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Top 10 TikTok Video Downloaders in 2024

Even though TikTok has its own downloader, it attaches the watermark on the video, which makes it less pleasing for the viewers. If you’re looking for the best TikTok video downloaders in 2024, we have a list that will easily let you get your favorite videos on your device.

You should note that in certain tools, you’ll need to get the URL to MP4 conversion for features like offline viewing, compatibility with different devices, editing and remixing video content and sharing content with your friends.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the best downloaders in 2024.

In this article
  1. Must-read Tips on TikTok Video Downloading
  2. Top 10 TikTok Video Downloaders You Should Know
  3. FAQs about TikTok Video Downloading

Part 1. Must-read Tips on TikTok Video Downloading

Before we dive into the actual list, you need to understand a plethora of things. Firstly, using any creator’s work and re-uploading can give you a copyright strike, meaning you won’t be able to reuse them. If, for any reason, you want to use a creator’s work, you’ll need their official permission so you won’t get banned or get into legal trouble.

On the other hand, if you just save videos from TikTok for offline viewing purposes, then it won’t cause any issues. But if you use them commercially, it can even get you in legal trouble, based on your usage.

Whatever your reason for downloading TikTok videos is, you should always respect the content creators’ rights. Under certain circumstances, you may be legally permitted to use another person’s copyrighted content without their permission.

This includes fair use and exceptions to copyright like quotation, criticism, or review of the copyrighted content. Even with these laws, you should be careful about using a creator’s work because they put so much time and effort into their videos.

With that aside, let’s dive into the top 10 TikTok video downloaders that you should know. Each tool offers something unique on the table, and that’s why we’re covering them for you.

Part 2. Top 10 TikTok Video Downloaders You Should Know

1.   SaveTik

SaveTik saves you a lot of hassle by providing one of the best Tiktok video downloaders on iOS. It is perfect for iPhone and iPad users due to a plethora of features like caption adding, text on video, hashtags, bookmarking, and a lot more.

But the key highlight of SaveTik is that it allows you to download TikTok content in high quality without a watermark.

Compatibility of SaveTik:

iOS (iPhone, iPad)

Key Features of SaveTik:

  1. The application is available and being used in more than 130 countries worldwide.
  2. It allows you to download any TikTok video without any watermark.
  3. You can add captions text on videos, get the latest trending video notifications, copy popular hashtags, and bookmark user profiles.
  4. You can download videos in high-definition without sacrificing any quality.
  5. Quick and easy to use.

Pros of SaveTik

  • 50 million+ trusted users.
  • It is used in more than 130 countries.
  • Allows you to quickly download TikTok videos without much hassle.

Cons of SaveTik

  • 3-day free trial, then subscription required.
  • Some users reported that the audio sometimes doesn't match with the video.

2.   iTubeGo

iTubeGo is the perfect TikTok video downloader because it is versatile, supports many audio and video formats, and even searches the web for subtitles when you download videos. The tool has built-in video converters that can convert tikTok videos to MP3, MP4, 4K, and HD as well.

It also supports multiple audio and video formats and can be downloaded from many media applications and sites like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

Compatibility of iTubeGo:

Windows, Mac, and Android

Key Features of iTubeGo:

  1. The software supports more than 1,000 online platforms to download videos.
  2. You can easily convert MP4 or MP3 using iTube Go without any hassle.
  3. It also supports 4K and 8K videos, which is not supported by most tools.

Pros of iTubeGo

  • Desktop version supports TikTok batch downloads.
  • Supports proxy within the app to download content from websites or blocked videos.
  • Comes with a 30-day refund policy.

Cons of iTubeGo

  • With the free version, you can only download three videos.

3.   4KTokkit

4Ktokkit is the best TikTok video downloader when it comes to captions and hashtags. You can use it on Windows, Mac, or Linux to do a lot with the TikTok videos. Parsing video only takes a few seconds, and downloading smoothly is a breeze.

The smart mode in 4KTokkit is popular as it automatically applies ideal settings for future downloads.

Compatibility of 4 Tekkit:

Windows, Mac, and Linux

Key Features of 4KTokkit:

  1. The tool has a wide variety of smart features to optimize your video downloading experience.
  2. Supports Ubuntu as well, which is often ignored in other TikTok downloaders.
  3. You can use an in-app proxy setup to bypass any geo-restrictions.

Pros of 4KTokkit

  • Get TikTok resolutions with upto 720p format.
  • Allows bulk downloading from TikTok accounts.
  • Allows grabbing avatars of TikTok users.
  • In-built proxy set up to bypass.
  • A Plethora of platforms supported.

Cons of 4KTokkit

  • Limited playlist download feature for the free version.


One of the best online free TikTok downloaders is The key highlight is that it is easy and simple to use. All you need to do is paste the link in the tool and export the video as MP4 or MP3. Moreover, you can also download the video watermark for free.

Compatibility of


Key Features of

  1. All you need to do is copy the TikTok URL, paste in the field, and save the video.
  2. It supports cross-platform compatibility, which means you can use the downloader on a desktop, smartphone, or tablet.
  3. It is one of the easiest tools to use because the user interface is a breeze.

Pros of

  • Automatic TT Watermark Eraser.
  • Ads-free experience.
  • Allows TT to MP4/MP3 conversion.
  • Lossless video quality.

Cons of

  • Doesn’t have an app on Android or iOS

5.   By Click Downloader

Without a doubt, By Click Downloader is one of the best TikTok video downloaders. It is so simple to use and has many features like downloading playlists, live videos, and even subtitles. In the TikTok world, By Click Downloader is known as the most frictionless and easy way to download TikTok videos.

The software makes it easier for you to download the video even when you’re watching it in a browser.

Compatibility of By Click Downloader:


Key Features of By Click Downloader:

  1. Easiest to use and download TikTok videos from.
  2. The software supports various formats like HD, MP3, MP4, AVI, and more.
  3. It comes with a 30-day refund policy.

Pros of By Click Downloader

  • Convert TikTok to MP3, MP4, AFLV, AVI, WMW, 3GP, and a lot more.
  • Supports 720p, 1080p, 4K, and 8K resolution.
  • You can download features such as attaching the artist’s name and title name.

Cons of By Click Downloader

  • The software is not available for MAC, Linux, and Android/iOS


SSSTik is an online TikTok video download that is simple and can easily let you download videos. The best part SSSTIK is that you don’t need to sign up. Moreover, there are also no downloading restrictions, which means you can remove watermarks from videos as much as you want to.

Compatibility of SSSTIK:

APK, Desktop

Key Features of SSSTIK:

  1. The app allows you to download any TikTok downloader without a watermark on your PC.
  2. You don’t have to pay for anything, and the software supports all modern browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge.
  3. You can use the website to download TikTok on your phone.

Pros of SSSTIK

  • Totally free to use.
  • No trademark on your videos.
  • Perfect for post-editing and publishing.
  • High-speed downloading options.
  • No need to sign up.

Cons of SSSTIK

  • There’s no mobile app.

7.   SnapTube

SnapTube was originally released as the best YouTube video downloader but is now one of the perfect TikTok video downloaders in 2024. Snaptube lets you download TikTok videos in HD on your phone and desktop.

There are no restrictions on size, duration, or anything. It supports full HD resolution and even comes with an Android app.

Compatibility of SnapTube:

Desktop, Android

Key Features of SnapTube:

  1. The software allows you to download unlimited videos with no restrictions.
  2. Supports up to Full HD quality resolution.
  3. It is completely free to use.

Pros of SnapTube

  • One of the easiest tools to use.
  • Offers full HD resolution.
  • It supports HD, MP4, MP3.

Cons of SnapTube

  • Only supports Android.

8.   SnapTik: TikTok Downloader

SnapTik is the simplest TikTok video downloader that allows easy downloads with no watermark for better quality. SnapTik takes a different route than other TikTok downloaders. It provides the most essential features in the simplest possible way.                   

For example, you can download TikTok videos by using any browser. The service also lets you download TikTok’s photo slideshow as MP4 so you can view them later.           

Compatibility of SnapTik:

Desktop, Android, iOS

Key Features of SnapTik:

  1. It comes with an Android and iOS app, but you can also use the website to download TikTok.
  2. You can just copy the link to the link button and press “download.” That’s as simple as it gets if you want to download watermark-free TikTok videos.
  3. The service is absolutely free to use with no hidden charges involved.

Pros of SnapTik

  • Free and simple to use.
  • You can easily download it by using just your browser.
  • Everything is the built-in app, and there are no extensions involved.

Cons of SnapTik                                                                                   

  • The user interface is outdated.

9.   VidJuice UniTube

VidJuice Unitube is perfect for downloading batch TikTok videos. It has a built-in video trimmer that also allows you to cut clips with ease. Moreover, just like most other TikTok video downloaders, it gives you a watermark-free video.

Aside from TikTok, VidJuice has a plethora of other websites that it can download videos from. It offers a feature to sync videos to Dropbox and Google Drive, too.

Compatibility of VidJuice UniTube:

Windows, Mac, Web

Key Features of VidJuice UniTube:

  1. Download multiple TikTok videos simultaneously without lagging.
  2. Allows downloads from 10,000+ websites.
  3. Maximum bitrate of 320 kbps for Audio.

Pros of VidJuice UniTube

  • Download videos, audio files, and playlists easily.
  • Conversion is very fast.
  • Allows quality up to 8K.
  • There’s a private mode that keeps your privacy protected.

Cons of VidJuice UniTube

  • The trial version is limited.

10. VideoProc

VideoProc is one of the best TikTok video downloaders because of its ability to quickly download videos, music, playlists, and even channels. The tool allows you to download everything in resolution up to 4K from 1,000 different sides.

It is also amazing for compressing videos while maintaining quality, so if you’re low on storage, you can go all out of VideoProc.

Compatibility of VideoProc:


Key Features of VideoProc:

  1. The software offers full GPU acceleration.
  2. It can easily manage large-sized HD videos.
  3. The tool supports about 400 formats.

Pros of VideoProc

  • Allows media in different resolutions and formats.
  • Ability to compress video while maintaining original clip quality.
  • Get all your favorite content in one place.

Cons of VideoProc

  • There’s no mobile version.

Part 3: FAQs about TikTok Video Downloading

1. Can I batch download videos?

Yes, there are many tools that allow you to batch-download TikTok videos. The tool can fetch a playlist, or you can select a number of links, and it will easily download batch videos one by one.

2. Is it a legal practice to download TikTok videos for personal use?

In many countries, converting online videos for personal and non-commercial use is okay. However, downloading copyrighted content without permission might infringe on copyright laws.

3. How to download TikTok without a watermark?

We have mentioned the top 10 TikTok Video downloaders that you can use to download any TikTok video without the watermark. Just choose what’s appropriate for you and give it a try.


When it comes to downloading TikTok videos, you might have many questions. Whether it’s legal, which tool is best, and how you can download the videos without a watermark. In this blog, we covered everything you need to know about TikTok video downloading, and you can choose between 10 tools to see which one suits you the most.



Kendra D. Mitchell
Kendra D. Mitchell Feb 28, 24
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