10 Top-notch voice changers you can not decline

Voice changers can bring various benefits, such as transforming your recorded audio into a different voice. Moreover, it can apply special effects to enhance the audio quality according to your preferences. Majorly, voice changers are used in audio presentations, marketing videos, or tutorials posted on social media platforms. That's why in the past 12 months, Google Trends has also indicated that many people across the world are searching for voice changers for multiple uses.

Due to the huge demand for voice changers, this article will shed light on various apps like Adobe Audition voice changer. By exploring this article, you will find about 10 different voice changers with great capabilities.

google trends voice changer

Part 1. Comparison of 10 voice changers

We shall first be looking into some important key characteristics that need to be looked into while selecting the voice changer for work:

Voice Changer Tool
Sound Effects
Voice Filters
Operating System
UniConverter Voice Changer None 5 Windows/Mac Free (For Limited Time)
Adobe Audition Voice Changer 12000+ Through Pitch Windows/Mac Starting at $20.99
Audacity Voice Changer 40+ Through Pitch + Third-Party Add-on Filters Windows/Mac/Linux Free
Celebrity Voice Changer None 119 Android/iOS/Chrome Extension Free
Voicemod 1000+ 101 Windows

Quarterly Plan - $3.99/Month

Annual Plan - $1.99/Month

Lifetime License - $43.99

NCH Voxal 6+ 37+ Windows/Mac

Commercial License - $50

Home-Use Only - $40

Commercial License Quarterly -$1.94/Month

Clownfish Voice Changer None 14 Windows/Chrome Extension Free
AV Voice Changer 80+ 50+ Windows

Basic - $29.95

Gold - $39.95

Diamond - $99.95

SuperVoice Changer – Editor None 19 Android Free
MoprhVOX Voice Changer 114 89 Windows/Mac $39.99

Part 2. More detailed information about the 10 voice changers

Are you eager to learn about high-end voice changers? In this section, you can read a brief overview of 10 efficient voice changers.

1. UniConverter Voice Changer

  • This tool supports batch processing through which you can convert the voices of multiple files simultaneously.
  • On its clean and simple user interface, you can find multiple options for voice effects like male, female, robot, child, and transformer.
  • After changing your voice, you can edit the transformed voice directly from this tool.
wondershare uniconverter 13

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uniconverter voice changer

2. Adobe Audition Voice Changer

  • Adobe voice changerallows the user to enhance or decrease the pitch of their sounds through the Pitch Shifter effect.
  • If you want to create a shouting voice, you can use Delay and Echo feature. It also consists of various echo presets that can be applied with a single click.
  • To alter the angle of approach of a sound, Adobe audition voicechanger offers a Doppler Shifter containing unique presets such as Ambulance, Merry-go-Round, etc.
adobe audition voice changer

3. Audacity Voice Changer

  • Audacity voice changercan transform a male voice into a female effortlessly through the effects offered in the Pitch section.
  • For creating a precise robotic voice, you can apply the "Delay Time" effect offered in this software.
  • You can getmultiple high-quality voice effects like baby voice, celebrity voice, fantasy voice, and animal voice if you attach a voice changer with audacity. You can also change the settings of these Audacity voice filters by altering the tempo and speed.
audacity voice changer

4. Celebrity Voice Changer

  • Celebrity voice changercan change your recorded audio into the voice of A-listed celebrities like Godfather, Queen, George Bush, and many more.
  • Users can also request the voice of their favorite celebrity on this Chrome extension. If there are many requests for a particular celebrity, you will be able to use the requested celebrity voice soon.
  • If you are not fluent in the English language, theCelebrity Voice Changer app is perfect as it will transform your voice and English accent professionally.
celebrity voice changer

5. Voicemod

  • This voice changer can be used while playing popular games and programs like Fortnite, Discord, Rust, Skype, etc.
  • It can drastically change your voice in real-time during live streaming so that you can prank or entertain your friends effortlessly.
  • It contains more than 100 voice filters along with additional background effects. By using a suitable combination of filters and background effects, you can display your creativity skills by altering your voice.
voicemod voice changer

6. NCH Voxal

  • NCH Voxal allows you to shift between multiple voices using custom hotkeys during live streams or gameplays.
  • This tool has a low CPU usage which means it will not affect other running applications in the background.
  • Users can create customized voice effects without any limitations.
voxal voice changer

7. Clownfish Voice Changer

  • Clownfish not only has captivating voice effects but also has a built-in music player with enhanced audio control. This media player supports numerous media file formats.
  • It comprises a Voice Assistant who can instantly convert your text to speed. From its drop-down menu, you can select referred voices.
  • By installing the required filter on Clownfish, users can add music sources from online Platforms like YouTube and Vimeo.
clownfish voice changer

8. AV Voice Changer

  • This tool offers Voice Morpher, which enables people to alter the voice properties like pitch and timbre with high efficiency.
  • It offers a Voice Analyzer through which you can closely observe the current properties of your recorded voice like pitch, score, harmony, and brightness.
  • Through the feature called Parody Mixer, you can mix different voices to produce a new unique parody version flawlessly.
av voice changer

9. Super Voice Changer – Editor

  • This app contains several funny voice effects like chipmunk, bee, old man, devil, and robot. If you are a superhero fan, this app contains voice effects of Minions, Star Wars, and Transformers.
  • It provides the user with unique voice filters for singing, such as Karaoke reverb, phonograph effects, chorus effects, concert reverb, and chorus effects.
  • Custom change your voice using the speed and pitch settings.
super voice changer

10. MorphVOX Voice Changer

  • This tool allows people to import their own sound effects and background filters to create a customized voice.
  • You can utilize its voice comparison analysis tuning to compare the features of two voices.
  • Through live vocal visualization, you can check the factors like color blasts, frequency spectrum, and spectrograms.
morphvox pro voice changer

Author'sVerdict: A compatible voice changer is one that has an easy-to-use interface and offers various options for voice effects. Moreover, it should support batch processing so that users can enhance their productivity easily.

Among all the discussed tools, we have found many features and characteristics that make every voice changer efficient and effective. However, we always have to make our selection easier. In the discussion, we have found out that UniConverter is a suitable option for voice changing due to its well-structured interface and distinct features like batch processing that can increase the productivity of a user.

You can also try using Voicemod for changing your voice across different gaming platforms such as League of Legends, CS:GO, and Fortnite, along with communication desktop apps such as Skype, Discord, and TeamSpeak.


Do you want to change your voice to hide your identity? This article has discussed some of the top-rated apps like Audacity voice changer, Adobe Audition voice changer, and many more. You can read this article and can learn about the respective features and advantages of each app easily. Make sure to select a reliable voice changer that can optimize your tasks effortlessly.

Words in the end

We have conducted thorough research to compose this article which can be understood through the following steps:

Step 1: First, we have researched the best available voice changer tools in the market from the Google search engine. From there, we shortlisted the top-rated tools with the best reviews.

Step 2: Afterward, we tried each tool personally to evaluate its advantages and features closely. By understanding the capabilities of every tool, we crafted a well-structured assessment.

Step 3: After trying and closely observing each voice changer, we drew a comparative analysis and also shed light on their key features in this article.

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