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How to Compress 4K Videos without Losing Quality on Windows and Mac

When it comes to compressing 4K video, the major concern is the loss of video quality. Though a lot of compression tools are available, the majority of them lead to loss of quality during the process. To compress these 4K videos without compromising on the quality, a professional video compressor has to be used. If you too have been looking for one such tool, our post will surely be of great help to you.

How to compress 4K videos?

Try UniConverter for free now – Compress 4K Videos without losing quality.

Part 1. Why do You need to Shrink 4K Video?

The need for shrinking 4K video arises because these are high-quality videos that take up a lot of storage space which makes them difficult to store, share, and manage. Even if you try uploading these videos to online sites and platforms, the speed will be very slow. Some of the other issues related to 4K videos include high CPU usage, overheated systems, issues with video editing and processing, and similar others. Thus, to avoid all these and related issues, shrinking 4K videos is the best solution.

How to compress 4K videos?

Try UniConverter for free now - Compress 4K Videos without losing quality.

Part 2. Which is the Best 4K Video Compressor?

The best video compression tool is one that features a user-friendly interface, facilitates compression in a few simple steps, allows customizing several file parameters like video codec, bitrate, resolution,, and above all processes videos without any quality loss.

One software that meets all these qualifications, is Wondershare UniConverter and thus can be termed as the best 4K video compressor. Packed with all advanced features, this software allows you to compress your 4K and all other videos without any quality loss. The files can be compressed by changing the size and other file parameters.

Key features of the software

  • Compress videos in almost all formats and types including 4K.
  • Batch processing support to compress multiple files at a time.
  • Compress videos based on desired file size.
  • Customize video parameters like bitrate, resolution, and format to compress the file
  • Preview option available.
  • Support an array of additional features like video conversion, download, recording, editing, DVD burning, and many more.
  • Windows and Mac compatible.
How to compress 4K videos?

Try UniConverter for free now - Compress 4K Videos without losing quality.

Part 3. How Do I Compress a 4K Video without Losing Quality?

To compress 4K videos without losing quality, use Wondershare UniConverter. The videos can be compressed by changing the file size, changing parameters like bitrate, resoluti0on, and others. You can even trim the videos for reducing the size.

Wondershare UniConverter can be used for all these tasks and the steps to compress 4K video are listed below.

Step 1 Add 4K 1080p videos to Wondershare UniConverter Video Compressor

Launch the software on your system and click on the Video Compressor tab from the left-hand side menu bar. To browse and add the 4K videos, click on the + sign or the Add Files icon.

compress 4k wondershare

Step 2 Choose compression settings

The added videos will appear on the interface. To compress the videos based on file size, expand the drop-down menu at the File Size option on the bottom-left corner. Select the file size percentage in comparison to the original file by which you need to compress the video,

For further compression settings, click on the Setting button next to the added file and a pop-up window will open. Here you can change the bitrate, resolution, and file format to compress it. Moving the slider will help you choose the file size and quality.

Check the file using the Preview button. Tap on OK to confirm the compression settings.

compress 4k wondershare

Step 3 Compress 4K videos

Choose the destination folder at the File Location tab and then finally tap on Start All button to start the compression process.

compress 4k wondershare
How to compress 4K videos?

Try UniConverter for free now - Compress 4K Videos without losing quality.

Part 4. Is Online Video Compressor Good for 4K/Oversized video?

Online tools are simple decent programs for compressing general video files in key formats. When it comes to 4K files, these tools are not a good choice as they have limitations to the file size that can be processed, and moreover, since they are internet dependent, the speed of uploading the files is slow.

So, or compressing 4K videos, we suggest using professional desktop software.

Below listed are the pros and cons of both online and desktop tools that will help you compare them and choose the best suitable one.

Desktop Video Compressor


Allows shrinking videos in allow key formats and types.

No restriction or limitation to the file size.

Fast-processing speed.

Allows shrinking videos by customizing several file parameters.

No internet dependency.

Batch compression support.

High-quality output files.


Need to be installed on your system that will occupy storage space.

The majority of the professional compressor are paid tools,

Online Video Compressor


Simple to use tools without any need for software download or installation.

User-friendly interface.

Free to use.

Apt for beginners who are looking for basic editing options.


Internet dependency

The majority of the tools have file size restrictions and the number of files that can be processed at a time.

Slow file upload speed.

Format support is limited.

Additional features are limited.

Unsafe and annoying due to ads.

Poor quality output files.

How to compress 4K videos?

Try UniConverter for free now - Compress 4K Videos without losing quality.

Part 5. FAQs for 4K Video File Size Reduction

1. Does compressing 4K video reduce quality?

Yes, compressing 4K videos will reduce the quality of the files. But depending on the tool you are using; the degraded quality will vary. With online tools and free software, the video quality reduces considerably leading to a visible difference in the viewing experience. Using a professional tool like Wondershare UniConverter, the files are compressed almost in lossless quality without any difference in video watching experience.

2. Why is my exported 4K video larger than the original after editing?

The original 4K video is already a compressed file and during the editing process, you first unpack the file, do the necessary editing and then again pack the file using zero compression and the files become larger in size.

3. How do I compress a 4K video on my phone?

Several Android and iOS-based apps are available that will help you compress 4K videos on your phone. Some of these widely used apps include Video Compress, Video Slimmer, VidCompact, and more.

4. How do I compress a 4k video with Handbrake?

Handbrake is a popularly used video transcoding tool that also supports an array of additional features including video compression. Using the tool, you can shrink the videos by changing the format and CRF value.

The steps to compress 4K videos using Handbrake are as follows

  • Launch Handbrake and click on File under the Source Selection.
  • Browse and add the 4K video by clicking on the Open button.
  • Choose the destination to save the compressed video.
  • Select the desired file name.
  • At the Output Settings tab, choose the format and file parameters suitable for compressing. We recommend choosing MP4 X264 with CRF 16 value.

Finally, Process and save the video.

How to compress 4K videos?

Try UniConverter for free now - Compress 4K Videos without losing quality.


Processing 4K videos using good and professional software is important to ensure that process is hassle-free and without any quality loss. Wondershare UniConverter works as the best tool here that not only compresses files in high quality but can also be used for several other tasks

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