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The Best 12 Call Voice Changer for iPhone and Android

"To surprise my friend with a fun call prank, I have been roaming on the internet about the best call voice changer applications. But I don't know which call voice changer application would be more fun to use for the prank." – User on the Internet

Have you ever wanted to do the same prank with some fun call voice changer application? Have you explored these fun applications and downloaded them but didn't get any good leads? Your excitement to do this fun is understandable.

This article briefly discusses the best 12-call voice changer applications for iPhone and Android users. In addition, a comparative analysis among those 12-call voice changer applications has also been provided with different parameters.

Top 12 Voice Changer Apps During Call

If you want to explore the fun side of using the voice call changer app, read this article till the end. This article offers you a basic overview of the top 12 best voice changer call applications. Various applications claim to provide voice-changing facilities for fun and prank during calls. However, their outcome isn't satisfactory, so let us know about the most fruitful voice changers app on call.

Let us briefly explore the voice-changing applications mentioned earlier.

1. Prank Dial

Prank Dial is one of the best voice changer applications for Android and iOS users. It contains several categories for prank call situations, for example, technology, frauds, hilarious, politics, celebrity-themed phone calls, and many more.

The overall features and user interface makes Prank Dial fairly an easy application; just choose a situation, go with it, and your receiver will hear this call audio over the phone.

2. Funcall

Funcall, as the name suggests, is undoubtedly a funny voice changer app on call pranking application that is cheaply available for everyone. The options of helium, man, woman, scary, and regular audio effects provide a thrilling runtime experience to its users. Android and iOS users can do experiments and pranks while enjoying this fun app.

To use this application, download the application; after that, add your friend's phone number along with the country, select an option and start the fun prank using the Funcall app.

3. VoiceFX

VoiceFX is an amazing voice changer and voice recorder application for Android users. VoiceFX alters your voice in actual time, allowing you to see your results before selecting whether or not to preserve them. You can even transmit your new voice to media players or web browsers in real time.

There are various effects like kid, male, female, robot, autotune, and much more in VoicFX, which allows users to kill there boredom in different ways. Besides calling pranks, you can also use the provided effects for the recording. Save and share your recorded voice mp3 files with your friends.

4. MagicCall

MagicCall is an excellent tool for voice changers during phone conversations on Android and iOS. It might be a fun tool for users to explore their voice with different pitches and effects. MagicCall is incredibly simple to operate and comes with pre-set music effects and voice customizations.

It provides diverse voice-changing and background effects to change the call situation. These sounds include the voice of a kid, an older adult, a female, a male, and a robot. In addition, Rain, Music concert, Traffic, Birthday, Car racing, and Mount Everest are all included in the background section.

5. Call Voice Changer - IntCall

Call Voice Changer – IntCall is a sound changer for your iOS phone that sends calls over the internet and charges you for each request. The application is freely available to download and includes a free preview. You will get a free demo call right after the download; you must pay for each call.

Using the Call Voice Changer application, you can make international calls and do a real-time pranks on your friends. At the same time, using different available audio options that include various sounds, pitches, deep & high voices, and funny & creepy voices.

6. Voice Changer Plus

Voice Changer Plus is an iOS-based, fun, voice-changing application where users can choose from various amusing voices and sound effects. This app isn't just for chatting; it's also wonderful if you want to test your singing with your poor melody.

A user can use over 55 background sound effects for fun activities. You can also create customized ringtones by achieving the app's premium version.

7. Fake Call

Fake Call is an awesome tool for Android users that make a fake call to themselves. This app contains everything you need to escape an unpleasant situation or prank buddies. The free app is a bit different from other pranking apps, including a scheduler that allows you to plan the incoming call, a customizable incoming screen, and a unique personality.

8. Call Voice Changer Allogag

Allogag Voice Changer is an iOS application that allows you to modify your voice and make free, fun phone calls to anyone you desire. This voice changer application offers a range of funny voice changers you can use in your call or recordings. Along with the voice changer facility, it also provides background effects like wind, crowd, police voice, and so on.

9. Voice Changer with Effects

The Voice Changer with Effects is an Android application that differs from other prank call applications that handle the call for you. You must use it with another app or play the record while on the phone. Despite this, it's still one of the greatest voice changer applications for changing your voice.

You may use numerous voice sounds and create prank calls or record voice clips. After that, you may record your voice, create photos, and even post your work on social media. The app also offers a text-to-speech possibility to record voice "calls" from messages.

10. Live Voice Changer

Live Voice Changer transforms your iOS smartphone into a sound transformer in real time. You may use it to record or play your audio files for pranks and voice overs. It is also a superb audio recording tool.

There are many amazing sound effects, such as tom cat audio, squirrel audio, gender audio, and much more, that you can apply for a live call. You can create unique sound clips and may also share the sound with your friends via social media apps.

11. Girls Voice Changer

Girls Voice Changer is a free and entertaining voice changer tool that any Android user can use to prank, amuse, and entertain others by changing, editing, and updating their voice sounds.

As the name indicates, this voice-changing application is specially made to change your voice into a female gender while you are on the call. It contains a range of girl sound effects, from young to old adult women. You can trick your friends using this app and enjoy the prank.

12. Funny Call

The funny call is a straightforward and easy-to-use amazing fake call Android application that can be used to play practical jokes with friends and family. You can revert your voice during the call and apply different effects to it in real time as it contains hilarious effects like a zombie, party time, storyteller, etc.

Comparison Of 12 Voice Changer Apps

This section comprehensively compares all 12 voice changer apps, comprising different features and parameters. This comparison may help you decide which voice changer for calls you should opt for among the lot.

Application Name
Number of Voice Effects
Free / Paid
Quality of Connections
Prank Dial

25.44 MB (Android)

78.6 MB (iOS)

135+ 4.8 / 5 Free with In-App purchases ($2.99 - $31.99 per item) Good

5.7 MB (Android)

65.9 MB (iOS)

5 3.2 / 5

Free with In-App purchases

($0.59 - $12.09 per item)

VoiceFX 13 MB (Android) 17 4.2 / 5 Free with In-App purchases ($3.15 per item) Good

103 MB (Android)

39.6 MB


5 3 / 5 Free with In-App purchases ($0.99 - $199.00 per item) Average
Call Voice Changer 22.4 MB (iOS) 15+ 4.1 / 5 Free with In-App purchases ($0.99 - $19.99 per item) Good
Voice Changer Plus 106.7 MB (iOS) 55+ 4.6 / 5 Free with In-App purchases ($0.00 - $1.99 per item) Excellent
Fake Call 2 MB (Android) - 4 / 5 Completely Free Good
Call Voice Changer Allogag 33.2 MB (iOS) 16 3.7 / 5 Free with In-App purchases ($0.99- $18.99 per item) Average
Voice Changer with Effects 11 MB (Android) 40+ 4.4 / 5 Free with In-App purchases ($2.99 per item) Good
Live Voice Changer 11.1 MB (iOS) 35+ 4.5 / 5 Free with In-App purchases ($4.99 - $9.99 per item) Good
Girls Voice Changer 14.34 MB (Android) 10 3 / 5 Completely Free Below Average
Funny Call 91.88 MB (Android) 16+ 3.2 / 5 Completely Free Below Average

Editor's Opinion Regarding the Top 3 Voice Changer Apps

It can be seen that each voice changer app is relatively different from the other. Almost all apps have different ratings and reviews according to their user experience.

According to the comparison made above, the top 3 call voice changer applications are

  • Prank Dial
  • Voice Changer Plus
  • Live Voice Changer


  • These applications have high ratings in their respective store, i-e, the apple store and google play store, which indicates that users have shown trust in using these apps because of their better user experience and features.
  • In addition, the wide range of sound effects and their performance in the quality of connections have made these three apps better than the others.

We hope this article has helped you enhance your knowledge regarding the best voice-changing call applications, so what are you waiting for? Just download these call voice changer apps on your phones and start pranking your closed ones.


This article provides in-depth knowledge about the top 12 best call voice changers for iPhone and Android phones. You can explore these top-call voice changers applications. However, we recommend you use Prank Dial, Voice Changer, and Live Voice Changer among the lot because of their better reviews, ratings, and numerous provided sound effects.

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