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How to add a voice filter for singing-enhance your voice is no longer a tough issue

Have you tried to record your voice as a singer but later learned that your voice isn't much good? We all have done it in our lives, and no one is perfect; still, many of us do so by using different apps of voice enhancers for singing.

Voice enhancers, also known as voice changers, are special applications software that plays with your voice tones and pitch and provides a better-refined outcome for your recorded voice.

Have you downloaded and used any voice changer for singing, but that app failed to impress you? Your eagerness to join in this enjoyable activity is understood.

This article provides you with the top 4 voice enhancer apps for singing, their comparison to opt-out among those 4 apps, and a step-by-step user guide.

general picture depicting voice enhancer application

Introduction to 4 Powerful Voice Enhancers for Singing

Many people have used different voice enhancers for singing available online to kill their boredom and surprise their families with impressive singing outcomes. Some of these voice enhancers have only settings related to the pitch and tones of a user. However, some voice enhancers provide you options of using the filter to your voice, thus also known as voice filter apps for singing.

Here we have four powerful singing voice changers you can use for experiments.


an image of manipulator software for voice change

Manipulator is one of the amazing voice changers for songs or recordings provided by Polyverse Music. The tagline for this software is "Meet Your New Voice", which depicts that you can experiment with your voice and its properties to get a new processed sound. It is a PC system-based application.

The following Manipulator's features helped it be in this list of top four powerful song voice changers.

  • 10 distinct voice effects with multiple combinations and patterns
  • This application's fundamental idea is built on five effects: rhythm, formant shift, harmonic shift, granulation, and frequency-modulation sound alterations.
  • Offers both standalone and virtual instruments when used with a MIDI controller
  • Change the timbre and pitch of your speech and equipment
  • Improves the existing melodies and performances.

The Sauce

an image of the sauce software for voice change

The Sauce is a creative voice transformation tool launched by DJ Swivel that can help you enhance your voice while keeping in mind all the essential ingredients you need. As the name suggests, you can choose your FLAVOUR by using SAUCE. You need to download it on your PC to use it.

The features of Sauce that make it valuable in the voice-changing app community are:

  • Provides a powerful echo and delay modulation facility, also known as Drip, with integrated high and low-frequency filters
  • Polyphonic and monophonic audio enhancer with a variety of pitch and modulation experiment options
  • Separate categories with relatable mixing and experimental options like Smoke, Sugar, Spice, and Squeeze
  • Simple yet effective design with unlimited voice effects combinations

Voloco: Vocal Recording Studio

screen views of voloco voice enhancer application

Voloco: Vocal Recording Studio is a Resonant Cavity LLC product that provides effective voice enhancements with the feel of studio recording without being in the studio. Many of its users have produced a variety of voice-overs, demo recordings, YT video performances, etc. It is available for both iOS and Android users.

Some of the special attributes of Voloco are as follows:

  • Import your beats and also use beats from the provided libraries for free of cost
  • Four voice layers can be used for voice enhancements and effects
  • Provides 50+ voice effects that have been designed for beginners to experts
  • Zero sound quality sacrifice with surety of better quality outcome
  • Provides both audio and video effect parameters for its users

Celebrity Voice Changer

screen views of celebrity voice changer application

Celebrity Voice Changer, powered by Voice.AI, is among the most interesting and adventurous voice changer applications. You can use it to transform your voice pitch and tones into numerous celebrity voices. Various users have used it to do some pranks and voice-over for YouTube videos. You can download it on your phone and start having fun, whether you are an iOS user or an Android user.

Celebrity Voice Changer offers you:

  • Deep learning voice cloning technology that quickly changes your voice to your selected celebrity
  • More than 25+ celebrities' tones with promised better output
  • Provide a new celebrity voice or tone on request
  • Easy to use for every person
Application Name
Easy for Operations & Compatibility
No. of Voice Filters
User Level
Manipulator $149 Medium 4 / 5 10 Mid-level
The Sauce $74.50 Medium 3.9 / 5 6 Mid-level
Voloco Free with In-App Purchase ($0.99 - $49.99 per item) High 4.5 / 5 40+ Beginner-level
Celebrity Voice Changer Free with In-App Purchase ($4.99 - $99.99 per item) High 4.2 / 5 25+ Beginner-level

How to Enhance Voice for Singing?

In this section, you will learn how to enhance your voice by using a voice enhancer for singing or recording audio files. But before that, let us decide which abovementioned application is best among the lot and why we should pick it.

As per the features and comparison discussed above, let us select Voloco: Vocal Recording Studio to enhance our voice because most beginner users start with mobile applications. Their prime requirements always start with easy-to-use features, a variety of voice filters and effects, better reviews and ratings, and last but the main feature price. So, Voloco stands out among the others when we consider these parameters.

Step-by-Step User Guide for Voloco Installation and Usage

Before moving towards the installation process firstly download Voloco: Vocal Recording Studio from your Apple or Google Play store.

  1. After the download and initial installation, you are on the subscription screen, choose your desired subscription package or start with a free trial.
screen views of voloco after initial settings
  1. After selecting your desired subscription package, you will see the user home screen where you have multiple options
  2. Click on Voloco Beats, you can see a list of available beats in the voloco library. Select any beat you like to do experiment with
  3. After selecting the beat, you will be directed to the Working or Performance View screen, as shown below. Here you can record your voice and find multiple options that may help you enhance your input the way you want.
  4. After you are done with your recording, you can select the mixer and layer sections as now you are in Edit view. There you can set your recordings as your desire.
  5. Before getting your final result, you can review your editing in the Review view section
  6. After completing your recording, you can view and listen to your final output audio file in the Recordings
  7. You can also, Import your pre-recorded voice files for better enhancing experiments of your audio files.

As now you know how to use the Voloco voice enhancement application, what are you waiting for? Download it and start having fun with your voice recordings.

How to Make your Voice Echo for Singing?

Echo effects are audio effects that rely on the delay of a signal over time. People love to use echo effects because they bring dramatic, nostalgic and fuller effects to their sounds. In short, it takes life to a track.

Change the time delay setting of your selected sound to add echo effects. Usually, the echo threshold is 30 milliseconds If you increase this time delay, people will surely get echoes of the selected sound. Other than this, you can also use built-in Echo effect option.


Many powerful voice enhancers for singing tools exist, but we suggest you start with the Voloco voice enhancer tool. This article provides a detailed discussion about some voice enhancer tools, complete installation instructions, and a user guide for Voloco software.

Related Questions

1. What's the most popular celebrity voice filter?

As per the recorded videos found on the Celebrity Voice Changer application, Donald Trump is one of the most popular celebrity voice filters people love to use.

2. Can I add a voice filter while singing?

You can apply a voice filter to your pre-recorded audio clip, or you can first select your voice filter and then start recording your song on that particular filter.

3. Can I remove the noise in my song?

You can reduce the noise from your songs, as almost every application provides the feature. But if you reduce the noise to zero, you may also eliminate the background sound, including beats or tracks.

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