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10 Best Text-to-Video Converters

If you want to transform your scripts, blogs, presentations, or text into engaging videos, a good text-to-video converter can be your secret weapon. These AI-powered tools take your written content and breathe life into it with visuals, music, and even voiceovers.

Explore our list of the top 10 AI text-to-video converters and find the perfect tool to help bring your creative ideas to life. As a bonus tip, discover an effortless method to enhance your video content and boost your productive flow.

In this article
  1. How Do I Convert Text into Video?
  2. 10 Free Text-to-Video Converters You Should Know
  3. In-Depth Comparison of the Top 10 AI Text-to-Video Converters
  4. Enhance Videos Generated with Text-to-Video AI Tools Using UniConverter

Part 1: How Do I Convert Text into Video?

Converting text into video is a critical process that involves several crucial steps. While many traditional methods are available for this transformation, newer technologies rely on artificial intelligence to achieve the task.

AI-powered text-to-video converters can save you time and effort while allowing customization and creativity. To learn how to convert text to video, you can start by selecting an appropriate tool that allows this conversion. You can then input your script or text content, customize the visuals and styles, and share your video across various platforms, all within a few minutes.

Text-to-video conversion relies significantly on choosing a suitable AI tool that allows video creation from text. If you are unaware of such a tool and want assistance on which AI text-to-video converter to choose, scroll down to find the list of top reliable converters that can do the job.

Part 2: 10 Free Text-to-Video Converters You Should Know

Many online tools are available these days to help you convert text to video quickly without any significant requirements. Here is a list of our top picks for reliable online text-to-video converter tools to help you create stunning visuals.

1. Sora AI

Sora AI is one of the top text-to-video converter sensations that is much sought-after in the media realm. Offered by OpenAI, Sora is a state-of-the-art tool that can seamlessly turn your text prompts into stunning high-resolution videos. The samples on Sora's website indicate its advanced features and impeccable quality. With Sora AI text to video, you will not notice the difference between AI and the human eye.

sora text to video ai converter

Key Features

  1. Sora AI can generate realistic videos with detailed scenes. It can include complex camera movements and characters with emotions not typically seen in other AI tools.
  2. This text-to-video AI tool also offers some control over the generated video. You can provide details in your text prompt to influence the style, visuals, and even the mood of the video.
  3. Beyond generating videos from text, Sora can breathe life into static images. It can animate the contents of a still picture while maintaining precision and detail.

2. Lumen5

Lumen5 is an innovative web-based solution that can help users create engaging video content for various purposes. The powerful tools of Lumen5 allow users to mass-produce content on a large scale and grow their brand without spending much on extra resources. With multiple options for AI video creation, Lumen5 is designed to help you effectively communicate your message to the target audience.

lumen5 text to video ai converter

Key Features

  1. Lumen5 offers multiple options to allow users to generate a video. Using your script, you can convert your text into videos or create a talking head.
  2. You can convert multiple forms of textual data into videos on Lumen5. It supports the conversion of ideas, text, URLs, and PDFs into videos.
  3. This Sora text-to-video alternative has an extensive library of various resources for users. You can choose from multiple media, icons, and music to add to your video content.


If you want to generate animated cartoon videos using AI, you can try This remarkable text-to-video AI tool is built to let users create all forms of animated content with just a few clicks. Its AI algorithm can build custom characters and infuse life into them with several available VFX actions. Moreover, you can create engaging videos with just a keyword using text to video ai converter

Key Features

  1. ai gives users full control over the created AI avatars. You can customize your characters, clothing, facial features, and actions to make them as unique as yourself.
  2. This tool offers a full-featured timeline video editor. You can drag and drop the elements into the timeline and edit the AI video without trouble.
  3. It also provides an AI video script writer that you can use to generate immersive video scripts using a single keyword.

4. Colossyan

Another online tool that allows users to harness the power of AI to convert text to video is Colossyan. It is a versatile instrument that can generate studio-quality videos from your text prompts so that you can create more in less time. Moreover, Colossyan is a budget-friendly video production tool that can help you eliminate the hassles of conventional video-making methods.

colossyan text to video ai converter

Key Features

  1. Colossyan supports over 70 languages and accents. This feature allows you to turn your local content into videos that can be accessed by viewers all across the globe.
  2. If you need to make changes to your videos, Colossyan offers a simple way out. You can edit the text and generate a new video instead of backtracking post-production.
  3. This Sora AI text-to-video alternative offers custom AI avatars that can read any text aloud in multiple languages. You can use this feature to upscale your content production and create personalized videos.

5. HourOne

HourOne is another Sora text-to-video alternative that lets users create, manage, and streamline their videos with powerful text-to-video conversion technology. You can use this text-to-video AI tool to generate content for various purposes, ranging from education to marketing and IT training. Furthermore, HourOne can help make your content stand out and reach a wider audience with minimum effort.

hourone text to video ai converter

Key Features:

  1. HourOne offers AI avatars with realistic visuals and voices. It also allows you to customize your avatar’s looks to turn it into anything you want.
  2. This text-to-video converter allows users to dub words into any video. You can generate auto-dubbing to your videos in any voice or language of your choice.
  3. You can add royalty-free media files to your videos in one click. HourOne also lets users incorporate captions into the AI-generated videos.

6. Neural Frames

If you are wondering how to convert text to video using AI online, a reliable answer is Neural Frames. This helpful tool offers users complete control over their generated content. You can enter simple text prompts, and Neural Frames will convert them into powerful and interactive videos without trouble. This AI tool also offers real-time access to the generation process, so you always have complete control over the content.

neural frames text to video ai converter

Key Features

  1. If you have trouble with text-based prompts, Neural Frames has you covered. It offers an AI prompt assistant to help you generate specific prompts for video generation.
  2. This video-to-AI tool generates animations on the go, so you are always the boss. If you feel like changing something, you can interrupt the process anytime.
  3. You can train the AI model of Neural Frames on your own data sets. This can help you generate unique content tailored to your needs.


Another useful web-based AI text-to-video tool that can generate avatar videos for various purposes is Elai. It is an all-in-one video generation platform offering helpful editing features for the created videos. With customizable digital avatars, the use-case possibilities for the generated video content are endless. In addition, is a feature-rich tool you can use to bring your business ideas to life. text to video ai converter

Key Features

  1. This text-to-video generator offers multiple options to get started on video creation. You can type in a topic or insert a URL or script to generate a video.
  2. io can also record your computer’s screen and webcam in one go. This can help create professional-quality tutorials, demos, and presentations without much trouble.
  3. If you are unsure of what to include in your video script, has got you covered. Its powerful GPT abilities can help you create compelling scripts in one click.

8. DeepBrain

DeepBrain is a diverse studio offering many AI tools, including a powerful text-to-video converter. It can help you convert any blog, PDF, PPT, URL, or script into high-quality videos. Due to its user-friendly interface, you do not need professional-level video editing skills. DeepBrain is the only AI generator you need to create stylized and editable video drafts in minutes.

deepbrain text to video ai converter

Key Features

  1. DeepBrain offers strong text-to-speech functions in 80+ languages. Furthermore, you can use one of its 100+ avatars to create content without investing in expensive equipment.
  2. You can swap faces on your AI avatars or edit them to suit your needs. DeepBrain also allows the creation of deep fake content by customizing different aspects of the videos.
  3. This text-to-video AI lets users jumpstart their video generation process by providing several templates. You can search according to your business requirements to save time and effort.

9. HubSpot

If you are looking for a way to turn text into video slideshows in one click, HubSpot is the answer. Although a multi-purpose tool, the online AI text-to-video converter of HubSpot can transform any text into a powerful video slideshow. All you need to do is tell its AI video generator what you want, and it will instantly generate the output matching your description.

hubspot text to video ai converter

Key Features

  1. HubSpot allows complete control over the generated video. You can modify the text and insert images, transitions, and other elements of the video slideshow.
  2. There are several creative templates available on HubSpot. Users can choose one according to the results they have in mind, and the tool will modify it automatically.
  3. HubSpot’s text-to-video AI is entirely free of cost. It also does not retain a watermark on the output videos so you can use them without concerns.

10. is a simple and easy-to-use online AI video generator that offers speed and quality in one platform. It can add lifelike features to your videos to turn them into dynamic content. Moreover, its vast range of AI-powered features can help streamline your media content in one go. With complete control over your generated videos, can make you forget about complicated ways to convert text to video. text to video ai converter

Key Features

  1. Besides conventional AI video generation methods, Fliki can also help users transform their Amazon and Airbnb listings into compelling videos.
  2. Fliki offers over 2000 realistic voices in more than 75 languages to allow users to cater to their diverse audience without much hassle.
  3. It also comes with a built-in translator tool, which can help users translate their video content across the web with simple taps on the screen.

Part 3: In-Depth Comparison of the Top 10 AI Text-to-Video Converters

The abovementioned list encompasses some of the top text-to-video AI converters and their best features. If you are still unsure which tool to choose for generating AI videos from text, here is an in-depth comparison that can help you decide.


Input Formats

Other AI Features




Sora AI

Text, Image

Not Released

Not Released

Not Released

Not Released


Blog, Text, PDF, Outline, URL

Talking Head Videos, AI Script Writer, AI Voiceover, etc.



Basic: $29/month

Starter: $79/month

Professional: $199/month


AI Script Writer, AI Character Builder, etc.



Commercial: $49 (one-time)

Bundle Deal: $149 (one-time)



AI Script Assistant, Custom AI Avatars, Avatar Conversations, etc.



Starter: $27/month

Pro: $87/month


Text, PDF, PPT

AI Avatars, AI Video Tools, Text to Speech, Script Wizard, etc.



Lite: $30/month

Business: $112/month

Neural Frames


AI Animation Generator, AI Music Video Generator, AI Video Editor, etc.



Neural Navigator: $19/month

Neural Knight: $39/month

Neural Ninja: $99/month

Text, URL, Topic, PPT, PDF

AI Storyboard, Voice Cloning, AI Script Crafting, Voice Cloning, etc.



Basic: $29/month

Advanced: $125/month


Topic, Docs, URL, Article, PPT, PDF

AI Human, AI Interview, Face Swap, Deepfake, AI Video Editor, etc.



Starter: $30/month

Pro: $225/month


Text, Ideas, Script

AI Content Writer, AI Email Generator, Social Caption Generator, etc.




Text, Tweet, Photo, Product, PPT, PDF, Blog, Idea

Product Video, AI Avatar, AI Voiceover, Voice Cloning, etc.



Standard: $28/month

Premium: $88/month

Part 4: Enhance Videos Generated with Text-to-Video AI Tools Using UniConverter

Although the abovementioned AI-powered tools are great at converting text into videos, the story doesn’t end there. Your AI-generated videos may still require fine-tuning and editing. Luckily, Wondershare UniConverter is here to fulfill all your video enhancement needs.

This video toolbox is a reliable offline solution that is the perfect remedy for your media files. It is a high-speed tool offering many splendid video enhancements and refining features. With its powerful and innovative AI features, you can unlock the full potential of your media files. In short, UniConverter can do everything from removing grain and noise from videos to removing watermarks and auto-cropping.

uniconverter video toolbox

Innovative Features of Wondershare UniConverter

  1. AI Portrait: If you want to extract the background of your video, UniConverter offers an easy solution. Its AI Portrait feature can remove the background from any video and replace it quickly and easily with one of your choice.
  2. Auto Crop: UniConverter allows users to seamlessly resize their videos’ aspect ratios for easy sharing on any platform. You can adjust motion keyframes and crop videos to suit the dimensions permitted by your preferred social media channel.
  3. Watermark Editor: In one click, you can use UniConverter to remove watermarks and unwanted objects such as logos, text, objects, and persons from a video. This tool also allows users to add textual, image, or dynamic watermarks to videos.
  4. AI Video Enhancer: Using UniConverter, you can remove any noise and motion artifacts from your video content. It can also improve the video resolution and boost the frame rate without compromising the output quality.


AI-powered text-to-video converter tools can now make it easy to transform any textual content into engaging videos. You can use any of the text-to-video AI tools discussed in this article to turn your words into visuals in one click. If you wish to refine your videos further using AI, Wondershare UniConverter is the best option. Download it today for seamless offline content creation and AI-powered editing.

Takashi Apr 03, 24
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