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Best 7 Tools for Frame Interpolation Online

Takashi Originally published Jan 17, 24, updated Feb 01, 24

Frame interpolation refers to a technique of inserting additional frames into existing ones. The goal of this process is to improve the smoothness of motions. To enhance the viewing experience, video editors prefer adjusting frame interpolation online. It proves beneficial when the original video contains lower frame rates, leading to choppy playbacks.

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In educational and business setups, smooth motion is crucial to convey information. It can positively impact the product’s quality and viewer engagement. However, this article will illuminate the industry-leading video interpolation online tools. Review such tools to conclude the best video interpolator worth using.

Name Frame Rate Video Format AI Integration Pricing
TensorPix 2x, 4x, and 8x MP4, MOV, MKV Standard: $12.05/month Premium: $27.38/month Elite: $66.81/month 5-60fps Same as uploaded Basic: $24.10/month Pro: $32.86/month Business: $71.20/month 60, 120fps Same as uploaded 100 credits subscription: $10 100 credits pay as: $19
Aconverter 8-60, custom MOV, ASF, FLV, etc. Free
Video2edit 1-120fps MP4, FLV, AVI, etc. Professional: $15/month
ssemble 5-60fps Same as uploaded Pro: $30/month
Kapsave Custom MP4, VOB, AVI, FLV, h264 Free
UniConverter 60 & 120fps MP4, MOV, MKV, M4V, FLV, DIVX, AVI, MPG, MPEG, VOB, 3GP, 3G2, WMV, ASF, RM, RMVB, DAT, WEBM, and many more Quarterly Plan: $29.99 Yearly Plan: $49.99 Perpetual Plan: $55.99
In this article
  1. Top 7 Online Tools for Frame Interpolation
  2. Change Frame Interpolation with AI Video Enhancer on Desktop

Part I. Top 7 Online Tools for Frame Interpolation

In video production, frame interpolation is a common day-to-day used technology. It is particularly applied to slow-motion videos for fluid motion. For this purpose, some editors prefer online options to lighten their system from heavy applications. That’s why this section has elaborated software for frame interpolation online free:

1. TensorPix

Unlock a smooth playback and enhance your video by using this platform. TensorPix is an online video frame interpolation tool with AI integration. You can use it to turn your videos into a higher frame rate automatically. With cutting-edge technology, this video frame booster will improve the overall quality of videos.

Key Features

  1. This software allows you to make videos adaptable to different scenarios. You can adjust AI motion smoothing with 2x, 4x, and 8x fps options.
  2. Apart from AI frame interpolation online, it offers many other video-enhancing tools. In this regard, you can make color restoration, denoise, and AI stabilization on videos.
  3. It provides advanced tools within its AI video enhancer. Using them, you can make slow-motion videos and change the video resolution.
tensorpix frame interpolation online


Adjust the frame rate and optimize the video’s playback with this tool. It is considered a good option in video frame rate conversion. Unlike other tools, can lower the frame rates based on your needs. Lowering the frame rates will reduce the file size, which can prove easy to export. Additionally, can make slow motions and timelapse within higher frame rates.

Key Features

  1. It offers various options for setting frame rates. Among them are 60, 50, 30, 24, 25, and 10fps, which you can choose based on your original file.
  2. After setting the frame rate, users can change the aspect ratio or size of videos. They can set videos to YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Portrait, and other sizes.
  3. io supports a diverse range of video formats to export high-quality videos. Thus, you can export in MP4, MPEG, H264, and more.
veed io frame interpolation online


If you want a secure and encrypted platform to ensure the privacy of your projects, try this tool. It's an AI frame interpolation online to increase the frame rates within seconds. You just have to upload your projects and let AI handle the next process with automation. supports all popular frame rates, which makes videos less jumpy.

Key Features

  1. After uploading a video, users get all the details, such as length and size. It helps them to continue or alternate the file if they upload the wrong one.
  2. It can generate additional frame rates to make movements in video more realistic. For this sake, there are 60fps and 120fps options.
  3. Despite frame rates, you can change the video resolution to 1080p, 4K, and others. Besides, it can improve or restore your face with high-intensity options.
neural love frame interpolation online

4. Aconverter

It’s an all-in-all online converter that aims to provide files in different formats. This tool enables you to change the frames with bitrate conversion to get the best out of videos. You can get optimized videos for social media platforms after it. Despite that, users can compress, merge, cut, and trim videos based on their diverse needs.

Key Features

  1. Aconverter can convert your video into countless different formats. Some format options include MPG, AVI, ASF, SLV, MOV, etc.
  2. Different social media platforms require different sizes of videos. Thus, this tool can change the aspect ratio of your imported video.
  3. If you want to dub videos, then you have to remove existing sound. For this, Aconverter can mute all the audio streams with a single tap.
aconverter frame interpolation online

5. Video2edit

In search of a quick frame interpolation online free, you can rely on this tool. Video2edit is an online video converter that can transform videos into countless formats. Users can adjust the frame rates to their desired number without any limitation. This tool can even change the bitrate of videos to their desired extent.

Key Features

  1. It can quickly change the frame rates with excellent results. Thus, you can export high-quality output by adjusting frame rates with flexibility.
  2. Users can import their files from any cloud storage system. It supports Dropbox and Google Drive but also allows you to paste a URL link to the video.
  3. Similar to video, you can even adjust audio settings. In this regard, Video2edit enables you to change audio quality, frequency, and codec.
video2edit frame interpolation online

6. ssemble

Another option that you can consider in frame rate adjustment is ssemble. Basically, it is a video editor that also offers frame rate conversion options. It can convert different formats of videos while being confident in quality. With 256-bit SSL, it deletes your projects an hour after your last visit. Using its frame rate slider, you can even lower the frame rate if required.

Key Features

  1. Before exporting media, you can utilize this option for video interpolation online. For this purpose, a frame rate slider can turn it flexibly from 5 to 60.
  2. Apart from frame rate, users can pick a video format and resolution. The goal is to get high-quality and platform-tailored videos.
  3. It offers a cloud storage service to collaborate on projects with teammates. You can share the projects with anyone with a link instead of downloading videos.
 ssemble frame interpolation online

7. Kapsave

End your search on this online video frame rate converter to increase or decrease frame rates. With its simple and intuitive interface, anyone can perform the frame rate conversion. Furthermore, Kapsave offers flexibility to editors for prompting with the exact number of frame rates. During this process, it ensures high-resolution output of your media.

Key Features

  1. After getting videos in the desired frame rate, users still get a chance to change them more. They simply have to tap on the change frame rate below the results.
  2. This software takes some time to analyze and conversion for good. Users can preview the results after frame rate conversion.
  3. You can import the videos in any format and get results in the same format. With simple clicks, it offers professional-looking videos.
 kapsave frame interpolation online

Part II. Change Frame Interpolation with AI Video Enhancer on Desktop

AI frame interpolation online free is suitable for quick results. Whereas, if you want to change the frame rate with advanced editing, you should go for desktop solutions. In such contexts, Wondershare UniConverter is an incredible software. It offers an AI video enhancer feature to uplift the frame rate with two options.

Wondershare UniConverter
The best AI video enhancer for Windows and Mac
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You can adjust it to 60 and 120fps with 2x and 4x models. Apart from converting frame rate, this all-in-all video editor can compress your videos. The frame interpolation model in this platform is integrated with AI, which helps get high-quality results with a single click.

How to Change Frame Interpolation with UniConverter

As elaborated earlier, UniConverter offers ease with advanced tools. Now, it's time to learn their usage process. Although it’s much easier than other tools, there is a step-by-step guide ahead for your clarity:

step1Launch the Latest UniConverter and Choose AI Video Enhanc

Install the newer version of Wondershare UniConverter with AI and beta features. For this purpose, head to its official site and ensure you get the latest one. Afterward, launch it in your system and find the “AI Video Enhancer” option. Tap on it and approach the next window to proceed.

access ai video enhancer option
step2Get the Desired File in UniConverter

From that screen, press the “+” icon and browse the video you want to import. Upon choosing one, hit the “Open” button and get the file right before you.

add video file for smoothness
step3Use the Frame Interpolation Model and Export the Results

Then, select the “Frame Interpolation Model” tab to get some extended options. Shift to the “Smoothness Settings” and pick your required frame rate. Click on one and let AI make changes by tapping the “Preview” button. After reviewing the results, hit the “Stop Preview” to switch to the prior screen. Finally, press the “Export” buttons if you are done with editing.

 perform frame interpolation in uniconverter

To summarize, adjusting the frame rate is critical for a smoother playback of videos. In this regard, you should try frame interpolation online tools, highlighted earlier. If you are searching for desktop options, choosing Wondershare UniConverter will be worth it. It’s an AI-powered platform with a frame interpolation model to change frame rate within seconds.

Takashi Feb 01, 24
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