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Get Big Picture Quality With The Top 10 AI Image Enlargers

The image size and quality both play a role in how appealing it appears. Content creators have faced a challenge for a long time when they try to make a picture bigger. They often end up sacrificing their quality, which means compromising on the viewing experience. However, a transformative shift has occurred with the advent of AI image enlargers.

These advanced programs allow pictures to get bigger without losing their quality. This breakthrough enables users to make content that works well on various platforms. In this article, we’ll familiarize you with how the top 10 image enlargers are making things better. Also, we’ll explore the best image enlargers without losing quality to influence the visual appeal.

In this article
  1. Part 1. The Best 10 AI Image Enlargers You Cannot Miss
  2. Part 2. How Do You Enlarge Your Image Without Losing Quality?

Part 1. The Best 10 AI Image Enlargers You Cannot Miss

The need for larger images has driven the development of AI to break the limits of image resizing. Let’s begin our exploration into the world of AI image enlargers. These tools have caught the attention of creators by transforming the visual content. A list of the best ten image enlargers to make image enlargement easy is given below.

1.  PicWish

PicWish is an online image enlarger that uses the latest AI deep learning technology. You don't need to put in manual effort, as it works with an automated process. Whether you upload a portrait or anime, it adjusts its colors, lines, and tone and enlarges it. Businesses or content creators can enlarge their images at 2x or 4x to run their campaigns.

By accessing its pro-options, you can activate an efficient batch mode. Also, you can get advanced editing options, such as changing a blurry image into a clear one instantly.

picwish ai image enlarger

2.  Wondershare PixCut  

This tool offers a fantastic online image enlarger AI tool to increase the size of your images. It enlarges the image by calculating the pixels and adjusting them for large screens. Also, the tool maintains the optimal pixel density for the sharpness of pictures. You can get your photographs enlarged at 8x and improve photos to high definition, 4K, or greater.

After uploading a picture, you can get a different canvas setting. These settings include tools like enhancers, sharpeners, color correction, and more. Plus, you can ensure the security of your unique content through this web-based tool.

image enhancer ai image enlarger

3.  AI.Image Enlarger

AI.Image Enlarger presents an easy AI solution for image enlargement and enhancement. You can make your photos sharper, crisper, and cleaner with a single click. The platform allows you to increase image resolution without compromising on quality. It stands out with its capability to enlarge small images to 2K and 4K to maintain quality and detail.

This image enlarger for free excels in correcting low light issues in the images. Users can rapidly upscale to 2K, 4K, and 8K resolutions with optimal quality.

ai image enlarger interface

4.  Fotor

Fotor's image enlarger with AI is an efficient tool for instant online photo enlargement. The AI enlarger feature in its “Adjust” menu ensures the automatic expansion of images. Users can download enlarged images in high-resolution JPG, PNG, or PDF formats. Its advanced algorithm prevents blurriness or pixelation, which is common in image enlargement.

On its clean interface, you can make further adjustments to effects and beauty. In this way, users can have high-quality and detailed-oriented digital photo enlargements.

fotor ai image enlarger

5.  Remini

Among many image enlargers, Remini uses advanced technology to enlarge images without compromising quality. It allows users to increase image resolution up to 4096x4096 px, making images up to 2x larger. Also, you can ensure clarity and intricate detailing of each picture aspect. With powerful AI, Remini guarantees sharp and flawless images for professional use.

Its API integration allows developers to incorporate transformative HD technology. Rather than opting for auto color correction, you can choose from golden, silky, and more. Also, a free photo enlarger lets you beautify the images by applying movie, glam, cute, or natural filters.

remini ai image enlarger

6.  Let’s Enhance

Let's Enhance improves your photos, AI art, and prints with advanced features. With various options for uploading up to 50MB size, you can improve the tone of images. It prioritizes superior photo editing and enhances the resolution of images. Also, you can elevate your photos by adding clarity with a single click. The tool corrects pixelation, blur, colors, and lighting in an effortless way.

letsenhance ai image enlarger

Users can upscale their images to 16x and achieve HD, 4K, or higher resolutions. You can get 300 above DPI for your pictures to get professional and detailed prints with any image. Ideal for eCommerce, it transforms product photos with engaging backdrops through its API.

7.  Bigjpg

Bigjpg AI image enlarger stands out as a versatile tool with support for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. Using deep convolutional neural networks (CNNs) reduces noise and serration in images. The tool supports API integration, offering flexibility for users. Compared to other tools, it maintains color accuracy and eliminates visible blur.

It excels in processing anime illustrations by preserving colors, details, and edges. Users can upload images up to 3000x3000px and choose either artwork or photo as the image type. You can upscale up to 16x and manage the noise reduction from "None" to the highest.

bigjpg ai image enlarger


This platform empowers your images with an AI-driven image upscale tool. You can upload pictures or paste URLs supporting PNG, JPEG, JPG, and web formats. Also, the size limit is 1500x1500 pixels for the images. You can enjoy the convenience of bulk image enhancement on a single platform. The platform allows you to integrate APIs into your organization for enhanced productivity.

On this web-based platform, you can upload photos and upscale up to 4x. Also, users can give prompts to the tool for enhancing quality features.

upscale ai image enlarger

9.  Spyne

With cutting-edge AI technology and machine learning, Spyne increases image resolution. This image enlarges through AI, guesses missing information, and saves fine details. Users can upload PNG or JPG files and download the enhanced image in PNG format. It resizes images with an automation process and enables you to customize them.

Also, it transforms amateur car images into studio-grade photos with AI in seconds. You can choose from 100 above backgrounds or customize for a seamless experience.

spyne ai image enlarger

10.  Img2Go

Img2Go image enlarger’s AI upscaling features elevate image enhancement to new heights. Using advanced AI enriches low-resolution images and restores lost details and clarity. The upscaling process ensures vivid colors and crisp details. Other than upscaling, you can customize the width and height of the images to meet your needs.

Also, it lets users enhance their pictures by opting for the desired percentage. Users can download different file formats, including BMP, GIF, ICO, TGO, and many more.

img2go ai image enlarger

Part 2. How Do You Enlarge Your Image Without Losing Quality?

You may face challenges while enlarging images without compromising their quality. This process often results in a loss of clarity and intricate details. When scaling up an image, issues such as pixelation and blurriness become prominent. Most tools struggle to support the original image's quality and distort color. Wondershare UniConverter, an AI image enhancer, emerges to fulfill the need for image quality.

Wondershare UniConverter
Powerful AI photo enhancer
Download Download

It uses advanced AI algorithms to examine images. You can enhance pictures by recovering lost details and maintaining sharpness after enlargement. This software lets users import up to 25MB pictures and upscale them to 6000 x 6000 resolution. Plus, users can also import videos for optimal results after enhancement. 

Steps To Enhance Your Images with UniConverter

UniConverter enlarges images and maintains their quality for their display on wider screens. After knowing its features in image enhancement, let’s discuss the steps to get our HD images:

step 1Download the Tool and Get the AI Image Enhancer Feature

Begin the process by downloading this tool and launching it on your systems. On its main interface, navigate toward the “AI Lab” section to get different options. Among all the options, opt for the “AI Image Enhancer” to proceed further to a new window.

get into ai image enhancer
step 2 Import Your Image for Enhancement Process

After accessing the new window, hit the "+" icon to search for the images you want to enhance. Next, a dialogue box will appear on the screen to select the image for the uploading process. Plus, you can drag and drop your photos on the tool.

add image to enhance via uniconverter
step 3 Export the Upscaled Image After a Successful Examination

After importing the image, the AI technology examines the picture. After successful analysis, it provides you with an enhanced image of optimal quality. Now, click on the “Export” button to save this image at your end for personal use.

export ai enhanced image to device


We conclude that AI image enlargers upscale the images in an efficient way. In this regard, we discussed the top 10 image enlarger AI tools and their abilities to upscale images. They often reduce the image quality during the enhancement process. For an enhanced image with maintained quality, you should consider using Wondershare UniConverter.

Takashi Feb 01, 24
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