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The Best Anonymous Voice Changer To Hide Your True Voice From Being Recognized

Nowadays, many people want to avoid having their gender and voice known in the online world to create a feeling of mystery online. This can be achieved by using anonymous voice changers. Some people search for anonymous voice changers to use these softwares to prank their friends. Some use it in live streaming games, and others search for hacker voice changers apps to frighten their friends as a hacker, and much more.

This article lists the top anonymous voice changer applications that can help you have fun while hiding your identity. So, stay with us and read till the end.

The Best Anonymous Voice Changer for Recorded Audios / Videos

Suppose you have a YouTube account where you upload scary content regarding ghost stories and ghost buildings. So, to make your content much more realistic, you should alter your recorded video or audio into some mysterious voice with a deep pitch and notch. How can you do that? Don't worry; see the five best anonymous voice changer applications below.


One of the best voice-over tools for recorded audio and videos is UniConverter. It supports Windows and Mac and is powered by Wondershare. UniConverter provides a free voice-changing facility to its users. The following are some of UniConverter's pros and cons that you should know.


A complete tool-box package that can be used for video compression, editing, and much more

Easy to use and user-friendly interface


Limited voice effects available

iVoice - Fun with Voice

screen view of ivoice fun with voice software

One of the emerging voice changer applications for Android users is iVoice- Fun with Voice application, which offers users two options: to record audio directly to the app or upload the pre-recorded audio files. After that, apply voice effects on that audio file and get the output file.


It is a 100% free mobile application

Share output files with friends on different platforms


Limited voice effects available

No separate pitch or voice settings are available

Voxal Voice Changer

screen view of voxal voice software

A strong tool offered by NCH software that works with both Windows and Mac systems is the voxal voice changer. The best voice changer for recorded audio/videos and real-time products can help you add more creativity, alter your voice, morph it, and hide it in any tool, video, or game that uses a microphone.


Low CPU utilization and a simple, engaging user interface

Create many new voice effects and real-time audio filter enhancements


Some applications demand a restart

Voices cannot be exported as soundtracks

Viscom Voice Changer

screen view of viscom voice software

With the help of the software package Viscom Store Voice Changer, you may record sounds from microphones or other audio sources and transform the voice into that of an older adult or young child. It provides your output file in MP3, WAV, or WMA extensions.


Simple and easy to use

It is 100 % free voice changer software


Unpleasant user interface causing bad user experience

Very limited functionalities

AthTek Free Voice Changer

screen view of athtek free voice changer software

AthTek voice changer is one of the free voice changers for your pre-recorded audio files. If you are a Windows user, this software is for you. You need to load your audio file into the app, and you can change the voice of your audio by giving variations to its pitch and speed.


It is a 100% free application

Provides real-time voice conversion facility in Skype voice changer version


Unpleasant user interface with multiple editing options on one scattered screen

Very limited functionalities and only single export file extensions, i-e wav

The Best Real-Time Anonymous Voice Changer


logo view of vonage nexmo software

This voice morphing solution, Nexmo, enables you to customize your calling experience by providing data and conditions within your grasp. This top-tier global carrier network is renowned for its creative, straightforward, and scalable voice features.


Smooth real-time audio streaming calls

Provide multiple languages speak to the text conversion option


Difficult user experience due to bad GUI

Odd call-transfer method

Hero Voicer

screen view of hero voicer software

If you want to have some fun, you need the Hero Voicer voice changer. It elevates the likelihood of prank calls by changing your voice so that it sounds completely different during a live call discussion. Additionally, you may choose a voice with a single click; it organizes your voices, has an intuitive design, and more.


Easy to use the application because of the clear and simple GUI

Provides additional background sound effects


In-accurate soundtracks of some celebrities

Very limited voice effects available

Prank Call

screen views of prank call software

We received a joke application from Ownage Pranks named the Prank Call voice changer app at the leading position on the leaderboard. It is one of the most viewed, downloaded, and rated voice changer applications on Playstore and Apple store. It also provides a call recording of your prank call in your app profile which you can access anytime later.


An attractive user interface with easy access

Additionally, you may employ faux background noises to help your practical joke




Unnecessary, extremely lengthy ads pop-ups which cause a bad user experience

Quite expensive as compared to other voice changer applications

Clownfish Voice Changer

screen view of clownfish voice changer software

This adaptable speech-changing software enables voice morphing in practically all well-known applications, including Hangouts, Discord, Skype, and others. You must allow it permission to use your system microphone or any other compatible audio device since it must be installed as an add-on to the app.


A user-friendly, straightforward app that supports video texts as well as several chat applications

Features a basic interface that is suitable for both experts and beginners


Quite simple and unpleasant user interface look

Issues in custom voice enhancements and software updates

Comparison Among the Voice Changers

This section includes a comparison of the above-mentioned anonymous voice changers for both pre-recorded and real-time audio sounds.

Comparison between pre-recorded audio/video voice changers

Software Cost Ease of Use and Compatibility Ratings Contains Ads Supported System(s)
UniConverter Free High 4.6 / 5 No Windows and Mac
iVoice Free Medium 2.3 / 5 Yes Android
Voxal Voice $39.99 and $48.99 Medium 3.3 / 5 No Windows and Mac
Viscom Voice Free High 2 / 5 No Windows
AthTek Free Voice Free Medium 3.2 / 5 No Windows

Considering the above comparison among the anonymous voice changers for pre-recorded audio or video files, don't you think UniConverter has outperformed the other voice changer apps? UniConverter is the only voice changer software with high ratings, better ease of use, compatibility, and free cost. However, the rest of the softwares are either low-rated by its users or has average ease of use and compatibility.

So, what are you waiting for? Download UniConverter and start having fun with your pre-recorded audio and video files.

wondershare uniconverter 13

Wondershare UniConverter — All-in-one Video Toolbox for Windows and Mac.

safe mov video converter free download Security Verified. 3,591,664 people have downloaded it.

Edit videos on Mac by trimming, cropping, adding effects, and subtitles.

Converter videos to any format at 90X faster speed.

Compress your video or audio files without quality loss.

Excellent smart trimmer for cutting and splitting videos automatically.

Nice AI-enabled subtitle editor for adding subtitles to your tutorial videos automatically.

Download any online video for teaching from more than 10,000 platforms and sites.

Comparison between real-time voice changers

Software Cost Ease of Use and Compatibility Ratings Contains Ads Supported System(s)
Nexmo Free Trial version after that $0.0075/message Medium 4.6 / 5 No Windows
Hero voicer Free High 4 / 5 No Windows
Prank Call Free with in-app purchase ($0.99 - $27.99) High 4.7 / 5 Yes Android and iOS
Clownfish Voice Changer Free High 4.6 / 5 No Windows

If we carefully analyze the comparison of our real-time voice changers, Clownfish voice changer has won the competition as it offers free services with high ease in user experience. Eventually, it contains no ads, which also has affected its rating, which is impressive against the lot.


This article brings you some exciting anonymous voice changer applications to change the voice of your pre-recorded audios and videos and for real-time voice-changing fun. Among the voice changers applications for pre-recorded audios or videos, UniConverter voice changer has stood first as it gained customers' trust with its free-of-cost services, ease of use, and better ratings. On the other hand, Clownfish voice changer has become the best voice changer software for real-time voice conversion.

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