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[Updated] The top-notch 6 voice changer for Xbox one in 2024

If you're an avid gamer on Xbox, then you've definitely played those multiplayer games with the voice chat feature. But as good as they come, you might want to hide your real voice or change it according to the gaming characters. In that case, you'll need a voice changer for Xbox to morph your voice on live microphone narrations. So, without dilly-dallying, let's discuss the best Xbox voice changers and how to connect them to your gaming console.

Part 1: The best voice changer for Xbox on desktop

Choosing a voice changer for Xbox One from the multitude of options on the internet can be challenging. So, we've decided to do that digging work to compare these three helpful solutions:

1. AV Voice Changer

voice changer for xbox av voice changer

AV Voice Changer Software is a simple voice morphing program for Windows systems. It can easily create different voices to make voice dubbing and voiceover recording fun and anonymous. This program features 30+ ready-to-use voice filters to change your voice into a man, child, old woman, and so on. Plus, it features inbuilt voice recorders and editors.


  • Easy to use: AV Voice Changer is super simple to use. After successfully installing the program, it will automatically embed on your microphone to capture your live recordings. There's basically nothing much you need to do to set it up.
  • Cost: AV Voice Changer Software is free to use. However, the trial version has limited recording time, voice filters, and more. So, purchase the full license for $99.95.
  • The number of voice effects: This voice changer for Xbox features 30+ voice filters to exploit. You can transform your voice into a ghost, horse, angel, alien, etc.

Best for:

  • For gamers on Discord, Xbox, Minecraft, and more. It's also excellent for morphing your voice on voice/video calls.

Cut and mix voices in waveform editing.

30+ voice filters to add to your voice.

Neatly designed voice recorder.


Limited recording time on the trial version.

2. MorphVOX JR

voice changer for xbox morphvox jr

MorphVOX JR is another voice changer for Windows PCs. It's a free program that will transform your voice to match your online personality. This program makes you sound like a man, woman, child, robot, and more. It's perfectly optimized for video games, although you can also use it to change your voice on voice calls.


  • Easy to use: You won't have any problems installing and using this voice changer. The minimalistic UI approach is tailored for beginners.
  • Cost: Although MorphVOX JR is free, it doesn't come with vital features like visualizers, noise reduction, voice parsing detection, and more. So, upgrade to MorphVOX Pro to enjoy these features and more.
  • The number of voice effects: The voice filters on this program will handle most of your needs. You can transform voices into a man, woman, robot, ordinary guy, demon, and more.

Best for:

  • The available voice filters are optimized for online games. You can easily sound like the gaming character, whether you want to be a mighty giant or grumpy dwarf.

Excellent voice-changing algorithms.

Intuitive UI and is simple to set up.

Full integration with online games.


No integrated voice editing features.

3. NCH Voxal Voice Changer

voice changer for xbox voxal

Voxal Voice Changer Software by NCH is a powerful, real-time voice-changing program for online games and VoIP apps. It's compatible with macOS and Windows systems and allows you to modify your voice into a girl, boy, alien, robot, and more. You can also generate unlimited custom voice effects.


  • Easy to use: Voxal Voice Changer is pretty straightforward to use. Install the software, select a voice effect, and change your Xbox voice in real time.
  • Cost: The free home use version of Voxal Voice Changer has some drawbacks, like limited voice effects. Thankfully, the Plus version only costs $19.99.
  • The number of voice effects: This Xbox mic voice changer contains loads of voice effects. The available effects include echo, robot, girl, boy, alien, and more.

Best for:

  • It's an excellent all-around voice changer for entertainment and making voice calls. You can switch between varying voices while playing Xbox games.

Quickly change between voices with hotkeys.

Create custom voice effects.

Apply effects to pre-made sounds.


Some voice filters are not free.

Steps to change your voice on Xbox with AV Voice Changer:

Before we proceed to the next part, let's discuss how to change your voice on Xbox using AV Voice Changer. Note that this program uses your default system microphone. Also, you'll need to install Xbox companion for PC from Microsoft Store to control your Xbox One console on PC remotely.

Step 1 Install AV Voice Changer on your PC.

download av voice changer for xbox

Head to the official website and download AV Voice Changer Software. The program is free to download and install. After installing it, run the program.

Step 2 Select the Voicemod for Xbox.

choose effect on av voice changer for xbox

Next up, connect your headphones to sample the voice effects. To do that, click the Nickvoices icon and select an effect. Then, speak to your mic to sample the results until you find something that works for you. You can also use the EQ to beautify your voice, although that will require a paid account.

Step 3 Transform your voices on Xbox.

Now fire up the Xbox game on your PC and start narrating voices with the selected filters. As said before, AV Voice Changer automatically connects to your mic for seamless voice-changing sessions.

play games with av voice changer for xbox

Part 2: Powerful Xbox voice changer app

A voice changer for Xbox app allows you to modify your voices on the go. In other words, you can change your voices on voice calls, WhatsApp video calls, Facebook Live, and other mobile apps. Let's discuss a few options.

1. Prank Call

voice changer for xbox prank call

Prank Call is a mobile voice changer for Android 5.0 or newer. With this app, you can make hilarious fake calls to your friends, thanks to the numerous prank effects. For example, you can act as an angry boyfriend, sexy girl, old lady, celebrity, and more. In addition, it features numerous pre-recorded prank calls to share without necessarily changing your voice.


  • Easy to use: This app is quick and straightforward to use. You only need to select a pre-recorded prank, choose a contact, and send it. That's it!
  • Cost: This voice changer app is absolutely free to use. However, you'll have to watch adverts to get call credits.
  • The number of voice effects: It features multiple pranks recorded by professional actors. You can act as a doctor, celebrity, or angry boyfriend.

Best for:

  • If your friends often send you fake calls, this is the best app to get back at them. You can also confirm the loyalty of your loved one.

Fun and easy to use.

Numerous pre-recorded voice pranks.

Send prank calls to multiple numbers at once.


Watching the ads can be overwhelming.

2. Voicemod

voice changer for xbox voicemod clips

Voicemod Clips is a voice changer app for Android and iPhone. It's a super clean app that lets you create entertaining content quickly and easily. You can play around with the wide selection of voice filters to add them to your recorded audio or video. Once you've created the perfect voice, you can share it with the world via Instagram, TikTok, and other messaging apps.


  • Easy to use: Voicemod is a beginner-friendly voice changer for Xbox app. You only need to record a video/audio, then customize it with the numerous effects and filters.
  • Cost: Voicemod Clips is a 100% free voice changer for Android. There are no unnecessary money-minting in-app purchases here.
  • The number of voice effects: The number of voice filters on Voicemod Clips is pretty good. You can sound like a cop, punk, DJ, baby, blocks, etc.

Best for:

  • Voicemod Clips should be your go-to app if you like posting on apps like Instagram Reels, TikTok, Likee, Snapchat, WhatsApp Status, and more. You can record some funny videos with unique voices and share them with your followers.

Inbuilt live video/audio recorder.

Multiple voice filters and background effects.

Simple and free to use.


No real-time voice-changing support.

3. Funcall

voice changer for xbox funcall

Funcall works in the same many as Prank Call. In other words, you can send fun and fake calls to your friends on Android or iPhone. It can change your voice during voice calls to sound like a man, woman, or scary person. You can also customize the background of your calls with sounds like your mother, monkeys, cat, werewolf, and more.


  • Easy to use: Funcall is simple to use. Select your contact's country, choose a sound effect/filter to add, and send the call. You can even play a demo call before calling.
  • Cost: This app allows you to call people in 150+ countries for free. However, you'll have to purchase call time credits. For example, 3 minutes will cost you $1.99.
  • The number of voice effects: You can change your voice into a man, woman, helium balloon, scary sound, or regular sound during calls. You can also add background filters like dogs barking, monkeys, your mother, and more.

Best for:

  • Like Prank Calls, this app is best for sharing fake calls with friends. The app also claims to make international calls at "affordable" rates.

Numerous voice filters and sound effects.

Make prank calls to foreign countries.

Record and save funny phone calls.


Users must purchase credits to make prank calls.

How to change your voice on Xbox with Voicemod Clips:

Now let's learn how to add voice effects to live audio or video using Voicemod Clips. You can also apply the same process below to add voice effects to pre-recorded videos and audio.

Step 1

Head to Play Store or App Store and search for Voicemod Clips. Then, install it on your iPhone or Android device before running the app.

voice changer for xbox download voicemod clips

Step 2

Next, choose whether you want to record a voice or upload audio. For example, click Audio to record a sound. After that, choose a voice filter and apply it. The new audio will play automatically.

voice changer for xbox apply effects

Step 3

If satisfied with the voice, click Share to download it to your device or export it to apps like WhatsApp, Skype, Gmail, WeChat, etc.

voice changer for xbox download audio


I hope you've identified the perfect voice changer for Xbox One app. With the desktop apps, you can transform your voices on most desktop games and VoIP apps like Skype, Zoom, and more. On the other hand, use the Android options to make prank calls and send funny videos/audio to your friends on social media. So, it depends on what you want to do.

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