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All Simple Ways to Burn CDs with Windows Media Player

by Christine Smith • 2024-01-11 10:26:48 • Proven solutions

Burning music to an audio CD is desired on many occasions, especially when someone wishes for the entire of his/her favorite songs to be there in one place to ensure that there is no need to switch between distinct albums. A regularly available audio CD that can be bought through general stores can be used for listening purposes from a dedicated music system or computer, as well as a CD player. This article will explain how to use a windows media player to burn a cd and the alternatives to burn CDs.

Part 1. How to Burn a CD with Windows Media Player

To start with the process, one needs a CD or DVD recorder drive or merely a CD or DVD burner and a blank CD or DVD.

Step 1: First of all, open Windows Media Player. Find Player Library and then select the Burn tab within it. Here, one has to choose the Burn options button, then the Options button, and then select Audio CD or Data CD or DVD.

windows media player burn cd

Step 2: Put a blank disc within the CD or DVD burner you are having. In case the PC you use contains more than one CD or DVD drive, the concerned drive you wish to use has to be selected.

Step 3: Look for the options within Player Library that you wish to burn to the disc. Once done, bring those to the list pane that can be found at the Player Library's right to prepare the desired burn list. Once done with the list, go with the option Start burn.

start burn

Handy suggestions:

In case you want to alter the line-up of the items in the list, one can take them up or down in the list. When someone wishes to remove an item from the list, first right-click on the item, and then select Remove from list. This is going to remove the one from the burn list. However, it doesn't delete the same from the PC. It will only remove from the burn list. When the list contains an excessive number of items for a single disc, the residual items can be burnt to the other disc.

Part 2. Best Alternative to Windows Media Player to Burn CD

Wondershare UniConverter, also known as Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate, can function as a CD burner, allowing users to burn CDs. The best part is that it burns without compromising with quality. It keeps the same quality from which it is going to burns the CD. It works well with most audio formats starting from MP3, WAV, M4A, M4B, and FLAC.

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Given below are the easy steps to burn CD effectively and in the least time.

Step 1 Install Windows Media Player Alternative to Burn CD.

First of all, launch Wondershare UniConverter after downloading it on your device. Then Put a click on the Toolbox tab from the main display and then select the CD Burner option.

install windows media player alternative to burn cd

Step 2 Add Files to Windows Media Player Alternative.

This is going to open a new window. Put a click on the + icon visible over the main interface. This makes the file browser available, where you have to select audio files on your device. One can add multiple files here.

add files to windows media player alternative

Step 3 Insert the CD to Computer and Choose the Burner.

The entire integrated audio files will be showcased in terms of name, size, and size of the output. Double click on it. One can remove or add more files as well; all that one need is to click the icons available at the top corner at the left. Once the entire files are selected, put the blank CD within the device and select the burner from the top corner at the right.

insert the cd to computer and choose the burner

Step 4 Complete the Burning Process.

Once the entire setting is done, all it needs is to put a click on the Burn button to initiate burning songs to a CD. One can find the disc's storage at the bottom bar to know the total file size added. A message is going to appear on the interface after the process completes.

complete the burning process

Part 3. How to Burn a CD with Other Simple Ways

  1. ImgBurn

ImgBurn is a software program that allows the recording of DVD, CD, and the Blu-Ray images to recordable media. It is a lightweight application that burns the DVD, CD, and Blu-Ray. This software has many features, such as:

  • Creates an image file from the disc

It can create program files in the hard drive and put it into the disc.

  • Create image file from folders

It can extract and build the ISO image from the disc inserted into the computer.

  • Writes folders to the disc

Except for the ISO images, all other files can be written into a DVD, CD, or Blu-Ray disc using the ImgBurn.

  • Write image files to disc.

Burn the ISO image files from your Windows to a readable CD or DVD.

Steps to Burn a CD with ImgBurn:

Step 1: Launch ImgBurn and choose the option of write files/folders to disc.

launch ImgBurn

Step 2: Next, go to tools and choose the option of Create CUE File. Then drag and drop your music files in the software and select the required settings, and then click OK.

create cue file

Step 3: Then return to the first window and click on the Write image file to disc. Now insert a blank CD, choose the new CUE file, and click write. In a few seconds, the CD will be ready. Then you can burn other files also by just clicking Write.

click write

  1. iTunes

Apple iTunes is the software used for playing, downloading, video files, and managing audio. It also provides access to the iTunes store. It helps its users sync the apps, media, and other data across multiple devices. iTunes upload music to iCloud using the iTunes match service. It also burns the digital music files (MP3s) to disc. It also helps in downloading the podcasts. You can create self-updating playlists. iTunes streams the songs from Apple music. It also converts one audio format to another format.

Steps to Burn a CD with iTunes:

Step 1: First, launch iTunes and create a playlist. Now go to File and click on NewPlaylist. Enter the name on the playlist and drag-n-drop your favorite songs.

launch iTunes

Step 2: Now insert a blank CD into your computer and then select the playlist you want to burn in iTunes and then right-click on the playlist. Drop down the list and select the Burn Playlist to Disc. Then, there is a window pop up that allows you to choose the disc format.

select burn playlist to disk

Step 3: Next, click the Burn button to copy the songs from your computer to the CD. Once the files are copied, a CD icon appears in the iTunes Source list. Then, eject the CD from the computer.

  1. Winamp

WinAMP is known as the Windows Audio MPEG player. It is software from Nullsoft that helps the PC users to play audio files in almost all the audio formats, which include WAV, MP3, and MS-Audio. It helps convert the audio from analog tape recorders or any other media to the MP3 digital format. It also helps in burning an audio file to the CD. It has many types of interface designs that make it attractive and exciting for users. They can also add their graphic designs to the WinAMP. With the help of WinAMP, one can listen to SHOUT cast streaming radio broadcasts.

Steps to Burn a CD with WinAMP:

Step 1: Launch Winamp and insert a blank CD-R into the disc drive on your computer. Then click on View and select the Media Library.

launch winamp

Step 2: Select the blank disc from the list under the media library. Then click on Add at the bottom of the Winamp window. Then select the playlist that you wish to burn and click on Files/Folder to search the music. Next, we will choose the tracks that you want to burn the CD and then click, OK.

select the blank disc

Step 3: We will now click on Burn, which is located at the bottom of Winamp. Next, select the Enable Burn-proof mode. Click on Burn that is present on the dialog box. Once it starts with burning the CD, then after the completion, you will receive a notification of completion.

click on burn


There is a lot that one needs to understand about burning CDs. Hopefully, we could answer all the questions about burning CDs in all the possible ways. But if you are still not sure about it, then I will advise you to choose Wondershare UniConverter for burning CDs. It is the most effective way to burn CDs. It is always recommended that one should go for windows CD burner download software from the authentic developer's site.

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