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How to Zoom iPhone Video with 3 Simple Ways

by Christine Smith • 2024-01-11 10:26:52 • Proven solutions

Zooming an iPhone video enables the viewers to see a portion of the scene (technically called a frame) more clearly, which is not otherwise possible if viewed normally. This effect is important to integrate into a video if it was captured from a distance, and you want the audience to see the details of a particular object in a specific frame. Considering the reason as to why to zoom iPhone videos, here you will learn a couple of methods to get the job done easily.

Part 1. Zoom In and Out Video on iPhone with FilmoraGo

Wondershare FilmoraGo is an iOS app and a younger sibling of Wondershare Filmora, a desktop program for Windows and Mac computers. However, with tools to add effects, captions, rotations, etc. FilmoraGo is not any less than Filmora when it comes to working efficiently and being feature-equipped. In addition to all these options, Wondershare FilmoraGo can also zoom iPhone video after recording or can do the same with the videos you import to your device from any other source such as your PC, Bluetooth, etc.

The steps given below teach how to zoom iPhone video playback with FilmoraGo:

Step 1: Tap NEW PROJECT and Import an iPhone Video to FilmoraGo.

Download and install Wondershare FilmoraGo from App Store on your iPhone and launch the app once the installation is complete. Click + NEW PROJECT from the bottom of the main screen, grant FilmoraGo the permission to access your Library (if/when prompted), tap the video you want to zoom, and tap Import from the bottom.

Step 2: Tap the Video and Zoom.

Tap the video in the Timeline, and tap and drag two of your fingers away from each other on the Preview window to zoom iPhone video playback. You can also drag the fingers toward each other to zoom out.

zoom video iphone

Step 3: Tap the Export Icon and Export the Modified Video.

Once you are satisfied with the zoom level, tap the Export icon from the top-right corner of the screen, and tap Continue Export to export the edited video to your iPhone storage.

Part 2. How to Zoom In on iPhone Video with Video Zoom!

Apart from FilmoraGo, many third-party apps can zoom video on iPhone in or out with ease. Although most of these apps are not as efficient as FilmoraGo and neither are they equipped with as many features as the Wondershare app is, they are still good at what they claim they are meant for. One such iOS app to zoom videos in and out on your iPhone is:

Video Zoom! is yet another answer to how to zoom video on iPhone. Even though the app comes with a price tag, the features it offers to the buyers are worth each cent. With Video Zoom!, in addition to zooming the videos, you can also crop them, split them to multiple segments, and export the zoomed/panned videos as a different clip rather than overwriting the original file to name a few.

To use Video Zoom! to zoom iPhone video playback in and out:

Step 1: Tap Edit and zoom the video.

After downloading and installing Video Zoom! on your iPhone, import the video you want to zoom to the app, tap Edit, and drag two of your fingers away from or toward each other to zoom in or out the video.

Step 2: Export the Edited Video.

Tap the Rectangle icon and choose your preferred aspect ration from the list that pops up, tap Done from the top-right corner, and tap Save as New Video (or tap Overwrite Original) to export the edited video to your iPhone.

how to zoom in on iphone video

Part 3. How to Zoom In on iPhone with iMovie

In addition to the above two programs, there is one other app, iMovie, that is Apple’s proprietary and available for iOS devices and Mac computers. The software is free for both the platforms and being a product by Apple itself, and it can tightly integrate with macOS and iOS to give you the best results when you want to zoom iPhone video after recording.

To zoom a video on iPhone with iMovie:

Step 1: Tap Create Project and Import a Video.

Download and install iMovie from the App Store. Launch the app, tap Continue on the Welcome screen, tap Create Project on the Projects screen, tap Movie on the New Project screen, tap to select a video, and tap Create Movie from the bottom to import the video you want to zoom in or out.

how to zoom video on iphone

Ste 2: Tap the Movie in the Timeline and Zoom.

After importing, tap the Timeline video, tap the Zoom icon (Magnifying Glass icon) from the top-right corner, and place and drag two of your fingers away from each other on the Preview window to zoom iPhone video playback. You can also drag the fingers toward each other to zoom out. Tap Done from the top-left corner to save the changes.

zoom iphone video after recording

Step 3: Tap Export and Save the Zoomed Video.

Once you are done zooming the video, tap the Export icon from the bottom, tap Save Video, tap to choose your preferred resolution for the new video, and wait while the zoomed video is exported to your iPhone’s storage.

how to zoom video on iphone 4


Although Apple’s proprietary apps are free, they have certain limitations. Likewise, third-party apps might be efficient enough to do the job well. They are either overly populated with distracting ads, or have limited features and options that can perform merely one or two tasks at the most.

This is the moment when you might feel the need to have a Wondershare product on your iPhone, Mac, Windows, or all these three devices. While Wondershare FilmoraGo offers simplest UI to work with when you don’t know how to zoom in on iphone video if you want to zoom video iPhone, the desktop version of the app, Filmora, gives you several other options to make your clips and footages look more engaging, beautiful, and fun to watch with your family and friends.

Wondershare UniConverter - Your Complete Video Toolbox for Windows/Mac

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  • Edit iPhone videos with trim, crop, cut, watermarks, effects, change resolution, etc.
  • Support 1000+ video/audio formats, including MOV, MP4, WMV, MKV, AVI, etc.
  • Add videos from devices like iPhone/iPad/Android phones directly via a USB cable.
  • Download videos from YouTube and other 10000+ video sharing sites by pasting URL.
  • Burn videos to DVD/Blu-ray disc with free DVD menu templates.
  • Toolbox with additional functions like Video Compressor, Screen Recorder, GIF Maker, Fix Media Metadata, Cast to TV, etc.
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