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How to Make a Highlight Video Using AI Video Extractor

Creating quick run-throughs of lengthy videos is the demand of this fast-paced era. It is a way to grab viewers’ attention and encourage sharing to expand the content’s reach. That’s why content creators prefer to craft highlight videos of their content to communicate effectively. In this regard, they use AI video extractor technology to extract key moments automatically.

This technology uses an AI algorithm to analyze video data and identify valuable elements. So, if you also want to take advantage of this advanced technology, this article is for you. After reading, you’ll be able to make a highlight video conveniently with an AI video extractor.

 making a highlight video

In this article
  1. Part I. What is a Highlight Video?
  2. Part II. The Essential Keys to Making a Highlight Video
  3. Part III. How to Make a Perfect Highlight Video in One Click?
  4. Part IV. Benefits of Using AI in Highlight Video Production

Part I. What is a Highlight Video?

In simple words, video highlights are edited short clips extracted from recorded videos. They are an essential summary of lengthy videos in a digestible piece. From watching sports highlights to creating wedding event highlights, video highlights are vital.

An important point is that editors should carefully select clips for an engaging format. For this purpose, they can review the purpose of making highlight videos, either personal or professional. If you make such videos, your audience will easily comprehend the message without getting bored.

Part II. The Essential Keys to Making a Highlight Video

For a successful video highlight, you need careful selection and editing of footage. This section will explain some crucial aspects for editors to make a highlight video. It will assist both learners and experts in making the finest video highlights:

1. Identifying Key Moments

Before you select key moments, you should define your goals and purpose. Set a clear goal, such as presenting personal milestones or summarizing an event in highlights. Thoroughly review and watch the entire video while considering your targeted audience and focus on moments that they may find interesting.

You can define criteria for clips to qualify in the key moments categories. For example, emotional moments, group reactions, game-changing, and visually stunning moves. While looking for key moments, you should also maintain a balanced selection of video parts.

2. Organizing and Categorizing

Now comes the process of arranging the segments based on certain criteria. Using a systematic approach will make it easier for you to manage and locate. Besides, the key moments will get a logical order to enable a smoother flow. For this sake, review your selected segments and create their chronological sequence. 

Ensure that you will craft a compelling story aligned with your purpose. Moreover, you should arrange clips to build up the climax or showcase a journey. You can rank certain narratives to represent the real essence of the AI highlight video.

3. Clarity and Quality Footage

Clarity refers to the sharpness and overall visual appeal of the video. It also includes the clear visibility of details within each frame. Ensure your key moments are distinguishable and clear enough to attract the viewers. They will showcase your professionalism and aesthetic sense.

Besides, you should avoid using dark and visibly unclear shots in highlights. To create a clear video highlight, all you need is shots captured with a high-end camera. Their good frame rate, stability, and resolution will contribute to high-quality highlights.

4. Add Smooth Transitions

Lastly, add a final touch to your clips by seamlessly connecting them. This final touch means transitions that create a cohesive flow throughout the video. The choice of a suitable transition depends on the content and purpose of the video. You should avoid adding lengthy transitions, which can distract the audience. So, make a highlight video with natural and less noticeable transitions.

Furthermore, use gradual changes between certain scenes instead of awkward and abrupt changes. Pay attention to the music of transitions and sidestep from overusing them. You can use transitions strategically that can draw quick attention to key moments.

Part III. How to Make a Perfect Highlight Video in One Click?

Crafting an engaging highlight video needs a lot of time and cognitive effort, not more with AI video extractor technology that can make highlight videos with just a click. Therefore, you should use Wondershare UniConverter for automatic video highlights. This AI platform can analyze your video and make highlights within the duration of your selected file.

It retains the original quality of your project while extracting the key moments. You can make the 90s, 60s, 30s, and 15s videos as per your streaming platform needs. If you want to let AI create an attractive highlight video, follow the given steps:

Step 1: Access Auto-Highlight from the Latest UniConverter

Browse the official site of Wondershare UniConverter and download its newer version. Launch it in your system, navigate towards the left side panel, and select "Tools." Afterward, in the "AI Lab" section, choose the "Auto Highlight" option and wait for a while.

access the auto highlight in tools

Step 2: Import the Original Video for Auto Highlights

Afterward, you will enter the next screen to get an auto-highlight video. Click on the "+" sign and import your lengthy project there.

upload the video

Step 3: Select Duration and Export the Auto Highlight Video

You can preview the original video and pick the “Highlight Setting” from the given options. After choosing, hit the “Export” button and let AI algorithms analyze and save the results.

click export to preview results

Part IV. Benefits of Using AI in Highlight Video Production

The earlier section has explained a reliable method of making AI video highlights. It saves you from putting in manual effort while providing customization options. In this part, let's uncover some key advantages of getting AI video highlights:

1.      Time-Saving Capabilities

The AI integration has significantly reduced the time required for highlight-making earlier. AI can even select clips for highlight through its predefined criteria. It eliminates the need to polish hours of video manually. This capability proves valuable when content creators are time-bound with tight deadlines.

productive collaboration between human and ai

2.      Consistent and Accurate Highlights

Humans can face creative blocks or need aid for making highlights. On the contrary, AI algorithms cut potential human bias and craft reliable videos. It selects impactful moments swiftly as they happen alongside. Moreover, AI identifies the clips that align with the audience's preferences. Thus, anyone can craft automatic video highlights with a consistent style throughout.

ai highlights accurate parts

3.      Accessibility for Beginners

AI-powered highlight makers ease people with limited editing experience. It creates professional-looking videos without any technical knowledge. They also offer a user-friendly interface and one-click editing features for novices. From clip selection to adding transitions, everything can be done through AI in video production.

ai tools enhance user accessibility


Overall, video highlights are vital in grabbing viewers’ interest. This article has paid attention to crafting a successful highlight video. In this regard, you’ve learned the essential features of making such videos. Besides, you have seen the benefits of creating an AI highlight video. Hence, UniConverter is the quickest and most reliable AI platform for beginners and specialists.

Takashi Feb 01, 24
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