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[Top List] Translating Subtitles With the 7 Must-Have Tools

Content creators usually implement translated subtitles to help viewers watch videos with captions in their native language. Some people still don’t know what subtitles are and in what form they exist. Subtitles are transcriptions of a video's dialogue. To convey what's said in the video, creators mostly use the SRT file format. However, subtitles do exist in some other formats as well.

Now, the main point is how you can get translated subtitles. In this regard, we will cover the 7 best subtitle translator tools in the following article. Luckily, online and offline users can find a suitable video subtitle translator.

In this article
  1. How Should You Recognize a Good Subtitle Translator?
  2. Top 7 Tools for Translating Subtitles [2024]
  3. Comparative Understanding of the Best Tools for Translating Subtitles

Part 1: How Should You Recognize a Good Subtitle Translator?

As you know, dozens of subtitle translators are available on the internet. Finding the best one could be a challenging task. Therefore, you should know the tips to recognize a tool that adapts to new subtitling translation techniques. Read these points to get a clear idea of the key qualities you need to look for in a tool to translate subtitles files:

  1. Languages Diversity: The main thing to identify is that your selected tool should support a wide range of languages. It's a quality and a necessity for content creators to reach global audiences.
  2. Multiple Formats Support: Most creators upload or export subtitles using SRT format. However, other formats like STL, SCC, SUB, and more also exist. It would be better if the video subtitle translator tool could support multiple formats.
  3. Quality and Accuracy: Another primary requirement is that the live subtitle translator ensures the quality and accuracy of translated content. Also, a tool should consider cultural nuances, grammar, vocabulary, and syntax while translating.
  4. Subtitle Formatting: Some viewers prefer watching content with well-formatted subtitles or captions. So, you should recognize a subtitle translator that can allow you to customize fonts, colors, and styles of subtitles. This approach can help to increase the readability and engagement of viewers.
  5. Data Security: Sometimes, data encryption becomes the primary concern for content creators. So, you must prefer a tool that provides clear terms to shield your sensitive data. Moreover, access to customer support would be a plus point to troubleshoot issues.

Part 2: Top 7 Tools for Translating Subtitles [2024]

Translating subtitles is an art that earns global reach for content creators. However, you require a suitable tool to perform this task. To help you pick the best one, we have introduced the top 7 subtitle translators of 2024 here:

Tools To Try For Translating Subtitles:
  1. Wondershare UniConverter
  2. Wondershare Virbo
  3. Maestra
  4. Kapwing
  5. Happy Scribe
  7. Smartcat

1. Wondershare UniConverter

online subtitle translator

Wondershare UniConverter is one of the best AI-powered subtitle generators and translators. This dual functionality helps you add subtitles to a video before translating. Also, you can upload or manually enter subtitles to translate subtitle files simply. Before undertaking translation, users also get to manually edit subtitles to sync them with the video.

Another innovative feature is that it allows you to customize subtitles' size, color, and style. By doing so, creators can make their subtitles visually attractive to diverse audiences.

Why Should You Select Wondershare UniConverter?

  1. After finishing all the settings, you can export the output in MP4, SRT, and project file formats.
  2. Other than subtitle translator, Wondershare UniConverter can also act as a video player. With this feature, enjoy watching your favorite movie with newly translated subtitles on this tool.
  3. This tool lets you translate subtitles in almost all the languages in the world.

Steps to Translate Subtitles Using Wondershare UniConverter

After reading about the Wondershare UniConverter, you must be curious about its workings. Here is how you can translate your video subtitles by following these simple steps:

Step 1. Access the Subtitle Editor and Import the Media

The first thing to do is download the tool from the website and launch it. After moving into the tool, select the “Subtitle Editor” feature from the “AI Lab” section. Then, drag the video and drop it into the tool to import media.

access subtitle editor in uniconverter
Step 2. Add Subtitle File to Access AI Translation Function

After that, navigate to the left panel and click the “Import Subtitle File” option. Now, browse the required subtitles file for your video and import it onto the tool. Upon doing that, the tool will show the subtitle translation option powered by AI.

add video and import subtitles
Step 3. Choose the Target Language and Customize the Subtitle

Click the “Subtitle Translator” option, and a new window will appear. Once it appears, open the “Target Language” drop-down to select the target language you want to translate. Lastly, hit the “Translate” button to get translated subtitles successfully.

change language of subtitles with ai

2. Wondershare Virbo

If you want to enjoy audio transitions along with subtitles, Wondershae Virbo can be your go-to offline option. It allows you to do voiceovers in the subtitle-translated language. This subtitle translation software also has AI avatars that allow you to deliver translated subtitles in a visually engaging manner. Upon translating the subtitles, you can manually add time stamps for proper lip-syncing.

wondershare virbo subtitle translation tool

Why Should You Select Wondershare Virbo?

  1. It allows you to generate AI scripts for your videos before translating them into your local language.
  2. With its advanced subtitle editor, you can adjust the font, spacing, and color of translated subtitles.

3. Maestra

Maestra AI provides multilingual voiceover and subtitle translation features for global reach. Users get to transcribe audio to text within seconds with this tool. You can also add subtitles from your device to translate and integrate them into the video.

maestra subtitle translation tool

Why Should You Select Maestra?

  1. Users will be able to export subtitles in multiple formats, including VTT, SRT, and SBV.
  2. Maestra allows you to share translation projects with others for better collaboration.

4. Kapwing

Among the best online subtitle translators, Kapwing has its worth. Users can upload files in multiple formats like SVT, VTT, and more. Also, if you want to reach global audiences, this subtitle translator allows you to translate content in over 75 languages. You can even write subtitles from scratch with this tool before translating them into your desired language.

kapwing subtitle translation tool

Why Should You Select Kapwing?

  1. You can simply import video links from YouTube or Google Drive for quick translation.
  2. Kapwing will auto-generate subtitles for your videos in any desired language.

5. Happy Scribe

Want to enjoy the ease of generating automatic subtitle translations? Happy Scribe stands out as one of the best auto subtitle translators with 60+ languages support. Amazingly, users can apply different subtitle styling options after translating them to match their brand identity. Also, you can integrate this tool with multiple platforms like YouTube, Zoom, and Google Drive for a swift translation process. 

happy scribe subtitle translation tool

Why Should You Select Happy Scribe?

  1. Happy Scribe lets you request human review to ensure error-free translations.
  2. This translator allows the export of subtitle files in multiple formats like TXT, SRT, and more.


Translating subtitle files with the online tool has become easier than ever. With this tool, you can upload your subtitle file in SRT or VTT format for translation. Plus, you can also opt for manual translation if you find any errors in machine-generated output. 

veed io subtitle translation tool

Why Should You Select

  1. After translating subtitles, you can add a time stamp to each line for proper lip-sync.
  2. io even allows you to auto-format translated subtitles to save time and effort.

7. Smartcat

Smartcat is an automatic subtitle translator that caters to your video translation needs. You can drag and drop any file, including SRT, video, or audio, to carry out this process. Plus, users can choose from human or machine-based translation according to their needs. After completing the process, you can download output in SRT, VTT, or MP4 with burned-in subtitles.

smartcat subtitle translation tool

Why Should You Select Smartcat?

  1. This subtitle translator allows you to review the translation results. You can analyze it by yourself or invite a professional linguist for this purpose.
  2. Smartcat lets you choose from different machine translation models, including DeepL and GPT.

Part 3: Comparative Understanding of the Best Tools for Translating Subtitles

You have reviewed the seven best subtitle translator tools in the above section. All tools provide different features, including language diversity, subtitle editor, multiple format support, and much more. So, you might be confused in picking the best of the must-have ones. Therefore, the following comparison table provides a clear picture to make the selection process easier.

Subtitle Translator Pricing Languages Supported Accuracy Auto-Subtitle Generation Platform

Wondershare UniConverter

Quarterly: $29.99

Yearly: $49.99

Perpetual: $55.99

Languages from around the world




Wondershare Virbo

$199 per year






Pay as You Go: $10 per hour

Premium: $19 per user/month






Pro: $16 per month

Business: $50 per month

Over 75




Happy Scribe

Basic: $10 per month

Pro: $17 per month

Business: $29 per month





Basic: $144 per year

Pro: $288 per year

Business: $708 per year

Over 100





Starter: $99 per month

Up to 280





In a nutshell, this article provides essential tips for identifying a good subtitle translator. Also, there is a dedicated section that presents the top 7 subtitle translation tools. To further specify, we recommend you use the Wondershare UniConverter tool for subtitle translation. With its auto-subtitle generation and multilingual support, it is the best option for creators.

Kendra D. Mitchell
Kendra D. Mitchell Feb 29, 24
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