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A Roundup of 11 Free Text-to-Speech Tools for 2024

In the past, text-to-speech (TTS) technology was not as common as it is now. The advancements in AI bring natural-sounding and expressive text-to-speech voices. It makes written information accessible to people with visual impairments and other disabilities.

Hence, the demand for text-to-speech grew, leading developers to introduce freemium models. This approach allows users to experience text-to-speech voice for free, leading to becoming paying customers. In this article, let’s discover TTS tools to infer a cost-effective platform at the end.

In this article
  1. How Does Text-To-Speech Technology Benefit the Overall Digital Industry?
  2. A Cost-Effective Text-to-Speech Tool for Better Results: Wondershare UniConverter
  3. [Extension] Make Surfing Across Chrome Easy with Read Aloud Feature

Part 1: How Does Text-To-Speech Technology Benefit the Overall Digital Industry?

Text-to-speech technology refers to software that changes written text into spoken audio. It brings a multitude of benefits to the digital industry, among which some are discussed below:

  1. Contributing to Innovation: TTS technology is integral to developing chatbots and virtual assistants across common apps. This adoption led to the expansion of the digital market and created new opportunities in various sectors.
  2. Increasing Productivity: Using real voice text-to-speech, busy professionals can listen to information while multi-tasking. Besides, converting written content into audio saves time and resources for content creators.
  3. Multi-lingual Support: The text-to-speech software can read text aloud in various languages, breaking language barriers. It makes language learning easier and content accessible to a global audience.
  4. Enhanced User Experiences: Text-to-speech human voice is now available in e-books, websites, and mobile apps. It allows readers to learn with their preferred mode, language, and accent.
  5. Boost Content Engagements: People use TTS technology when making descriptive videos and presentations. It results in engaging videos that increase content reach to a wider audience.
  6. Effective Marketing: Small businesses use TTS technology to create voice-overs for promotional videos. It enhances their brand presence in a consistent tone and low cost.

Part 2: A Cost-Effective Text-to-Speech Tool for Better Results: Wondershare UniConverter

After learning about text-to-speech real-voice benefits, it's time to uncover effective TTS software. In this regard, Wondershare UniConverter stands at the top because of its results and cost-effectiveness. It’s an all-in-all platform for video editing, converting, merging, and compressing with powerful AI features. This text-to-speech converter is AI-supported to automate the process with exceptional results.

It has a voice library from which you can choose a preferred voice tone and audio type. Among audio types, there are options like educational, narrative, social media, and many more. From the voice tones, you can pick authoritative, soft, and deep voice text to speech.

uniconverter text to speech function

Other Smart Features of Wondershare UniConverter

UniConverter’s text-to-speech is known for its matchless audio quality and seamless operations. This platform isn't limited to Text-to-Speech because there are several other advanced features. You can learn a few of them in the given part:

  1. Auto Highlight: People can use this feature to make their videos shorter. It works with automation to draw the best shots out of lengthy videos. You can get appealing video highlights of your desired duration with a single click.
  2. AI Video Enhancer: Professional filmmakers use expensive editors to perfect their shots. The same can be obtained from this AI video enhancer within seconds. It effortlessly refines your media by removing noises and frame interpolation for high-quality videos.
  3. AI Subtitle Translator: Apart from using text-to-speech, you can also remove the language barrier using this feature. It supports more than 134 languages for translating subtitles into another language. Plus, the translated subtitles contain all the emotional nuances with accuracy.

How to Use Wondershare UniConverter for Text-to-Speech Voices

Indeed, UniConverter is an incredible platform for creating engaging content for a global audience. For the moment, let’s learn how seamlessly you can convert text to speech in a human voice.

Step 1 Explore the Text-to-Speech Option in UniConverter

To get started, install the latest version of Wondershare UniConverter and access its main interface. There, click the “Home” tab from the left side and explore the “Text to Speech” option in the “AI Lab.” As you locate it, tap on it and enter the next window.

choose text to speech feature

Step 2 Add Script and Assign Preferred Parameters to Generate Output

On the next screen, add your script to the “Enter Your Text” section. Afterward, navigate to the left and choose “Audio Type” from the options; for instance, select “Advertisement.” Then, move toward the “Tone of Voice” section and tap on one option, such as “Promotional.” Finally, press the “Generate” button and let AI work on your prompts. 

specify your audio type and tone

Part 3: Working on The Top 11 Free Text-to-Speech Voice Tool

Other than Wondershare UniConverter, there are various free AI voice text-to-speech tools on the internet. Each one has unique functionalities to consider, so let’s expose them ahead.

1. TTSMaker

TTSMaker is an online tool that provides free speech synthesis services. This voice-to-speech changer can convert text up to 2000 characters into speech. It supports various languages such as English, Arabic, Korean, and many more. Apart from languages, there are various AI voices that you can choose based on your needs.

ttsmaker free text to speech tool

Why Should You Prefer TTSMaker

  1. It is preferable due to the multiple audio file formats it offers to save the output speech.
  2. You can adjust the pitch from medium, high, and slightly high options.
  3. TTSMaker allows you to adjust the pause time in each paragraph or new line from countless options.
  4. Users can customize the voice speed and generate audio aligning with their needs.

2. PlayHT

For podcasts, gaming, and audio storytelling, PlayHT is another considerable text-to-speech maker. Whether you have to make conversational or children's voices, this tool supports them all. You can achieve audio in more than 142 languages and accents from text. Surprisingly, users can assign different voices to different paragraphs. 

playht free text to speech tool

Why Should You Prefer PlayHT

  1. It has an extensive AI voice library across all major languages spoken worldwide.
  2. You can export audio separately for each paragraph to directly add in video voice-overs.
  3. It has a timeline-based editing interface for easy but real human voice text-to-speech.
  4. PlayHT is preferred by users looking to add emotions to voices so they can sound natural.

3. Textmagic

If you have a document that needs to be converted from text to speech AI voice, try this online tool. Textmagic uses assistive technology to increase the productivity of people with speech impairments. It can verbalize anything available digitally with human-sounding voices. People from different regions can benefit from this technology in their language.

textmagic free text to speech tool

Why Should You Prefer Textmagic

  1. Within a single language, this tool offers multiple voices in different accents.
  2. Another noteworthy thing is sharing the converted audio with others through a URL link.
  3. It ensures security for processing with a reCAPTCHA to resolve and move further.
  4. If you have weak eyesight, you can increase the font size to see the text clearly converting into audio.

4. Voicemaker

Are you planning to create a demo or explanatory video where you need narrations? If yes, then Voicemaker can help you through its text-to-speech voice changer technology. You can select an AI voice engine, gender, language, and region to convert your text into speech. This tool lets you choose an output audio file format and sample rate as needed.

voicemaker free text to speech tool

Why Should You Prefer Voicemaker

  1. Individuals prefer this tool because they can adjust the emphasis on spoken words.
  2. It can pronounce words such as time, date, address, or telephone number.
  3. The variety in voices helps expand content reach with diversity, making this tool a preferred choice.
  4. It proves vital when narrating a tutorial video or advertisement.

5. Speechify

Another platform embracing AI voice text-to-speech for free is Speechify. It is available on every platform, such as Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows PC. You can listen to the text up to 9x faster and, on average, read faster. It can provide speech in more than 30 languages and 100 accents. With cutting-edge OCR, you can even obtain speech from text in images. 

speechify free text to speech tool

Why Should You Prefer Speechify

  1. It accurately pronounces words that anyone can easily comprehend.
  2. Users can slow the speech sound while listening to content in another language.
  3. It provides you with MP3 audio output to download for video voice-overs.
  4. Busy professionals can multi-task while listening to lengthy PDFs.

6. Lovo

Lovo is here to eliminate the need for voice artists in recording sessions. It's another reliable tool for TikTok voice text-to-speech conversion. It has diverse voices from gender, age, and use-case categories. Despite that, you can insert pauses and emphasis in the text. Furthermore, users can import a text file to convert it into speech.

lovo free text to speech tool

Why Should You Prefer Lovo

  1. You can add new pronunciations of words if they are certain names or places.
  2. If you are a slow learner, you can slow down the speech here.
  3. People from the marketing, education, and entertainment sectors can get tailored voice-overs.
  4. It has a rapid voices section where you can choose a voice style such as furious, intimate, etc.

7. ElevenLabs

Developers, content creators, and businesses should try this instant voice AI text-to-speech converter. To make diverse content, it supports text-to-speech in more than 29 languages. In this regard, you can even select a suitable AI voice accent and gender. Besides, it lets you adjust the voice clarity, similarity, and style exaggeration as needed.

elevenlabs free text to speech tool

Why Should You Prefer ElevenLabs

  1. This platform offers you various voice models to create life-like speech.
  2. You can add or create a new voice based on your requirements.
  3. It is considered perfect for language learning courses because of its language models.
  4. Considering your use cases, you can choose a tailored voice tone or accent.

8. NaturalReader

It’s an online AI voice text-to-speech converter that uses AI neural and expressive TTS technologies. Mostly, individuals use it to read their text aloud to avoid eye strain when reading bulky PDFs. This tool offers various languages, AI voices, and accents to read the text. Users can adjust the audio speed using a slider with different options. 

naturalreader free text to speech tool

Why Should You Prefer NaturalReader

  1. It offers a subtitle option that displays text pronounced loudly by an AI voice.
  2. You can skip the conversion of text present in brackets or URLs into audio.
  3. People with learning difficulties can enable dyslexia font and streamline their learning.
  4. Allows you to download the audio generated from the text in MP3 format.

9. Murf AI

Murf AI can be a perfect platform to gain real human voice text-to-speech in 2024. Using it, people can’t differentiate between recorded human voices or AI voices. According to your use cases, it supports more than 20 text-to-speech conversion languages. It can accurately pronounce words and enhance the clarity of speech.

murf ai free text to speech tool

Why Should You Prefer Murf AI

  1. Before using it, you can test voice quality by playing that audio.
  2. It allows you to increase or decrease the pace of voice-overs.
  3. Users can set the voice mood from options like sad, angry, terrified, etc.
  4. It is an all-in-all platform that can craft a complete video despite converting text to speech.

10. SmallSEO Tools

If you want a basic text-to-speech AI voice for free, then consider this online tool. It's a web-based service that can turn textual material into spoken audio. While making the conversion, users can create different speed variations, including fast, normal, or slow. This free tool supports multiple languages, so you don't need a separate translator.

smallseotools free text to speech tool

Why You Should Prefer SmallSEOTools

  1. It doesn't require any sign-up or login; you can use this technology directly.
  2. You can obtain male or female natural-sounding voices based on your requirements.
  3. It gives you great customization control and a simple interface.
  4. Users can even import text files directly from cloud-based storage.


End your search on this free AI voice text-to-speech, as it is AI-powered. Apart from using AI algorithms, it has integration with Google and Microsoft integration. Plus, it can convert text into speech within 50 languages spoken worldwide. It lets you set your preferred voice, tone, pitch, speed, pause, emphasis, and volume. free text to speech tool

Why You Should Prefer

  1. You can use the voice to create videos to place on social media.
  2. The process is quick, and you can download the results in MP3 format.
  3. It gives you access to countless human-like voices and great customization options.
  4. Users can choose to instantly add background music behind the generated audio.


In essence, text-to-speech technologies greatly contribute to innovation and productivity. This article has listed all you need to know about text-to-speech human voices. Upon reading, you can infer a preferable platform based on your needs. Hence, it is suggested that you try Wondershare UniConverter, which offers great customization.

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