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How to Burn ISO to CD Easily with 5 Best Methods

by Christine Smith • 2024-07-03 14:34:00 • Proven solutions

You may want to burn an ISO file to CD/DVD for different purposes. Whatever the reason may be, such as to repair an infected computer, reinstallation of the operating system, or transferring the contents, the task to burn ISO to CD is common. You can easily perform it with various free, as well as premium software. In this article, we will discuss the five best software to burn the ISO file to CD quickly.

Part 1. How to Burn ISO to CD with Free ISO Burner

Free ISO Burner is one of the best software that directly burns your ISO images to CD/DVD directly. As the primary interface is not full of settings, so the software is easy to use as compared to others available in the market. Typically, ISO files come with an extension of .iso, but the macOS uses the extension.CDR for the ISO files. 

Steps to Burn ISO to CD with Free ISO Burner:

Step 1: Download Free ISO Burner

In the very first step, you need to download the Free ISO Burner from the official site.

Step 2: Click Open in the main menu

burn iso to cd

Now, you need to select Open in the main menu and choose the ISO file you want to burn to CD.

Step 3: Insert a blank CD and go to the Burn button.

While you choose for the ISO image file to burn to CD, the system will want you to insert a blank CD, and then you can select the Burn button given in the main interface.

burn iso to disc

Key Features:

  • Free ISO Burner is a free software to burn ISO files to CD/DVD directly.
  • It also handles the bootable CD image file.
  • There is also an option to abort the CD burning process by choosing the abort.
  • The software is compatible with both of the Windows Editions, namely the 32-bit and 64-bit.
  • You are not required to install the program as it is a standalone software explicitly made for burning ISO file images.

Part 2. How to Burn ISO to CD with ISO Burn

It is a bit of advanced software than the previous one. ISO Burn can directly write your ISO image files into different discs, namely the CD-R, DVD-R, CD-RW, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, DVD+R, DVD, HD, and Blu-ray Disc. The software complies with ISO 9660 standard and also supports bootable files of images.

Steps to Burn the Image to CD with ISO Burn:

Step 1: Download the software and Insert a blank CD.

The installation step will get completed within a few seconds. After downloading, the software immediately will want you to insert the blank CD for burning ISO images within it.

Step 2: Make necessary settings and click the Burn ISO button.

A new window will appear which will ask you to make required settings such as selecting ISO image files, device driver, etc. After all the requirements are over, tap on the Burn ISO button.

burn iso to disk

Key Features:

  • The ISO Burn software needs installation, unlike some of the other portable software.
  • The app also supports an erasing function.
  • Various options are also available within the app for verifying the burned disc.
  • It is compatible with operating systems Windows Vista, Windows XP, and 7.
  • It doesn’t contain any adware or spyware.

Part 3. How to Burn ISO to CD with ISO Recorder

ISO Recorder is a great tool that complies with standard ISO 9660. The main feature of this software is to write ISO images into a blank DVD/CD. With the software, you don’t need to install or purchase any other third party software. It became popular since its first-time use with the Windows Beta community.

Steps to Burn ISO file to CD with ISO Recorder:

Step 1: Download ISO recorder

The first step requires you to download the ISO Recorder software from the official website.

Step 2: Click copy image to CD on the menu.

For that, open the folder of ISO file images and right-click the ISO image to select the option copy image to a CD.

cd image burner

Step 3: Select the recorder.

From the dropdown menu, select the recorder within which you need to insert the media. The erasable disk will get automatically erased.

burn iso program

Step 4: Click the Next button.

When the disc is writable, the next button got highlighted to start recording.

burn image to cd

Key Features:

  • It is a lightweight software to burn the ISO file to CD or DVD directly.
  • It is freely available and only compatible with Windows XP and its previous versions.
  • USA, India, and Turkey are its central countries of usage.

Part 4. How to burn ISO to CD with Passcape ISO Burner

If you want to burn bootable ISO to CD, check out this Passcape ISO Burner. It supports most of the USB devices and CD/DVD recorders. The software also allows extracting ISO images within the disk. You can do the task of burning ISO images with the simple steps given below.

Steps to Burn Bootable ISO to CD with Passcape ISO Burner:

Step 1: Download Passcape ISO Burner

Go to the official website and download Passcape ISO Burner.

Step 2: Select the device.

Insert the blank CD and choose the device you want to write to.

There are two options: whether you want to burn bootable ISO to CD or burn ISO image to a CD using another program. In either case, you have to select the device within which you want to copy the contents.

burn bootable iso to cd

Step 3: Press the Burn button to start the process.

Then, finally, select the Burn button given below to burn the ISO image to a CD. If the boot specification is not available, then the system will automatically inform you of the software.

Key Features:

  • It’s a simple software to be used even by inexperienced users.
  • Passcape ISO burner is freely available for non-commercial use.
  • It also supports bootable USB disk creation.
  • It has a mostly automated process for the easy user interface.
  • It can also extract ISO images to HDD.

Part 5. How to Burn ISO to CD with ISO Workshop

ISO Workshop is a free software to support ISO image conversion and management. It also supports DVD/CD/Blu-Ray Disc copying and burning operations. With the intuitive and straightforward user interface, you can also extract ISO as well as disc images, burn and convert discs, and create disc backups.

Steps to Burn the ISO file to CD with ISO Workshop

Step 1: Choose the option Burn Image.

In the first step, you need to choose the burn image option from the main interface of the software.

burn iso file to cd

Step 2: Make the required settings.

Then, you have to make the required ISO settings in the software after adding the ISO folder. The settings will also you for creating the name and choosing the file system.

burn iso file to disc

Step 3: Click on the Burn button.

As usual, the last step is to click the Burn button provided below in the window. Then, see your ISO file gets copied to the blank CD you have chosen.

Key Features:

  • It is a free desktop burner application.
  • The interface is smart, as well as intuitive.
  • The software performs various copying and burning functions.
  • It also simply makes disc backups and conversions.


Hopefully, you have enjoyed our small guide on the five best software to burn ISO to a CD quickly with few steps. However, the software provided is not perfect, but you can consider them to burn ISO files as the best software over the internet. The process beginning from installation to the burning of ISO image to CD is a whole lot easy. Nevertheless, our best pick from the above-given list is ISO Burn software, as it is both ad-free as well as virus-free. The choice is yours, however, based upon the preferences, your operating system, and the cost.

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