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The Awesome and Powerful Voice Changer To Try for Google Meet

Google Meet is a popular app used for real-time video and voice chats. The service is widely used for virtual business meetings, online classes, and other purposes. Although nothing can quite replace the dynamic of real-life meetings, you can add a fun aspect to your meetings, such as animating your voice to maintain the level of engagement.

If you are looking for a voice changer for Google Meet, you have landed on the right page. In the following read, you can discover the top voice-changing tools that can be used with Google Meet and a comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to use them.

Part 1: Top 3 voice changers for Google Meet desktop

If you are using the Google Meet desktop tool for your online meetings and want a tool that can work accordingly, we have got you covered. Following are the top 3 desktop software that can effectively work as Google Meet voice changer tools.

1. UnicTool MagicVox

Rating 4.5/5
Operating System Windows
Price Quarter Plan: $12.95
Year Plan: $19.95
Lifetime Plan: $39.95

Powered by UnicTool, MagicVoX is an intriguing and powerful voice changer that can work with several programs. The tool also provides a voice emulator directly in live chatting and games, making it easy to apply various filters and effects to your voice.

  • MagicVox by UnicTool contains over 200 audio effects and filters that can be applied to your voice in real time.
  • To make the audio effects more vivid and convincing, you can add background sounds to your audio file.
  • This voice changer for Meet allows users to stop, loop, or replay sound effects using keyboard shortcuts.
unictool magicvox google meet voice changer

2. Voicemod

Rating 4.4/5
Operating System Windows
Price Quarterly Plan: $3.99/Month
Annual Plan: $1.99/Month
Lifetime License: $43.99

Voicemod is another intuitive voice-changing tool available on multiple platforms that can act as an efficient Google Meet voice changer. From gamers to content creators to people simply looking to have some fun with their voices, Voicemod can serve all with its wide range of audio effects and tuning tools.

  • Voicemod is a real-time voice changer for Google Meet that also supports various third-party chatting apps and games.
  • Using the AI lab of Voicemod, you can create custom sound effects and filters to apply to your voice.
  • The powerful features ensure that the quality of output audio on Voicemod is commendable.
voicemod google meet voice changer

3. MorphVoX

Rating 4.2/5
Operating System Windows & Mac
Price $39.99

If you want to change your voice without compromising on sound quality, MorphVoX is a suitable choice. With superior voice-changing abilities and many valuable features, the advanced algorithm of MorphVoX can be used to change voice during live Meet calls.

  • MorphVox is a premium-quality Google Meet voice changer that offers a background noise cancellation feature to provide users with clean sound effects.
  • You can use the digital or smart mode on MorphVoX for tuning your voice and adding sound effects to audio in real time.
  • Users can assign custom roles to the mouse and joystick for various functions such as playbacks and adding different voice effects.
morphvox pro google meet voice changer

Part 2: The best 2 voice changers for the Google Meet extension

Besides the voice changers for the Meet desktop, there are plenty of resourceful tools available for users who choose to opt for the extensions to save their device memory. Following is a list of the top tools that can work as voice changers for the Google Meet extension, along with their distinguishing features.

1. Clownfish

Rating 3.5/5
Operating System Windows & Chrome Extension
Price Free

The Clownfish extension for Chrome offers an easy alternative for users who want to change their voice without any heavy software installation. The tool provides several fun voice effects that can be applied to live calls on the Google Meet with ease.

  • Clownfish offers a wide range of available sound effects that can be applied to a voice in real-time during Google meetings and live calls.
  • You can customize the pitch of your voice when using this Google voice changer to get the results of your choice.
  • Clownfish requires very little time to install and set up on a device, and the program's interface is relatively easy to navigate for users with varying levels of tech knowledge.
clownfish google meet voice

2. VoiceX Voice Changer

Rating 3/5
Operating System Chrome Extension
Price Free

Similar to Clownfish, VoiceX is another web-based voice changer that offers its services via a Chrome extension. Offering multiple sound effects to users, VoiceX can work seamlessly with Google Meet to provide you with clean and high-quality audio for free.

  • VoiceX Voice Changer is an extension site available on the Chrome web store that allows users to add several unique and exciting sound effects to their voices.
  • The tool can be easily integrated with several online chatting services, including Google Meet, Skype, Discord, and more.
  • Using this simple and intuitive tool, you can easily change your voice on Google Meet with a single click.
voicex google meet voice changer extension

Part 3: How to use voice changer for Google online meeting

Now that you know what the A-listed voice changer tools in the market are, it is time to move on. Following is a step-by-step guide indicating how to change your voice in Google Meet using a voice changer tool.

Step 1

Before going to Google Meet, install and launch the voice changer of your choice on your device. Open the voice changer's settings and choose the input and output devices on the tool as your computer's default microphone and speakers, respectively.

Make sure that your app is running in the background before you start to record your voice. Most tools also provide a "Hear my voice" option so you can test whether the tool is working properly, choose the right voice effect, and look for any errors or echoes before proceeding further.

configure voice changer

Step 2

Now open Google Meet on your device. From the top-right corner of the interface, use the Gear icon to open settings.

access google meet settings

Step 3

Go to the "Audio" panel from the left. Under the "Microphone" option, expand the drop-down menu and select your voice changer's virtual microphone from the list.

choose the voice changer microphone

Step 4

Now close the settings and proceed with your meeting. Your voice changer in Google Meet will automatically convert the input audio into the voice effect of your choice.


While online video chatting services such as Google Meet have made it easier to hold formal meetings from the comfort of your own home, the struggle to keep your audience engaged is a struggle. With the help of an apt voice changer for Google Meet, such as the ones mentioned above, you can now add a fun and creative element to your voice and keep the session interactive.

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