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Check This Guide Convert GIF to Different Files Is No Longer a Big Problem

GIF is becoming increasingly popular all over the internet because it helps send messages through interesting moving pictures. Indeed, we can convert a GIF format to another format, such as GIF to PDF, GIF to Word, GIF to Excel, and many more. At the same time, we can also convert another format into GIF. For instance, AV1 to GIF, DDS to GIF, and LRF to GIF.

This article will give you a tutorial on converting GIFs into several formats. Moreover, all the tools in the tutorial are easy to use. Additionally, all the tools below are free, so you can use them as much as you want to convert your GIFs.

Part 1: How to turn gif into pdf

CloudConvert is among the most widely known GIF to PDF converter, with over 10,000 customers and at least four files per second. In addition, CloudConvert works with more than 200 file types, including audio, spreadsheet, video, document, image, eBook, and presentation. And yes, SSL encryption is used to make CloudConvert a safe platform.

cloudconvert illustration

OS: Online.

Price: Free


  • 1,000+ video/audio formats.
  • Fix media metadata with GIF Maker.

How to convert a GIF to PDF with CloudConvert

Step 1

Firstly, search on your browser CloudConvert.

gif into pdf step 1

Step 2

Since you want to change the GIF to PDF format, you must change the file format from GIF to PDF in the next window.

gif into pdf step 2

Step 3

After you change the file format GIF to PDF, click "Select file" to find the GIF on your computer that you want to turn into PDF format.

gif into pdf step 3

Step 4

Once your video is imported to Cloudconvert, click "Convert."

gif into pdf 4 step 4

Step 5

Finally, click on "download" to save your file on your computer.

gif into pdf last step

Part 2: How to convert gif to word is gif to word converter you can rely on. Meanwhile, this converter can change many formats of documents such as, images, videos, and eBooks. However, is full of ads, which is a shame.

online convert free illustration

OS: Online.

Price: Free.


  • Supports multiple conversions.
  • Simple to use.

How to convert GIF to Word with

Step 1

Open your browser and search for When it opens, scroll down your screen until you find the "GIF converter."

gif to word step 1

Step 2

In the next window, find the "GIF to Doc" and click on it.

gif to word step 2

Step 3

Import your GIF file, wait for a second, and click "Convert."

gif to word step 3

Step 4

Wait until the file conversion is finished. Lastly, click "Download" to save your file.

gif to word last step

Part 3: How to convert gif to excel

If you wish to convert GIF to Excel file, Zamsar is a good gif to excel converter. Furthermore, it's easy to use, and you can convert files online without having to download any software.

zamsar illustration

OS: Windows, Linux, Mac

Price: Free


  • Allows you to convert files from URLs.
  • Supports over 1200 file formats.
  • Supports batch conversion.

How to convert GIF to Excel with Zamsar

Step 1

Firstly, open your browser and search for "GIF to Excel Convertio". Afterwards, import your GIF file that you want to convert.

gif to excel step1

Step 2

Once you import your GIF file click "convert" to start the converting process. After the conversion is done click "download" to save you're your file on your computer.

gif to excel last step

Part 4: Steps to put gif into PowerPoint

Groupdocs is a gif to PowerPoint converter. Also, Groupdocs provide a next-generation document automation APIs. NET and Java applications that seek to simplify the viewing, converting, annotating, comparing, signing, assembling, editing, parsing, watermarking, filtering, splitting, and translating documents.

groupdocs illustration

OS: Windows and Mac

Price: Free


  • Convert GIF to PPT. It's straightforward to do.
  • Groupdocs can edit most prevalent document types using front-end WYSIWYG editors without additional software.

How to convert a GIF to Powerpoint with a Gorupdocs

Step 1

Search on your browser "GIF to Powerpoint Groupdocs." Afterward, drop or upload your GIF file.

gif to ppt step 1

Step 2

Once you import your GIF file, the next step you have to click "Convert Now."

gif to ppt step 2

Step 3

When the converting process is done, click "Download" Finally, your file will be saved on your computer.

gif to ppt last step

Part 5: A tutorial to convert gif to text

Indeed, you can convert GIFs to Text. PDFmall is a gif to text converter that you can use. Furthermore, PDFmall offers many formats that you can use. Also, it has a super easy interface to navigate.

pdfmall illustration

OS: Windows, Mac, Android

Price: Free.


  • Many file formats are available.
  • Simple interface

How to convert GIF to Text with PDFmall

Step 1

Search on your browser GIF to Text PDFmall. In the next window, you will have two options. Either you want to import a GIF file from your computer or paste the link of the GIF

gif to text step 1

Step 2

After importing the GIF file to PDFmall, you can click "Convert now" to convert your GIF to Text. Finally, click "download" to save it on your computer.

gif to text the last step

Part 6: How to convert gif to link

The GIF format can also be converted into a link, or GIF to HTML, by using the gif to html5 converter such as ASPOSE. Aspose offers numerous award-winning APIs that developers can use to create, edit, convert, or render many types of file formats

aspose illustration

OS: Windows, Linux, macOS, Android

Price: To convert GIF to link is free


  • API reference in HTML.
  • 64-bit OS.
  • NET Standard 2.0

How to convert GIF to link with gif to link converter (ASPOSE)

Step 1

Open your browser and search for "GIF to HTML ASPOSE." In the next window, drop or drag your GIF file.

gif to link step 1

Step 2

After you add your GIF file, you'll have to wait until it's ready to convert. Click "Convert" when your file is prepared.

gif to link step 2

Step 3

After the GIF to HTML conversion is done, you can click "Download" to save the file right away on your computer.

gif to link last step

Part 7 How to put gif into Emoji

You can also convert your GIF to the Emoji. Kapwing is an exceptional gif to emoji converter. In the meantime, Kapwing is an online tool that lets you edit images, GIFs, and videos subtitles.

kapwing illustration

OS: Windows, OS, Android

Price: Free


  • You can edit and save content from up to two days ago.
  • Export videos up to 7 minutes long.
  • There is no watermark.

How to convert GIF to Emoji with Kapwing

Step 1

Open your browser and search for "Kapwing". After that, click "Start editing" to go to the editing window.

gif to emoji step 1

Step 2

In the next window, you can pick the size of your Emoji.

gif to emoji step 2

Step 3

On the left side, click "Add media" to import your GIF file.

gif to emoji step 3

Step 4

Once you import your GIF file, then drag your GIF to the blank space.

gif to emoji step 4

Step 5

You can use the zoom blue dots to zoom the GIF until the edges of the frame.

gif to emoji step 5

Step 6

Once you have finished, click "convert" at the top right of your screen to convert the GIF to the Emoji. When the conversion process is done, click "download file," and your file will be saved on your computer.

gif to emoji step 6
gif to emoji download


Indeed, you can convert your GIF file to several other formats, such as Word, PowerPoint, links (HTML), and others. All the tutorials above you can easily do with just a few clicks, and you can convert your GIF files to other formats


1. What's the best video-to-gif converter?

Wondershare UniConverter is currently the finest available GIF converter. Furthermore, UniConvector is ninety times faster than competing converters. Moreover, UniConverter includes various capabilities that can significantly improve your GIFs.

wondershare uniconverter

Wondershare UniConverter — All-in-one Video Toolbox for Windows and Mac.

safe mov video converter free download Security Verified. 3,591,664 people have downloaded it.

Edit videos on Mac by trimming, cropping, adding effects, and subtitles.

Converter videos to any format at 130X faster speed.

Compress your video or audio files without quality loss.

Excellent smart trimmer for cutting and splitting videos automatically.

Nice AI-enabled subtitle editor for adding subtitles to your tutorial videos automatically.

2. How do you save high-quality gifs?

Before rendering a GIF image, you need to consider a number of things. If you are developing a 1000px by 1000px GIF graphic, be careful to use layers (HD images) that are greater than 1500px by 1500px.

3. Where can I get HD GIFs? provides access to HD GIFs. began as a GIF-specific search engine. However, they have expanded GIPHY by forming business partnerships, establishing integrations, developing browser extensions, and doing much more.

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