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Translating Subtitles Made Simple: A Comprehensive How-To Guide

Humans are inherently visual learners, making videos a permanent part of our lives. We use them to learn new things, spread news, and discuss ideas. Nowadays, videos from around the world can be seen everywhere to ensure proper communication. Translated subtitles are needed of the hour for global accessibility. We will discuss the need for translation and subtitling to help you understand the need for subtitle translators.

In this article
  1. Recognizing the Difference Between Video Translation and Subtitling
  2. How Does Video Translation or Subtitling Generally Help Users in this Digital Industry?
  3. How to Translate Subtitles Using the Best Resources?
  4. Automatically Translate the Subtitle File In Other Languages
  5. Offline vs. Online Video Translation or Subtitling: What is Better?

Part 1: Recognizing the Difference Between Video Translation and Subtitling

There are numerous ways to make video content accessible to a global audience. To clarify things, video translation and subtitling are two different things that can easily be confused. We will discuss both these methods to make things clearer for you:

1. Video Translation

It is a broader term that can be used to translate spoken audio and subtitles. There are several ways that creators can use translation to cater to their audience. Some prefer to translate videos through dubbing by hiring actors to recreate the spoken audio. Nowadays, people use AI tools to get quick translations of their audio and subtitles.

translation through ai tools

2. Subtitling

In contrast to sub-translate, subtitling refers to audio conversion into text. It is commonly used in films and television shows to make audio more understandable. These subtitles can be useful for people who don't speak the language of the medium. Also, deaf viewers can get help from these subtitles to understand video content.

translating subtitles in videos

With AI advancement, you can now combine both these aspects. For this, translating subtitles is an option to change the language of the written text on the display. For subtitle translation, there are even more options available on the market. You can also choose live captions for live streams, so subtitles are translated in real time.

Part 2: How Does Video Translation or Subtitling Generally Help Users in this Digital Industry?

Learning how to translate subtitles will help you increase accessibility to your content. By doing so, you can also engage a wider audience for brand recognition. This can create new opportunities for growing your business. Some other benefits of translating your subtitles are as follows:

1. Boost Viewership

By translating subtitles, you can open doors for viewers restricted by language barriers. New viewers will start flooding in as users are more likely to interact with videos in their native language.

2. Enhance Business

You can auto-translate video subtitles to tap into new markets. With this, you will be able to sell your products to people from diverse backgrounds. Adding a whole new domain of viewers to your audience will surely raise your income.

3. Increase Inclusivity

Millions of people across the globe suffer from hearing problems. Upon translating subtitles in videos, you can make these people feel included. This will also increase your viewership and, hence, your income.

4. Target Specific Regions

With translated captions, you will be able to target advertisements in specific nations. By doing so, you can open your business to new potential buyers. Other than that, it further increases your chances of growth.

Part 3: How to Translate Subtitles Using the Best Resources?

As discussed, video subtitle translation allows the creators to reach international audiences. It can also enhance the user experience by providing clarity and context to the content. Numerous tools are there that will help you translate video subtitles. Among them, Wondershare UniConverter is the best option that auto-translates video subtitles.

Before translating subtitles, you can make use of its auto-subtitle generator. This feature is especially useful when your video lacks an already attached subtitle file. With its help, you can also manually add subtitles to translate them for global reach. After translating your subtitles, it allows you to customize the styling of subtitles, such as font color and size.

Pricing Plans of Wondershare UniConverter

For Windows Users:

  1. Quarterly Plan: $29.99
  2. Yearly Plan: $49.99
  3. Perpetual Plan: $55.99

For Mac Users:

  1. Monthly Plan: $19.99
  2. Quarterly Plan: $39.99
  3. Yearly Plan: $59.99

Simple Guide to Translate Subtitles With Wondershare UniConverter

Wondershare UniConverter has an intuitive interface to assist you in translating subtitle files. Here are the steps to help you learn how to translate subtitles in video.

Step 1 Launch the Tool and Import the Video for Subtitle Translation

Firstly, download this tool from its official website to translate subtitle videos. After this, launch this tool on your desktop to get access to the subtitle translation feature. Choose the “Subtitle Editor” option from its main interface and drag and drop the required video.

access ai subtitle editor in uniconverter
Step 2 Import the Subtitle File to Enable AI Translation Feature

Navigate towards the top left corner of the new open window. Here, click the “Import Subtitle File” icon and import the subtitle file that matches your video. Following this, it will enable the subtitle translator feature of the tool.

add subtitle file to uniconverter
Step 3 Adjust the Setting for Subtitle Translation

Later, hit the “Subtitle Translator” option to open a new mini window. From here, choose the language in which you want to translate subtitles from the “Target Language” option. After selecting the required language, click the “Translate” option to translate video subtitles. Upon the completion of the translation, hit the “Export” button to save the output video.

perform translation of subtitles

Part 4: Automatically Translate the Subtitle File In Other Languages

After going through the above discussion, we can conclude that UniConverter is the best tool for translating subtitles. Still, we have a list if you want to consider some alternative options. Below are the translators that can auto-translate video subtitles to improve content accessibility:

1. Translate Subtitle

Translate Subtitles helps you simplify the task of translating subtitles for movies and series. Its integration with Google Translator assists in translating videos accurately. You can upload various subtitle file formats like SRT, SUB, SBV, and ASS for better functionality. Also, users get the chance to manually edit translated subtitles for error-free output. 

translate subtitle online tool

2. Happy Scribe

If you want to approach a larger audience, Happy Scribe is the video translation and subtitling tool that can help. It allows you to upload SRT files from the desktop, Dropbox, and Google Drive for subtitle translation. Through this tool, you also get the chance to translate subtitles of Zoom videos directly. Plus, you can also change the formatting of your subtitle files after translating them with this tool.

happy scribe online tool


Translating the video subtitles manually can be hectic and give inaccurate results. In this regard, is a video caption translation tool that can provide accurate results. After translating your subtitles, you can utilize the auto-formatting feature to determine how many lines the subtitle covers. To make these translated subtitles stand out, users can further add subtitle animations and effects.

veed io translate online tool

4. Maestra

Maestra is an auto-translate video subtitles generator that can translate video content through an SRT file. It provides you with more than 80 language options for subtitle translation. Users can manually edit the subtitles before the translation for better results. Also, it enables you to download the translated subtitle file in SRT, TXT, STL, SCC, and VTT formats.

maestra translation online tool

Part 5: Offline vs. Online Video Translation or Subtitling: What is Better?

It's difficult to choose the right tool for video translation with so many options available. So, let's decide once and for all whether online tools are better or offline:

01 Offline

As discussed above, offline tools like Wondershare UniConverter provide limitless translation features. You can access these secure tools without a need for the internet. Plus, offline tools don't suffer from file size restrictions. However, these tools are generally costlier than online alternatives.

02 Online

Online translation and subtitling tools are mainly free to use. They prove to be super effective for personal or small business needs. If you regularly deal with subtitle translation tasks, these are not for you. With file size limitations and internet dependency, online tools are not ideal. 

Verdict: All in all, the choice of using either online or offline tools will depend on your needs. However, offline tools are generally preferred due to their utility and features.


To sum up, this article captures everything you need to start translating entire videos. With translated videos, you can create an audience base worldwide. For this purpose, you need an efficient tool to get translated captions for your videos. Wondershare UniConverter, with its advanced translation features, should be your go-to option for effective subtitle translations.

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James Davis Mar 01, 24
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