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Short Movie Script Examples | Create a Short Script with a Top-Tier AI Movie Script Writer

This guide presents some script examples of short movies to help you better understand how skilled writers collect potential words and combine them to make an appealing script.

Script writing is a tricky and a tough job at the same time. The longer the video you want to create, the more content you will need to add to the script, which means your investment in time and efforts will be multiplied accordingly.

Creating scripts for short promotional ad campaigns or similar videos is relatively easy compared to scripts for short or long movies. Therefore, movie script writing requires you to invest more time and effort than others.

If you want to jump into the movie script writing domain, you must explore what other successful writers have been doing in the market for a white. To do this, you should read through the scripts of lead movies.

This guide presents short movie script examples or format templates for you to review and understand how each line plays its part in making the script successful.

In this article
  1. 3 Short Movie Script Examples to Get Inspiration From
  2. Need an Efficient AI Movie Script Generator? Try Uniconverter!

Part 1: 3 Short Movie Script Examples to Get Inspiration From

If you wish to become a movie script writer in the future, there is nothing better than starting taking baby steps throughout the journey. Start from the short movies instead of taking a long jump.

The best way to get familiar with how writers produce scripts for short movies and make them engaging is to start watching those movies and observe every scene and dialogue carefully. Then, match every scene with the script to understand the words behind the scene.

The more short movies you watch and compare with their scripts, the better your understanding of script writing will be. This section presents three short movie script examples for you to get into their details and get an idea of how they engage viewers on the screen.

1. Real Again

This short movie was written by Joseph Arnone, who is a popular screenwriter and actor based in New York. Real Again was released in 2021. In this script, two female teenagers date each other secretly. They come from abusive homes and discuss the idea of robbery and suicide.

This is a short summary of this script or movie. The script you should look at is presented below.



RENE and KENDRA walk along train tracks holding hands.

RENE: When did you first think about it?

KENDRA: Two years ago…I remember the exact day, actually.

RENE: What was it?

KENDRA: My brother. Things happened between us, and it set me on a different course.

RENE: Right. Me, too. Just not my brother.

KENDRA: I know.

RENE: Yeah.

KENDRA: Your Dad…

RENE: Yep…I never considered it an option until we met. Not saying it’s a bad alternative to things but being with you makes me feel real again.

KENDRA: Me, too.

RENE: Not so sure I would want to do it now unless it was with you…

They look at one another.

KENDRA: I’ve thought about that, too. It all depends…

RENE: On what?

KENDRA: Depends on trying to make it out of this place…

RENE: I know where there’s money, not much, but I think it will be enough to get us out of here.

KENDRA: Really?

RENE: We’d have to get it, though, and steal it.

KENDRA: Is it risky?

RENE: Risky enough but worth the reward.

KENDRA: Well, what’s our alternative, Rene?”


2. Saw 2

This movie belongs to the horror genre. It was released in 2005. Bousman and Leigh Whanell wrote the script, and Darren Lynn Bousman directed the movie.

In this movie, upon arriving at the crime scene of the Jigsaw victim, investigator Eric Mathews finds a clue leading to his hiding location. When he reaches there, he realizes that Jigsaw has imprisoned his son, Daniel Mathews, along with four other men and three women, in the shelter, where they are breathing in deadly nerve gas.

Daniel and others will expire in two hours if they don’t take an antidote. As he tries to convince Jigsaw to free his son, Eric follows the group’s deaths on monitors with a growing sense of despair. Let’s look at how the story is presented in the script below.



Anyone! Help!

Hello, Michael.

I want to play a game.

So far, in what could loosely

be called your life...

you've made a living

watching others.

Society would call you

an informant, a rat, a snitch.

I call you unworthy

of the body you possess...

of the life

that you've been given.

Now, we will see if you are

willing to look inward...

rather than outward...

To give up the one thing

you rely on...

in order to go on living.

The device around your neck

is a death mask.

The mask is on a spring timer.

If you do not locate

the key in time...

the mask will close.

Think of it

like a Venus flytrap.

What you are looking at

right now is your own body...

not more than two hours ago.

- Oh, f***.

- Don't worry.

You're sound asleep

and can't feel a thing.

Taking into account that you are

at a great disadvantage here...

I am going to give you a hint

as to where I've hidden the key.

So listen carefully.

The hint is this...

it's right before your eyes.

How much blood will you shed

to stay alive, Michael?

Live or die. Make your choice.

Who the f*** are you?

Who the f*** are you?!”


3. Suse

This movie was written by David Bentley - a popular American writer and philosopher. This movie shares the story of Steven, who is single but doesn’t live alone. A Lifebot - Suse - watches every element of his existence. Suse is connected to a solar network of Portabots and Lifebots that protect human beings.

Steven's life gets disturbed when he brings a gorgeous girl to his home who starts to create problems that Suse and Steven must address. The script example of this movie is given below.




Steven’s modern apartment. Minimalist look with very few pieces of furniture and no photos, paintings, or ornaments on walls. Wall colors are very neutral and mostly white to off-white.

The opening shot of Steven in his bed just waking up. Looks over to the time displayed (digital)on the wall and realizes he has woken before the alarm. Clock in night-time dim red color. (changes to bright yellow after alarm and in day mode) Sniffs air.



No Ocean Breeze this morning. Is it too early for you, Suse? And where’s my morning sound of Breaking Waves?


Good morning, Steven. You’re awake early. Would you like your morning apps to commence?


Yes, Suse. Keep the Breaking Waves low, please. I have a headache.


Do you think there is any particular reason you have a headache?


No Suse. Nothing to worry about. It’s very slight and going already.


I will analyze your health vitals this morning. Is there anything you did or consumed last night that would affect your vitals, Steven?

Steven looks across at the lovely young lady whom he had met the night before. She was naked, and most of her was uncovered by the light sheets on the bed.


(Quietly: to himself)

What was her name again?

(Then addresses the answer to Suse’s question in a normal tone)

No Suse! Can’t really think of anything.


I see you put me on Calm Mode last night, Steven. Was that something to do with the young lady asleep in your bed?


Yes, Suse. And you know why. You go into panic mode whenever I bring home a friend to stay with. We weren’t in the mood for your questions.


Steven. You know I’m here for you. It is my primary function to protect you and optimize your wellness factors. I cannot do that efficiently if you place me on Calm Mode.


Yes, I know. But you know what happened last time. I liked the last girl, but you didn’t.


If she had allowed access to her Portabot, it could have gone much better. You take a high risk of health problems if I don’t have access to your friend’s information, Steven.

Putting me on Calm Mode has prevented some very simple preventative measures from being taken.


Well, Suse, your preventative measures would have ruined a perfectly lovely evening. We didn’t have time for all your questions.

The unnamed young lady moves in the bed.”


Now that you have gone through the three movie script samples or formats. You must have gathered some clear points of what to care about. Try reading more scripts to grab more knowledge of this domain. The more you read, the more script writing will be at your fingertips.

Part 2: Need an Efficient AI Movie Script Generator? Try Uniconverter!


Generally, there are two ways to create a movie script. The first and traditional one is noting down everything on paper and making a script manually. It takes a long time to complete and requires intensive research, deep analysis, content validation, and much more.

On the other hand, you can use a digital tool that helps you write a movie script online for free. Such tools use the power of AI technology and enable you to generate a script for any topic in any genre.

It is, in fact, the quickest way to make a script that appeals to the audience and matches their interest. Though many movie script generators are easily accessible, they may not be worth it for one reason or the other.

Do you want to make a captivating short movie script? Concerned about how to present your thoughts using attention-grabbing words? Worry not, as Uniconverter AI Script Generator is here to lend you a helping hand.

With Uniconverter AI Script Generator, you can create scripts on the topics of your interest or choice. All you need is to provide the tool with the prompt and adjust the settings according to your requirements. The rest will be the job of the tool.

What Makes This Tool Stand Out?

  • It unlocks efficiency in the AI script writing domain.
  • This tool enables you to set the styles, voice, and tone of your script the way you want.
  • It can determine your audience preferences and generate audience-aligned scripts as and when needed.
  • You can make video scripts in different categories, including but not limited to vlogs, education, storytelling, and speeches.
  • Uniconverter AI Script Generator is available for both Mac computers and Windows operating systems.
  • It allows you to enjoy the free trial without investing a single penny.

How Can You Create a Movie Script with Uniconverter AI Script Generator?

Well, making a script for movie or any other video is easy and fun with Uniconverter AI Script Generator. It is one of the most efficient tools that assists writers in generating scripts that WOW the viewers. The whole process consists of just four steps. Let’s look at them.

Step 1 Open Wondershare Uniconverter and click on AI Script Generator.
open uniconverter

Step 2 Enter the description or prompt to describe what you want to write.
enter the text based prompt

Step 3 Choose the type of video and set the tone and platform.

In the image below, the video type is educational, the platform is YouTube, and the tone of the voice is professional. You can change them all, keeping your needs in mind. This assistance will help the tool understand your audience's preferences.

customize the video

Step 4 Hit the Generate button to create the script instantly.

This single click will provide you with an appealing script that matches your audience’s interest.

click to create a script

Final Words

Writing a movie script is possible both manually and digitally. Manual script writing is more complicated than the digital one. This is the reason why most writers prefer generating scripts using digital tools.

The best way to familiarize yourself with script-writing is reading through as many scripts as possible. The above discussion has presented three short movie script examples to understand how they attract readers or viewers. If you need a trusted AI movie script maker, try Uniconverter AI Script Generator.

Lukas Schneider
Lukas Schneider Mar 26, 24
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