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[Top List] An In-Depth Search of Top 8 Text Reading Tools

People with disabilities, such as visual impairment, find it difficult to read written content. For this purpose, there are many text-to-speech readers introduced in the market. All these tools help disabled people listen to written text for better understanding.

With the diverse options online, you can face difficulty selecting the one that matches your needs. So, here we will talk about the best text readers online to make your choice easier.

In this article
  1. [Online] Top 8 Text Readers You Can Find On The Internet
  2. Online vs. Offline Text Readers: What Can Suit Better?
  3. [Offline] Text Reading With UniConverter's Text-to-Speech Function

Part 1: [Online] Top 8 Text Readers You Can Find On The Internet

As we have discussed, voice readers online make written text accessible to everyone. The Internet is filled with such tools, so go over the text reader tools explained below to pick the best one. 


When talking about the best text readers online, stands out with its efficient text-to-speech technology. Using this tool, you can simply write the text you want to listen to or paste it into the textbox. To carry out this text-to-voice conversion, this tool provides you with different languages and accents. After generating the AI narration, you can download it in MP3 format for future listening sessions.

mediaio text reader online


  • You also get the option to upload converted speech to the video timeline for AI voiceovers.
  • This text-to-audio reader even lets you vary speed and pitch after choosing an AI voice.


  • Users are only allowed to convert 1500 words to speech at a time.

Pricing Plans

  • Yearly Plan: $95.99
  • Monthly Plan: $19.99

2.  NaturalReader

NaturalReader is an effective TTS tool that can read documents in any format, including Word and PDF. With its advanced systems, you can pre-set the punctuation of any word to match your required dialect. Also, this tool lets you turn on options like text highlight and auto-scroll to make the spoken text clearly visible on the screen.

natural reader text reader online


  • Using this text-to-speech voice reader, you can also listen to webpages.
  • It can even read scanned documents and images aloud using the OCR technology.


  • MP3 files downloaded from this tool cannot be used for non-personal purposes.

Pricing Plans

  • Plus Yearly: $9.17 per month
  • Premium Yearly: $4.99 per month

3.  Text to Voice

If you want to use a simple tool for text reading, Text to Voice stands out in this category. With its straightforward interface, you can easily write or paste the written text to listen to the content. From the additional options menu, users will be able to adjust the volume and speed of the AI speech.

text to voice text reader online


  • This English text reader allows you to save AI narration as a file in the WAV format.
  • You will also be able to vary the pitch of the voice to personalize it according to your liking.


  • The available language and AI voice options are way fewer than those of other online competitors.

Pricing Plans

  • Free

4.  Woord

Woord is the most advanced text-to-audio reader online with its efficient features. You can simply paste your script or upload the documents on this tool for quick text reading. With this effective online text reader, you can use the SSML editor to change the emphasis on particular words.

woord text reader online


  • This online tool provides users with a Chrome extension to read any web page with one click.
  • It also has the ability to read the text from scanned pictures and documents.


  • You will only get the multi-user functionality with the Pro plan of this TTS reader.

Pricing Plans

  • Starter: $9.99 per month
  • Basic: $24.99 per month
  • Advance: $49.99 per month
  • Pro: $99.99 per month


You get the ability to convert written text into speech with the TTS feature of online. It gives you the option to choose from various languages and AI voices to customize the process. After creating an AI speech, you can import it to the editing timeline to add AI narration to your videos.

veedio text reader online


  • Using this sentence reader, users can even create cloned voices to read text.
  • You also get the chance to choose from different voice styles, including excitement and shouting.


  • The output speech exported from this tool will have a watermark.

Pricing Plans

  • Basic: $12 per month
  • Pro: $24 per month
  • Business: $59 per month

6.  SmallSEOTools

SmallSEOTools stands out as a top tool for reading text after uploading a file in any format. On this tool, you get the chance to import documents from Google Drive and Dropbox directly. With the availability of several voice alteration options, you can change the speed and gender of AI speech for narrations.

small seo tools text reader online


  • This text-aloud reader is completely free to use for easy accessibility.
  • Users can even vary the pitch of AI voices to apply a personal touch to the speaking voice.


  • This free text-to-speech reader online can only read 1000 words at a time.

Pricing Plans

  • Free

7.  TTS Tool

With built-in Amazon Polly and Microsoft TTS models, this text reader can efficiently handle content reading. Also, it supports multiple languages and accents to deliver personalized narrations to the users. After generating AI speech, you can preview and download it in the MP3 format.

tts tool text reader online


  • Using this text reader free online, users get the chance to add pauses between lines to understand the speech better.
  • It also lets you make changes to the volume, rate, and pitch of the AI voice to personalize the listening experience.


  • This free text reader is only able to handle 10000 characters in one go.

Pricing Plans

  • Free

8.  TTSMP3

As the name suggests, this voice reader has the ability to convert your text into an MP3 recording. It has a set of regular and AI voices to allow you to listen to narration in a personalized way. However, you can only input 3000 characters at a time, making it ineffective for lengthy text.

ttsmp3 text reader online


  • You can manually add pauses and emphasis on particular words using this tool.
  • It even allows you to switch between the speakers during the narration.


  • All the voice customizations are manually done, as this tool doesn't support automatic editing.

Pricing Plans

  • Standard: $5 one-time for 24-hour access
  • Flexible: $10 per month
  • Long-Term: $99 per year

Part 2: Online vs. Offline Text Readers: What Can Suit Better?

As we discussed online text-to-speech readers, we got to know about their features. Now, it is time to compare them with offline TTS tools to understand the difference between their functionalities.

Feature Online Text Readers Offline Text Readers
Accessibility Requires internet connection Works without an internet connection
Accuracy Low accurate High accurate
Customization Better Customization Facility Limited Customization
Cost Works after buying subscriptions Works after a one-time purchase or free with limited features
Speed and Efficiency Affected by an internet connection Generally faster due to local processing
Privacy Privacy concerns due to data upload on online forums Data remains local, potentially more private
Examples TTSReader, NaturalReader Wondershare UniConverter

Part 3: [Offline Solution] Text Reading With UniConverter's Text-to-Speech Function

After analyzing the comparison table above, we can say that offline tools are way better than online text readers. So, it is recommended that you use an offline tool such as Wondershare UniConverter to listen to written text. As compared to online alternatives, this offline voice reader can generate AI narrations with a single click.

Other than that, you get the option to adjust the tone of your AI speech using this tool. Users even get to select the optimal voice type to personalize their listening experience. Within this offline TTS reader, each audio type further has several tone options to provide users with diverse voice combinations. Plus, you can avail 500 free characters to test the text reading feature of this tool. 

Simple Guide for Using the Wondershare UniConverter Text-to-Speech Feature

If you also want to listen to lengthy text using this tool, we will introduce you to the steps to do so. You only need to go through the simple guide explained below to master the workings of this text-to-audio reader. 

Step 1 Access the Text-to-Speech Feature to Listen to AI Narrations

To start the process, download the Wondershare UniConverter toolbox and launch this TTS reader on your device. After accessing its “Tools” tab, press the “Text to Speech” option under the “AI Lab” section. 

enter text to speech through tools

Step 2 Write Your Text and Choose the Audio Type

After entering this AI feature, you can write the text you want to listen to in the “Enter Your Text” box. Then, select the desired audio style, like “Social Media,” within the “Audio Type” section.

enter text and choose audio type

Step 3 Select Your Desired Tone Before Generating AI Narration

Upon choosing your desired audio type, a list of different tones will appear under the “Tone of Voice” section. From here, you can choose any option like “Energetic” to customize the tone. Finish the process by hitting the “Generate” button and then listening to the AI speech by clicking the “Play” icon. You also get the option to save the narration through the “Export” button.

choose tone and generate ai narration


All in all, text-to-speech readers have made it very easy for disabled people to access written content. For this purpose, there are many text readers available online and offline. However, Wondershare UniConverter stands out from the rest with its highly customizable AI voices. You can use its text-to-speech feature to listen to text while doing your routine tasks.

James Davis
James Davis Mar 08, 24
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