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The Best 12 Discord Video Compressors for PC and Mobile in 2024

Most of the time, people use Discord to communicate while playing games. Meanwhile, Discord is also commonly used to send videos, pictures, and messages to fellow friends.

However, what if you get in trouble for sharing videos on Discord? Since this platform only lets you send files up to 8MB in size, you can't even send a 30-second video or a 10-minute voice message. In this case, you will need a video compressor for Discord to compress your video. Therefore, you can send it through Discord. Keep reading this article to know 12 compressors for Discord you can use.

Part 1: What are the benefits of using a video compressor on Discord

You may wonder why we need a video compressor for Discord. Here are some benefits why you need a video compressor on Discord.

  • Occasionally, you may need to compress and store your Discord videos on local drives To save storage space, you'll need a Discord video compression.
  • With a video compressor, you can reduce the video size without losing quality.
  • Since your video file size is small, the chance for many people to open your video is higher because it does not take up much space.

Part 2: Top 6 Discord video compressors for PC

When trying to send a video using Discord, you may run into difficulties due to the app's storage limits and the size of the video file itself. To assist you, we have compiled a list of the top file compressor for Discord:

OS Rating Compression Quality
Free Make Video Converter Windows 3.5 / 5 6 / 10
VideoProc Converter Windows, Mac 4 / 5 8 / 10
MiniTool MovieMaker Windows 4 / 5 6.5 / 10
HandBrake Windows, Mac, Linux 4 / 5 7.5 / 10
Miro VideoConverter Windows, Mac, Linux 3 / 5 6.5 / 10
UniConverter Windows, Mac 5 / 5 9 / 10

1. Freemake Video Converter

Freemake Video Converter is a video converter that can assist you in reducing the size of your videos and avoiding the Discord file size limit. It's easy to use and works with a variety of video formats. If you don't want to download the software, you can use the web version to downsize videos quickly.


  • Convert between 500+ formats, such as MP4, AVI, MKV, WMV, MP3, DVD, 3GP, SWF, FLV, and many more.
  • Rip and burn DVD/Blu-ray.
  • Embed video to websites online

2. VideoProc Converter

VideoProc Converter is a powerful application that can decrease video size without lowering quality. It is easy to use and can convert multiple files at once. You may also quickly edit your movies by trimming, cropping, rotating, putting a watermark, and adding subtitles. Furthermore, the software includes recording capabilities. You are able to record your desktop screen or camera and pick between a green screen mode and a picture-in-picture mode.


  • High-Quality Engine to Keep the Best 4K/1080P Quality.
  • 47 times faster compression in real-time with an average CPU use of 2%.
  • Estimated size of the output for real-time control of the compression ratio.

3. MiniTool MovieMaker

MiniTool MovieMaker is an effective video compression for Discord. Videos can be compressed in any common format, including MP4, AVI, MOV, MKV, WMV, and WebM, as it supports all popular formats. It may reduce the size of a huge Discord video file to less than 8MB or 100MB by reducing the video's resolution, quality, and bitrate.


  • Compress huge videos for Discord rapidly.
  • Export video without watermark.
  • You can add text, animated stickers, filters, and more to your video.

4. HandBrake

HandBrake is a free, open-source video compressor that can compress videos without degrading their quality. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux and supports multiple video formats, including those supported by Discord. Furthermore, HandBrake has built-in presets for devices that make it easy to compress. Thanks to features like batch scanning and queue encoding, it can also handle multiple video conversions at once.


  • More than one video file can be compressed at once.
  • Home DVDs can be ripped into digital formats.
  • Change the video resolution up or down.
  • Profiles for major platforms that are already set up.

5. Miro Video Converter

Miro is a free video converter that is easy to use. The software is popular because you can just drag and drop things on it. There are two ways to compress videos with Miro Video Converter. You can choose custom settings or different formats to make the video smaller. Also, you can choose a standard format and convert many videos at once with this tool.


  • Downscale or upscale the video resolution.
  • Support video, audio, subtitle, and image files.
  • Deshake, denoise, blur, trim, merge, rotate videos.

6. UniConverter

Wondershare UniConverter gives users a compression tool that makes it easy to shrink the size of their files. The interface is easy to use, and the compression has no superfluous structure. Also, it sticks to the rule of video compression without lowering the quality of the video. In addition to its exceptional compression capabilities, UniConverter is brimming with other exciting and practical features, such as conversion, batch processing, add effect, trimming and merging films, and adding subtitles.


  • Compress 1,000+ video and audio formats.
  • Compress high-quality videos up to 8K and lower resolutions
  • Compress multiple files in batches.
  • 90X times faster than others.

wondershare uniconverter

Wondershare UniConverter — All-in-one Video Toolbox for Windows and Mac.

safe mov video converter free download Security Verified. 3,591,664 people have downloaded it.

Edit videos on Mac by trimming, cropping, adding effects, and subtitles.

Converter videos to any format at 130X faster speed.

Compress your video or audio files without quality loss.

Excellent smart trimmer for cutting and splitting videos automatically.

Nice AI-enabled subtitle editor for adding subtitles to your tutorial videos automatically.

Part 3: The best 6 Discord video compressors for mobile

There are numerous mobile video compression applications for mobile. Here are the 6 best MP4 compressor for Discord. Indeed, these applications are available on Google Play or App Store.

OS Rating Compression Quality
Shrink Vids iOS 3 / 5 6.5 / 10
Compact Video Android 4 / 5 8 / 10
VCompressor iOS 4 / 5 8.5 / 10
Video Compressor Android 4 / 5 7 / 10
Fast Compress Video Android 3 / 5 6.5 / 10
AniSmall iOS, Windows, Mac 5 / 5 9 /10

1. Shrink Vid

Videos recorded in 4K, Full HD, or HD resolution can be made smaller with just a few easy steps. You can change the size of one or more videos simultaneously with this app, and you can choose the resolution of the videos that are made. The only bad thing is that you must buy things inside the app to get rid of ads or use all of its features.


  • Videos can be shrunk down in many various ways.
  • Resolution and bitrate customization.
  • Video color grain customization.

2. Compact Video

With the Android app Compact Video, you can choose the speed at which videos are compressed. The app lets you set your compression speed and video parameters. The size of the compressed video will be bigger the faster it is. There are options for changing video, like video resolution, video bit rate, etc.


  • Compresses various formats such as WMV, MKV, MP4, and
  • Allows for video trimming, editing, rotation, and renaming.
  • Maintains excellent video quality when compressing.

OS: Android.

Rate: 4 / 5

Compression rating: 8 / 10

3. VCompressor

Compression ratios can be customized in Vcompressor, and the app will estimate the compressed file size. Meanwhile, video resolution and bitrate can be adjusted to get the desired file size while recording.


  • Change the resolution and bitrate of a video to get the size you want.
  • Set the video compression ratio from high to low.
  • Social network sharing.

4. Video Compressor

This application is compatible with MP4, 3GP, and AVI video formats without reducing quality. The hardware codec makes it possible to compress quickly. The app also lets you fast-rewind, extract MP3s from a clip, and compress videos in batches.


  • Compatible with videos of varying quality.
  • Extracts MP3 from video files.
  • Hardware codec.

5. Fast Compress Video

This app decreases a video file's resolution, bit rate, etc., to make it smaller. Also, it lets you choose between high-quality and low-quality video compression. Also, your videos may be directly compressed and uploaded to Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Tiktok, and other internet platforms.


  • Converts videos to MP4, MKV, AVI, MOV, etc.
  • Provides both high- and low-quality video compression.
  • Directly share the video on social media.

6. AniSmall

AniSmall offers complete video and audio compression solutions with one-click processing, support for 1000+ formats, lossless high-definition compression, and the ability to easily meet all of your different compression needs.


  • Import and compress with one click.
  • HD lossless compression.
  • High-speed compression.
  • Supports custom settings.

Part 4: Other ways to reduce your video size

Besides using compressor tools, there is another way to compress your video size. The ways are to change the video format and trim undesired parts. Here is the explanation of why that two ways can reduce video size:

1. Change the video format

Yes, you can indeed reduce your video size by changing the video format. You might already know about the h.264 codec. This codec makes an MP4, usually the highest quality format with the smallest file size. Because of this, MP4 is a very common way for websites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to deliver content. Therefore, if your video format is not MP4 yet, you can try to change it to MP4 to reduce the file.

2. Trim the Undesired part of the video

Indeed, not every aspect of your video needs. Trimming the part you don't want to appear in your video can reduce your size. So, you might consider this if you have a long video and you find out us


Those compressor tools above are compatible with both PC and mobile devices and are reliable tools. However, if you are looking for a versatile tool that works with iOS, Windows, and Mac, you might consider AniSmall. Since AniSmall also has a simple interface, and whether you are a beginner or an experienced user, you will never find it difficult to use it.

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