock support offering technical or non-technical advice to the users within 24 hours of the issue only.
funcall voice changer

2. Supported voice

FunCall has a range of supported sound effects and available voices to improve the user experience. These are:

Available sound effects:

  • Your mother
  • Scary zone
  • Monkeys
  • Boom!
  • Werewolf
  • Uzi shots
  • Fart
  • Dog bark
  • Moo
  • Cat meow

Available voices to change during the real-time call:

  • Natural voice or regular sound
  • Very low voice or scary sound
  • Low voice or man sound
  • High voice or woman sound
  • Very high voice or Helium balloon

3. In-app purchase

The different in-app purchases in FunCall are:

Sr. No.
1 3 minutes 1.99 USD
2 7 minutes 1.99 USD
3 20 minutes 5.99 USD
4 45 minutes 10.99 USD
5 100 minutes 22.99 USD
6 20 minutes, unlimited Records 5.99 USD
7 55 minutes, unlimited Records 12.49 USD
8 4 Records download 0.99 USD
9 >10 Records download 2.99 USD
10 1000 Records download 5.99 USD

Part 2: How to use FunCall to call your friends with a different voice and number?

FunCall is an easy-to-use application which can be seamlessly used on different devices. Whether you have an Android device or an iOS device, it is easy to call your friends with different voices and number. The quick steps for using the FunCall voice changer include:

  • Ensure your device is connected to a good internet connection as FunCall uses VoIP technology to make calls.
  • Click on the App icon and launch the FunCall.
click on app icon
  • Enter the phone number required to dial and select the country.
  • Select the sound which should be altered using.
  • Once the voice is converted, the caller on the other side will hear your modified voice rather the original one.
  • It is easy to add sound effects in the changed voice according to your needs.
add sound effects in changed voice

Part 3: Comprehensive performance assessment of FunCall apps

  • Acoustic quality: High acoustic quality with multiple options in sound effects and different voice changes.
  • Call stability: Clear and stable calls using VoIP technology.
  • Rating: The ratings of FunCall on different platforms are:

App Store- 3.5 stars

Play Store- 2.1 stars

  • User Experience: One user claims that it is a great voice changer app. The only point of improvement can be the elimination of the credits which can make the app work ten times quicker and easy. Another user says that she loves making pranks on friends and family from private numbers. The app allows three minutes before starting the costs, which can be improved, but the free credits and audio saving feature is amazing.
  • Pros and Cons: The main advantages and disadvantages of using the FunCall voice changer are:

It is easy to choose from the range of sound effects and different voices while allowing the users to record calls on iOS devices

It allows seamless international calling to more than 150 countries and ensures calling to landlines and mobile phones also

It offers around-the-clock support to global customers irrespective of technical or non-technical issues


The sound quality degrades in some effects

The availability of large credits may create issues with the seamless experience of different users

The first three minutes are only free in the FunCall app

Part 4: Similar products of FunCall

After going through the key advantages and disadvantages of the FunCall voice changer, it is easy to go through the top two alternatives to the Funcall app. These include-

Sr. No.
Call Voice Changer APK
Girl Voice Changer
1 Cost Available in different affordable packages Free Free
2 User-friendliness Highly user-friendly Good user-friendly app Average ratings for user-friendliness
3 Voice effects diversity Different sounds and effects Five pitch adjustments Multiple real-time pitch modifications
4 App stability Stable Stable Stable

Author's final verdict

Hence, it is easy to call your friends with different voices using FunCall app. All you need to do is download the FunCall on your Android or iOS device and start using it with the different steps mentioned above. This has set of advantages and disadvantages which can be smoothly overcome using the best available alternatives. Not to miss is the quick comparison with the top two alternatives to FunCall.

Bonus Tip: How to get free call duration in FunCall?

Are you looking for the top methods to get a free call duration in the FunCall app?Here are the top two suggestions:

  1. Share and invite your friends: All you need to do is share the link with your friends on different social media platforms and start inviting them. The user gets free call duration based on the total number of shares and invites sent from your FunCall app.
  2. Complete tasks: It is easy to download different applications to earn free call duration. Not to miss is ad views which can help users to earn rewards that can be converted for free call duration.
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