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How To Compress mp4 Within Seconds With Various Methods

Having a video with a big file size can be a trouble sometimes. It will be hard to send videos with large file sizes to other people. Also, videos with large file sizes will take up a lot of our device's memory. Fortunately, you can compress mp4 files smaller to avoid this problem. Therefore, keep reading this article since we various methods to compress video into smaller sizes.

Part 1: How to compress mp4 without losing quality with a video compressor

1. PC Users

Indeed, the best way to compress MP4 without losing quality is by using compressor tools. If you are a PC user, it's highly recommended that you use UniConverter. UniConverter has a video compression function that can minimize the size of your video files without sacrificing quality. You can use the software's automatic compression mode or manually set the compression level, file size, and other parameters.

UniConverter features

  • Reduce the size of over a thousand different audio and video formats.
  • High-quality video compression, up to 8K, and lower resolutions.
  • Estimates the size of a file that has been shrunk accurately for a better experience.
  • With UniConverter, you can compress DVD files to back them up, share them, or play them.

wondershare uniconverter

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Tutorial on reducing the size of your video files using UniConverter

Step 1

You must download UniConverter on your computer and launch it. Once you launch it > "Compressor."

reducing size video with uniconverter step 1

Step 2

Click the "+" icon to export the video to UniConverter for compression.

reducing size video with uniconverter step 2

Step 3

In the following window, you will see the estimated size of the compressed video. To begin compression, click "Compress."

Step 4

To find out where the location of the file is stored, click the "Finished" > "File" icon.

reducing size video with uniconverter step 4

2. Android Users

If you are an Android user, you can still compress mp4 without losing quality. In this case, you can use YouCut by Inshot. YouCut is mostly a flexible app for compressing videos for Android. It has all the best tools to make it easy to compress, trim, and rotate. Aside from this, YouCut lets you share a video file you've edited directly to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and other popular social media sites.

YouCut features

  • Compress, trim, and rotate easily.
  • It supports a wide range of video formats.
  • You can add impressive effects to videos.

Follow the following steps to learn how to compress MP4 using YouCut

Step 1

You must download YouCut on Google Play and launch it on your phone. After that, click "+" to export the video your want to compress into YouCut

Step 2

After exporting the movie to YouCut, click "Save" to discover the file size of the video before compressed.

Step 3

Close the save window, find the "BG" option and click on it.

Step 4

In the next window, choose the "1.1"> "checklist" icon.

Step 5

Click "Save" again. You can see that the estimated size of the file has gone down from 29.5MB to 16.9 MB. Then, click "Save."

Step 6

Lastly, wait until the converting process is finished, and your video will automatically be saved into your phone.

3. iPhone Users

If you are an iPhone user, don't worry since App Store has a reliable tool to compress mp4 video to a smaller size. The tool is called "AniSmall." With its simple one-click batch operation, compatibility for 1000+ formats, high-definition lossless compression, and the ability to effortlessly meet your varying compressing needs, AniSmall is the complete video and audio compression solution available.

AniSmall features

  • Support 1000+ formats
  • High-quality lossless compression
  • 120X faster compression speed than other common compressors.

Here are the simple steps to compress mp4 video to a smaller size

Step 1

Download and run AniSmall on your phone.

Step 2

Click "Video Compressor"> "Album" or "Document library" to export your video into AniSmall.

Step 3

After your video is exported to AniSmall, you can adjust the output size according to your preferences. Once you are sure that everything is properly configured, click "Export."

Step 4

After the process of exporting is done. Click "Open" to go to the file's location.

Part 2: How to reduce mp4 size with other methods

A compressor tool is not the only way to compress video size. In fact, you can also make alternative choices to compress your video size. For instance, you can trim the unwanted part of your video or split your video into different parts. However, to do these things, you need reliable video editing software such as UniConverter.

UniConverter is an excellent option for video editing software since UniConverter has tons of features. At the same time, it's easy to navigate, even for newbies. With UniConverter, you can do basic editing or advanced video editing. Bellow, we will show you how to trim unwanted parts of your video. Also, how to split your video.

How to trim the unwanted part of your video

Step 1

You must download, Install, and Launch UniConverter on your computer. Click "Editor"> "Trim" to upload your video into UniConverter.

Step 2

After you upload your video into UniConverter. Hang your mouse at the back/front of the clip if you want to cut the video from the beginning/end. Simply drag the time slider to the desired length, and then click the scissor icon to begin trimming immediately.

trim video with uniconverter step 2

Step 3

Choose the undesired part you wish to trim, then click "Delete"> "OK to continue.

trim video with uniconverter step 3

Step 4

Finally, click "Save" to save your video.

trim video with uniconverter step 4

How to split the video with UniConverter

Step 1

Launch UniConverter on your computer > "Editor"> "Crop"> Upload your video.

split video with uniconverter step 1

Step 2

Here, you can choose the crop area size available based on your needs. Also, you can adjust by dragging the frame's corner. When everything is suitable to your needs, click "OK."

split video with uniconverter step 2

Step 3

Lastly, click "Save" to save your video.

split video with uniconverter step 3

Part 3: What people also ask

  • Does email ruin video quality?

The answer is yes. When you send an image by email, the server reduces its size so that it may be sent more quickly. The smaller the file size, the quicker it will download, even with slower connection speeds.

  • How can I send a large video file?

You can share your video easily and use a cloud storage space like Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive for free. You don't have to share the video file itself. Instead, you can just upload your finished video to their site. Once there, you can share the link with anyone you want.

  • How do I send a high-resolution file?

Use an online storage service like Google Drive or Dropbox to send high-resolution files without compressing them. One of the most popular options is Google Drive, which you already have if you have a Gmail account.

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